Top 10 Best Hydrosilex Review 2021: Best Hydrosilex Recharge Review

In this Hydrosilex review, you will find the best protection for your vehicle. It is a set of formulas that are very easy to apply to a wide variety of surfaces.

Of course, among the available options, there is a wide variety of formulas for different purposes.

So, the ultimate choice can be a bit overwhelming for some users.

That is why here we have analyzed 10 high-efficiency formulas. Thus, the results of each option are more than adequate for car maintenance.

Hydrosilex Recharge Review

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HydroSilex Rewind Pre Coating Prep Spray (16oz) | Remove Old Ceramic Coatings, Wax or Sealants. Grease, Dirt & Oil Remover | Degreaser |Prepares All Surfaces for a Ceramic Coating | Prep Then Recharge Check Details
HydroSilex Prep & Ceramic Coating Kit (16oz) Rewind Pre Coating Prep Spray - Prepares All Surfaces for a Ceramic Coating Recharge Ceramic Coating. Check Details

How Long does the Best HydroSilex Last

In most cases, a ceramic coating can offer a minimum of 6 months of protection.

Of course, the durability of this protective coating can vary depending on a variety of factors.

In some instances, the manufacturer claims that the layer of protection implemented by one of these formulations can extend up to one year.

In particular, this could happen when a land vehicle or a boat is not used very often.

However, the protection of these formulas is still much longer compared to other options on the market.

This is one of the reasons why HydroSilex formulas have become very popular with a large number of users.

The 10 Best Hydrosilex Review 2021

So too, the right formula allows for a thorough cleaning, efficient and durable protection, a shiny finish, or all of these effects at the same time.

Let us then analyze the advantages and characteristics of these 10 formulas.

01. HydroSilex Ultimate Paint Protection Recharge Spray


To avoid the use of sealants and wax, this spray protects for 6 months. In this case, the vehicle can be protected with a slippery layer that avoids different damaging factors.

At the same time, the formula incorporated in this spray has high-quality ingredients.

It is even a universal product that can be applied to a large number of vehicles.

Type of Protection

When a person incorporates this spray he will be getting anti-rust protection, anti-corrosion, UV protection, a hydrophobic, ultra-slippery coating, and a high-level shine.

All this allows us to take care of the paint and clear coat of a vehicle in a highly efficient way.

As a result, the main contaminants as well as the water itself slip off and run off without affecting the vehicle’s coating.

Wide Variety of Applications

Here it is necessary to consider that this product is fully compatible with a wide variety of vehicle surfaces.

So, users will be able to give shine and protection to wheels, glass, and all exterior parts of a car.

It is also a suitable choice for plastic, rubber, vinyl, and paint. In each of these applications, the result is luxurious and high-end.

Quick and Easy to Use

To obtain all these benefits, an application is not too difficult.

In particular, it is a ceramic coating that must be applied evenly on a dry and fresh surface. Furthermore, both application and cleaning only require a clean cloth.

After an application is made, a microfiber towel is needed for more even coverage.

For best results, a second microfiber towel can be used to spread the spray to all necessary tasks.


  • Easy to use
  • Wide variety of applications
  • High level of protection


  • Protection limited to 6 months 

02. HydroSilex SIO2 32 oz Hydrosilex Car Wash Soap for Paint


Here people who want to get a like-new look on their vehicles can use this silica soap. In this case, it is a high-foaming soap that creates a luxurious finish and refreshes the surface.

Beyond that, other innovative features are also incorporated to enjoy your vehicle.

Excellent Formula

In principle, the silica soap includes advanced high-tech ceramics. Thus, this allows for great adhesion of this formula to the clear coat of the vehicle.

This creates a very slippery barrier that prevents contaminants and water from adhering to the surface of the car.

This makes the vehicle much easier to maintain and clean.

Wide Variety of Applications

As with the previous option, a wide variety of applications is also incorporated here.

So, silica soap can be used on glass, tires, and different parts of the vehicle.

Of course, this tells us that it is compatible with rubber, vinyl, paint, and plastic. So here the versatility is very evident.

Simple Application

To enjoy the results of this product, a bucket of water with one or two ounces of this soap is required.

Then you only need to take a rag to spread this formula on the different areas of the vehicle.

Once the vehicle has been washed and rinsed using this formula, you will be able to notice the results.

Even the wheels and tires can also be washed using this option.


  • High-efficiency washing and rinsing
  • Ultra slippery coating
  • Hand or foam cannon washing 


  • Efficient cleaning required

03.  HydroSilex 16oz Rewind Pre Coating Prep Spray


In this case, it is a pre-coating preparation spray that is very useful to complement the care of a car.

With which, this can be a very useful implement for the best result of a ceramic coating.

For this purpose, it is necessary to mention each of the best features.

Efficient Degreaser

An important objective of this preparation spray is the removal of oils.

So, once this spray is applied on the surface of a car the oils do not adhere to the paint layer of the vehicle.

Of course, this provides a much more effective result of the ceramic coating that will be applied later.

Even the final result is much more durable and resistant.

Compatible with the Surface of a Car

In principle, here it is necessary to consider that this preparation spray treats gently to the paint layer of a vehicle.

So, here only benefits can be obtained without dealing with any negative effects.

At the same time, it is a very protective layer against impurities. So, various harmful factors such as oils and impurities will not affect the vehicle’s paint layer.

Wide Variety of Uses

On the one hand, using this formula allows obtaining a surface much more prepared and ready for a good ceramic coating.

Beyond that, this is not the only utility that can be obtained from this preparation spray.

On the other hand, this formula can also provide an excellent result if used as a stand-alone cleaner. So, this is a very useful tool.


  • Excellent addition to ceramic tile
  • Protection against impurities and oils
  • The safe and efficient formula for the vehicle


  • Partial result without ceramic coating

04. HydroSilex 16oz Long Lasting Shine Slick Car Tire Shine Gel


Sometimes, people need to apply special care to their car tires. In this case, a look like new tires can be obtained by applying this formula.

Even a slippery layer will be able to protect car tires more efficiently. 

Long-lasting Results

By incorporating the long-lasting shine of this formula, the contrast and depth of the tires will be noticeable.

Even each application of this formula requires very little time for drying.

So, this tells us that this is a very easy-to-apply option that does not generate debris that needs to be cleaned up. 

Efficiency Without Flaws

On the one hand, this is a formula that is prepared to offer great durability without producing a sling.

So, here, you should not suffer any kind of complications as the formula works deeply into any tire.

In particular, it is a formula that is gel and conditioner infused with SIO2.

Easy-to-Use Formula

On the other hand, it is necessary to consider that this formula can not only deliver high-level results.

In this case, we should also mention that the application is very simple and does not require much effort.

Even each application is very easy to wipe off at any time.

Here the excesses of this formula are easily removed as well as the dirt and grime accumulated on the tires. After a 30-minute rest, the tires are ready to go.


  • Quick and easy application
  • Efficient dirt and grime removal
  • Excellent long-lasting shine


  • Only useful for tires 

05. HydroSilex 16oz Hydrosilex Prep Spray


Once again here we can mention this high-level preparation formula for your vehicle.

In particular, it is a formula that allows for the removal of old sealants, wax, and ceramic coatings.

At the same time, the wide range of benefits of this formula allows you to enjoy a new vehicle appearance.

Efficient Application

First of all, it is another option that does not produce any kind of prejudice on the surface of a car.

So it is a formula that allows going to a much more efficient application of the next ceramic coating.

Whereby, the application is efficient but also very safe from the very beginning. So, this provides great reliability to the users.

Excellent Results

Secondly, this formula can be efficiently used to remove oils present on the surface of a car.

So, this provides much more thorough preparation and a more efficient application of the ceramic coating.

In this regard, this formula gently complements the paint and removes all types of impurities present on the surface.

Additional Uses

Of course, this formula can be used as an efficient preparation for the next ceramic coating. Beyond that, this same formula can also function as a stand-alone cleaner.

As we have mentioned, this spray allows for the removal of oils, dirt, and grease.

So, you can take advantage of this set of benefits for a more thorough cleaning.


  • Excellent removal of impurities
  • Does not damage the paint layer
  • Allows a better ceramic coating


  • Incomplete results without ceramic coating 

06. HydroSilex Marine 32oz All-around Protection Spray on Ceramic Coating


A ceramic coating is not only very efficient on vehicles such as an automobile.

Other options such as personal watercraft, yachts, and boats also require ceramic coating protection.

So, implementing this formula for any of these vessels allows for better protection of the various components incorporated.

Extensive Protection

The moment this formula is incorporated, better protection is acquired against the wide variety of microorganisms found in open waters.

In this regard, this formula allows you to prevent the accumulation of barnacles, salt, debris, and dirt.

It even performs at a high level whether you are in the ocean, a river, or a lake.

Highly Positive Effects

Of course, by incorporating this formula into your boat, cleaning maintenance is much easier.

Also, water will drain off more easily because it is a hydrophobic formula.

However, other important effects are the protection against UV rays and other factors present in the open air.

Thus, any boat will have six months of complete protection.

Quick and Easy Application

To apply this formula, a dry and fresh surface is required. A uniform spray should be applied evenly over the entire area.

Along with that, only a microfiber towel is needed to better spread this formula.

This is more than enough to be able to obtain the protection that lasts at least six months.

Depending on some factors the protection could be extended up to a year. 


  • Hydrophobic formula
  • Prevents dirt and debris build-up
  • Compatible with personal watercraft


  • Low content for a medium-sized boat

07. HydroSilex 16oz Car Wheel Cleaner Spray


To obtain a long tire life, efficient cleaning is required. In this respect, this formula is not only safe to use but offers the best results.

Therefore, the application is very compatible with different car tires. However, the use of this formula is not recommended for cars with carbon-ceramic brakes.

High-level Cleaner

At first, it is necessary to consider that this cleaner can break down the accumulation of hazardous materials on the wheels.

In particular, this cleaner breaks down the accumulation of metals such as iron that may be present in the wheels.

In this way, tires can be cared for much more efficiently for longer service life.

Safe and Efficient Application

Once again we can mention that this formula is safe to use on factory clear coated high-performance brakes and various rims.

Also, the dust that can accumulate on brakes dissolves quickly and safely.

Of course, this offers a much safer and more efficient use of brakes, for a more comfortable ride.

Quick Application

In particular, here you only need to spray this formula on the area to be cleaned from the wheels and brakes.

In this way, contamination and dust build-up on the brakes are quickly removed.

To get an excellent finish you only need to rinse the area to be cleaned.

Undoubtedly, this allows for much safer driving when you take care of the brakes and wheels. 


  • Excellent dust dissolution
  • Breaks down many wheel metals
  • Fast-acting formula


  • Does not provide an additional shine 

08. HydroSilex 16oz High Quality Prep Hydrosilex


To save time, people have the possibility of acquiring this kit that includes two formulas for car care.

On the one hand, the preparation formula allows caring for the surface of a vehicle.

On the other hand, the ceramic coating completes the care of a car’s surface. So, these two formulas complement each other to offer the best result.

High-level Effects

First of all, the preparation formula manages to remove oils and impurities on the surface of the car.

In this way, the surface will be ready for a much more durable and efficient ceramic coating.

Secondly, the ceramic coating adds shine and great protection against different damaging factors.

So, contaminating components or water will not adhere to the vehicle.

Complete Results

Once the person uses the preparation formula the grease and dirt are completely removed.

Even this car care process requires these two formulas to be applied to the various surfaces of the vehicle.

Once incorporated into the ceramic coating, the protection also includes UV protection, among other factors. 

Quick and Easy Application

As is often the case with the best formulas from this manufacturer, both of these products are very easy to apply.

First, the preparation formula acts as a complete cleaner.

Then, the ceramic coating formula only requires a microfiber cloth to spread evenly.

In total, only very little time and effort are required for a complete result.


  • High level of thorough cleaning
  • Long-lasting additional protection
  • Easy application without much effort


  • Intermediate utility on tires 

09. HydroSilex 32oz Universal Hydrosilex Recharge


In this case, people who have a boat such as yachts or small boats will be able to incorporate this formula.

It is a very efficient solution that allows us to avoid different problems when sailing.

Thus, it is a universal hydrophobic coating finish that provides a high level of protection. 

Excellent Variety of Effects

First of all, you can apply a self-cleaning effect on your boat. So, the cleaning of the boat will be much faster and easier.

Secondly, the hydrophobic effect prevents water accumulation by implementing a slippery barrier.

Thirdly, the mirror effect prevents direct sunlight and UV rays from deteriorating the surface of the boat.

Excellent Application and Protection

When a person has this formula they will be able to protect vinyl, rubber, plastic, glass, aluminum, stainless steel, other metals, and Gelcoat.

In turn, rust and corrosion will no longer be a problem in the presence of saltwater and UV rays while sailing a boat.

So, it is very broad and durable protection for a wide variety of boats.

Very Durable Protection

As with the best formulations from this manufacturer, the protection here is also highly durable.

Under normal conditions, the durability of the hydrophobic coating can last up to six months.

In some cases, this protection can even be extended up to one year.

In any case, the application requires a smooth surface without the presence of direct sunlight.


  • Broad surface compatibility
  • Excellent positive effects
  • Hydrophobic coating for various vessels


  • The application does not take place in sunlight

10. HydroSilex 16oz Durable Long Term Protection Ceramic Coating


Finally and very importantly, this cost-effective formula provides a good result in the interior of a car.

Beyond that, the best features of this manufacturer’s formulas are also incorporated here.

Thus, people will have the possibility to take care of the interior space of any car.

High-level Protective Effects

Once again, here we can mention that the protection for car interiors is durable and efficient.

In this sense, the main protection against sunlight and UV rays prevents the deterioration of the car interior.

Beyond that, the application of this formula is safe and does not produce any kind of damage to the different surfaces inside a car.

Great Surface Compatibility

Another important aspect of this formula is that the compatibility on the different surfaces inside a car is comprehensive.

Thus, the best results can be obtained without damaging any surface of the vehicle.

In this case, it is very easy to apply a procedure that avoids the damage of different factors.

Compatible materials include carpets, fabrics, leather, vinyl, and plastic.

Very Easy Application

Of course, this formula only requires a microfiber cloth and a little time to see the results.

So, this interior ceramic coating is very easy and effortless to apply.

In this case, you only need to evenly spread this formula over all the areas to be protected. In just a few steps, high-level results will be evident.


  • High UV protection
  • Long-lasting protection efficiency
  • Broad compatibility with different surfaces


  • Only useful for car interiors

Best Hydrosilex Review- Buying Considerations

Once people analyze these 10 options, they will be closer to choosing the most appropriate formula for their needs.

Beyond that, analysis of other important aspects is required to determine which formula you need.

Let’s look at the following six important aspects.

Type of Contents

In principle, most formulas are offered through a spray bottle. So it is necessary to apply a spray over all areas to be protected.

However, on some occasions, the contents of the formula may be offered in the form of silica soap.

When this occurs it means that it is a product specially designed for thorough cleaning.

Also sometimes the contents may be incorporated into a gel.

So, each of these types of content will require a different application. However, the type of content is designed with the specific application of each option in mind.

Of course, the most convenient option to use will always be the formula applied through a spray.

Type of Protection

On the one hand, most of the formulas we have analyzed allow you to obtain adequate protection against UV rays.

Whether it is a boat or a land vehicle, this type of protection is always necessary.

However, the type of protection could also include a hydrophobic effect to complement the effects on a surface.

In this way, it is possible to create a protective barrier with a slippery effect.

Thus, water and other similar liquids do not adhere to the surface of the vehicle or vessel.

On the other hand, the type of protection included could also prevent other contaminants or dirt in general from accumulating on the surface of the vehicle.

The more types of protections included the better a formula will be.

Specific Application

As we have mentioned, some of the formulas we have discussed above are specifically designed for a ground vehicle.

So it is most common for people who own a car to apply these formulas.

However, other options are also designed for other types of vehicles. Here those HydroSilex Marine options are designed for boats.

Of course, you must have the right formula depending on the particular vehicle.

Otherwise, the right results could not be obtained. Even some formulas are only applicable to a vehicle’s paint coat or wheels.

In this case, these are very specific formulas that must be applied in the right place to avoid damage to other surfaces.

Compatible Surfaces

As with specific applications, the compatible surfaces are not always the same for all formulations.

However, most of the options discussed above offer a wide range of possibilities.

Thus, the most commonly compatible surfaces tend to be vinyl, glass, and metal.

In turn, every formula for wheels, the entire vehicle in general, or boats considers these aspects.

An example of this is the ceramic coating for the interior of the vehicle.

In this case, compatibility with different surfaces includes the different surfaces found inside a car.

Beyond that, it is necessary to consider this aspect before making a final choice.


When we talk about ceramic coating, we can mention that the durability is from six months to one year.

This is the same with ceramic coating for boats or products intended for wheels.

However, the preparation formula has a very short shelf life. This is especially the case since it is an implement intended to be completed with the ceramic coating. 

Ease of Application

In most cases, the application is very easy and fast. For almost all the options, only a sponge or microfiber cloth is required.

For the proper cleaning purpose, a sponge or foam cannon can be used.

In the case of ceramic tile, the microfiber cloth allows for a more even spread of the formula. Besides, very little time and effort are required in all cases.

FAQ´s for the Hydrosilex Recharge Review

Q: Does HydroSilex work?

Ans: Many users obtain excellent results when it comes to applying one of this manufacturer’s formulas. In some cases, the cleaning effect results in a highly efficient surface cleaning.

Whether it is a boat or a land vehicle, the cleaning offers much better care of the vehicle.

Also, the different protective effects offered by each of these formulations allow for much more effective care of a vehicle’s surface.

These protective effects can prevent a layer of paint, tires, and other surfaces from deteriorating much more quickly.

Besides, each of these formulas includes protection against various damaging factors. 

Q: Is HydroSilex any good?

Ans: HydroSilex is characterized mainly by offering positive and efficient results after an application of one of its formulas.

In this sense, it is a very efficient application to protect different surfaces of a vehicle.

One of the main positive effects is the hydrophobic effect that protects the surface of a vehicle from water accumulation.

In this way, the various impurities found in water do not adhere to the surface of a vehicle.

In this sense, the cleaning of a vehicle is much more durable due to the slippery layer of these formulas.

Direct sunlight is also much less damaging when a ceramic coating is incorporated. So HydroSilex is a very efficient choice.

Q: Can you put a ceramic coating on the glass?

Ans: In particular, the ceramic coating can be applied depending on the compatible surfaces of each formula.

Many of this manufacturer’s formulas can be applied on glass, wheels, vinyl, metal, leather, and other surfaces.

However, it is necessary to analyze the compatibility with different surfaces of each of the formulas we have analyzed.

On some occasions, similar products such as cleaners cannot be applied on glass.

Even this is especially true for formulas designed for specific parts of a vehicle. One of the most obvious cases is the wheel cleaner for a car.

The moment this formula is applied to the glass of the car, some damage could occur on the surface.

Q: How do I wash my car after ceramic coating?

Ans: To efficiently remove an old ceramic coating, a HydroSilex cleaning formula is recommended.

As discussed above, these formulas are specially designed for this task.

Thus, old ceramic coating, dirt, and accumulated oils can be removed successfully and effortlessly.

A cleaning that does not include this formula could not provide the best results.

Q: How do you apply Hydrosilex to the Marines?

Ans: To efficiently apply this formula to a boat, a fresh and dry surface is required. So it is recommended that the boat is not in the water.

Also, the boat should not be exposed to direct sunlight at the time of applying this formula.

In the case of a spray, only a microfiber cloth is required to spread the contents evenly.

In this way, a protective layer can be obtained that prevents the accumulation of dirt, salt, water, and other factors harmful to the boat.

Best Hydrosilex Review: DIY Hacks

Final Words

Particularly, this Hydrosilex review, we can see that there is a wide variety of high-efficiency formulas. Any of the options we have reviewed will provide excellent protection.

When it comes to a land vehicle or some type of personal watercraft several of the formulas discussed above will be appropriate. 

Even the care for a car is more than ample when the person has more than one formula.

On the one hand, the cleaning that can be applied to the surface of a car can be very thorough and effective.

Alternately, some formulas allow the surface to be prepared for a highly efficient ceramic coating.

Either way, all these options allow you to enjoy a car with an excellent appearance. Even if it is a car that is a few years old, it will look as good as a new car.

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