Best Ford F150 EcoBoost Tuner Reviews 2021: Top 10

No doubt, the super powerful EcoBoost engine has made Ford vehicles more user-friendly as well as eco-friendly. With these Best F150 EcoBoost tuner reviews, diagnosis would be proved as simple as never it before.

Sometimes it’s very hard to find the issue that could be the major fact of damaging of your Ford truck.

Sometimes it’s very hard to find the issue that could be the major fact of damaging of your Ford truck. Automotive diagnostic tuner may be the simplest solution with proper solution guides.

Therefore, having the proper and best tuner for F-150 is a must need requirement.

Best F150 EcoBoost Tuner

Unlike many vehicles that come with a factory induction, there are many aftermarket PCM tuners you can buy to upgrade your 3.5 Ecoboost F150 truck.

Buying the best tuner for 3.5 Ecoboost F150 allows you to optimize your engine to get more out of it. Tuner provided by manufacturers is generally conservative.

Nevertheless, there is room for growth when you know what tuner to buy for your truck.

The 10 Best Ford F150 EcoBoost Tuner Reviews 2021

Here’s a list of tuners we recommend you check out in 2021 for 3.5 Ecoboost F150 tuners.

01. Bully Dog 40420 Heads Up Display GT Diesel Tuner


Bully Dog is an exceptional manufacturer and the 40420 tuner is an even magnificent tuner worth every penny. So, whether you are trying to get better mileage or simply looking for that extra bit of power, then this Bully Dog tuner is for you.

Additionally, the simplicity of installing this tuner takes away any doubt whether or not this tuner is for you.

Compact Size

One of the standout features of this Bully Dog tuner is its compact size. Measuring 3.5 x 2.25 inches, this Bully Dog tuner wouldn’t take all the space on your dashboard.

Drivers can easily install this tuner themselves as it is a simple plug and play tuner that can be mounted on the windshield, pillar, or dash.

Beautiful LCD

Bully Dog also designed this tuner with a beautiful colored LCD screen. Monitor several performance parameters at a glance with this tuner. It is also possible to enable night and day driving mode on this tuner.

High-performance Tuner

Why buy a tuner with one functionality, when you can buy this Bully Dog GT Platinum Diesel tuner, a four in one engine tuner? Tune your engine, monitor a range of parameters, multiple gauges, and read and clear any DTCs in your truck with this tuner.

Wide Compatibility

Another reason to buy this tuner is that it fits a wide array of vehicles ranging from Dodge, Ford, and GM Diesel models amongst others.


  • SD card supported
  • Fuel-saving preloads for long hauls
  • Up to 10 custom tune files


  • Takes too long to come out of engine warm-up mode

02. DiabloSport 8245 3rd Generation inTune i3 Platinum Performance Programmer


With the DiabloSport 8245 tuner performance enthusiast addicts can boast of a perfect tuner to race, increase horsepower, and tune. While it is programmed with the best-preloaded tune files, DiabloSport also gives you the flexibility to upload custom tunes on this tuner.

Beautiful LCD Screen

The inTune i3 programmer is a compact handheld tuner designed with a colored screen. This high definition capacitive touchscreen display, displays multiple parameters on screen, allowing you to monitor several parameters at a glance.


DiabloSport features Wi-Fi connectivity on this tuner, which gives you the flexibility to update its software on the go. Also, the Wi-Fi connectivity feature of this tuner allows you to connect it to a hotspot to download tune files that suit your needs.


If versatility is your thing when buying a tuner, then the DiabloSport 8245 tuner is a tuner you should consider buying. With this tuner, you can calibrate the speedometer of your truck for gear ratio and tire size.

Also, this i3 performance tuner works hand in hand with CMR, which allows you to tune specifically for your aftermarket modification such as fuel injectors, cams, superchargers, headers, turbo, and so on. More so, you can also use this tuner as a diagnostic tool for trouble codes.

Wide Compatibility

Compatibility-wise, this DiabloSport tuner will fit most make models. So, it doesn’t matter whether you drive a GM, Ford, or Chrysler vehicle, this DiabloSport i3 performance tuner is an easy way to boost the power without having to pop the hood.


  • Easy to install plug and play
  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • Works hand in hand with CMR


  • Not compatible with E-Assist and Hybrid trucks

03. Pedal Commander PC31 Adjustable Settings Tuner


Pedal Commander is one of the most responsive tuners to buy in 2021 as it eliminates the delay from your electronic gas pedal. As such, this all-in-one tuner can remove 99% of delays on your truck to make your driving feel exciting.

Pedal Commander programmed this tuner specifically to fit your make, model, and specs of each car.

Built-in Memory

With this Pedal Commander PC31, you don’t have to go through the hassle of adjusting the tuner every time to suit your needs. Pedal Commander features a built-in memory that automatically resets to the last used mode.

So, once you find your favorite adjustment, set it, and forget it.

Tune to Taste

Tune your truck to taste with this tuner as you can customize your driving experience with up to 36 levels of adjustments.

Pedal Commander equipped this tuner with 4 different modes: Eco, Sport, Sport+, and City, and an additional 9 adjustable settings which you can use to fine-tune your truck to your liking.

Bluetooth Compatibility

Another interesting feature that makes this tuner standout is its Bluetooth compatibility. As such, users can connect their smartphones to this Pedal Commander via this Bluetooth connectivity.

The easy-to-use app is compatible with Android and iOS devices and offers a quick and easy way to make adjustments to this Pedal Commander tuner.

Zero Additional wear and Tear

Lastly, with this Pedal Commander tuner, you are sure of zero wear and tears. Pedal Commander usually offer an optimum performance provided by the best F150 EcoBoost tuner design of the engine.

All damage preventive and function measures for the engine are always active and switched on.


  • Easy plug and play installation
  • Improves fuel efficiency
  • Flexibility to choose between four different modes


  • No universal mode that combines full throttle, horsepower, and fuel efficiency

04. Edge 85450 High-resolution Display Edge Evolution CTS2 Tuner


Reprogram your truck’s stock file with this Evolution CTS2 tuner to get more out of it. Built for in-cab and a simple cable connection to the OBD-II port, using this tuner is fairly straightforward.

Slim and Sleek Design

Edge designed this tuner to be slim and sleek, and it is fitted in the cab of any truck. The design of this tuner makes it compact such that it wouldn’t occupy so much space in your truck.

Full-color Screen

The full-color screen of this tuner makes it easy to monitor the parameters of trucks. Also, this Edge comes with a 5-inch high-resolution screen featuring a multiple gauge screen layout, which allows drivers to monitor several parameters at a glance.

Additionally, the screen is a capacitive touchscreen and easy to operate. Edge also designed this tuner such that it features a fully customizable background.


This Edge tuner resides in the cab of trucks and is connected to your truck via a simple cable connection to the OBD-II port. The OBD-II port provides access to your vehicle’s computer for various tasks, including diagnostics, emission tests, and so on.

High-performance Tuning

If you are looking for a tuner that will improve throttle response, increase fuel economy, improve overall drivability, or offer that extra power to race down the tack or towing.

You will not only get an increase in the performance feature, but also, you will have a tuner that will give you easy solutions for gauges, like the transmission temperature, boost reading, EGT, load percent, fuel left, and so on.


  • Notification center
  • One-touch easy menu navigation
  • Easy to install


  • Some users complained of encountering problems while updating the software

05. SCT Performance 40490 Maximum Tune Flexibility BDX Performance Tuner


Why buy any other tuner when you can buy this affordable yet versatile SCT Performance 40490 tuner. The Best F150 EcoBoost tuner reviews, Improve the performance of your truck with this tuner featuring many adjustable features such as transmission shift, diagnostic, speedometer correction, gauge monitoring, speed limiter, and many more robust tools at your disposal.

Compact Size

The SCT Performance 40490 tuner is a compact tuner built for in-cab use. Measuring 5.5 x 2.75 inches, this tuner can be used as a handheld unit or mounted on the windshield or dash.

Wi-Fi Compatibility

Another interesting feature of this tuner is its Wi-Fi compatibility. While other tuners are shipped with outdated tune files, the Wi-Fi feature allows users to connect this tuner to a hotspot to download the latest tune files tailored for their truck.

Custom Tuning

Connect this tuner to your truck via the OBD-II port and start tuning right away. As such, drivers can use the tones of a pre-installed tune file or upload up to 20 usual tuning files for an efficient tuning usage.

Versatile Tuner/Monitor

A feature of this tuner that makes it a well sought after tuner is its versatile nature that makes it fit a wide range of make and model. The SCT Performance 40490 tuner works on Dodge, Ford, GM, Chevrolet Chrysler, Jeep, Toyota, Cardiac, and so on.

Drivers can use this tuner as a diagnostic tool to read and clear trouble codes, or as a gauge to monitor engine parameters. Additionally, this tuner features a large backlit LCD screen that lets you monitor your engine parameter in real-time


  • Wi-Fi compatibility
  • Holds up to 20 tune files
  • Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes


  • Does not work on locked PCM

06. Hypertech 2000 Automatic F150 EcoBoost Tuner


If you haven’t heard of Hypertech tuners, then you are still way behind when it comes to boosting your vehicle’s performance. Hypertech is no new manufacturer of tuners with many years of experience. Getting the Max Energy 2.0 tuner from Hypertech is worth every penny as it is functional and durable.

LCD Screen

Hypertech designed this tuner with an LCD screen. The screen is neither colored nor touch-sensitive, yet it comes with a backlit that allows drivers to use it at night and day.

Although the screen is not so large, it is ideal for easy and quick setup as well as user-friendly navigation for tuning, simple installation, and feature options.

Wide Tuning

Even though this tuner is small in size, it comes with so many tuning features. Drivers can use this tuner to optimize their engines for maximum performance and power. One of the most applications of this tuner is TPMS adjustment.

And if you installed new tires, you can use this tuner as an odometer and a speedometer to match tire size and/or gear ratio.

Diagnostic Tool

The Hypertech 2000 tuner can also serve as a diagnostic tool used to read and clear error codes. One of the most common error codes many motorists want to correct is turning off the check engine light, which can be done with this tuner.

Easy to Install

Another important feature of this tuner that makes it a big sell is that it is easy to install. It features a simple plug-and-play installation process. To install this tuner, you’d never need to open the bonnet of your vehicle.


  • Great mileage
  • Increases engine power
  • Gas transmission firmness


  • No after-sale service

07. Edge 15051 Edge Products 15051 High Quality Evolution Programmer Tuner


Edge 15051 tuner is a highly recommended tuner for 3.5 EcoBoost as it works amazingly to improve torque and horsepower. Additionally, this tuner can help in gaining around 50-foot torque and 35 horsepower.

Great Fit

Edge designed this tuner such that it looks great. Moreover, its compact size will not occupy so much space on your dashboard or windscreen.

Designed with a green backlit LCD screen, this tuner can function both during the day and at night.

Internet Updatable

Also, this tuner is updatable, which allows you to always get the latest tune files for your vehicle. Apart from the need to update the software of this tuner, it requires very little maintenance.

Diagnostic Tool

In addition to the many features of this tuner, drivers can also use it as a diagnostic tool to read and clear trouble codes. Using the OBD-II port, this tuner can scan any vehicle, system, or function.

Easy to Install

Installing this tuner is fairly straightforward. You don’t need any complicated tool or technical-know-how to install this tuner. Since this tuner is a simple plug and play all that’s requires is a couple of minutes to hook it up to your vehicle via the OBD-II port.


  • Comes with improved technology shifting
  • Very easy to install
  • Improves gas mileage


  • Sometimes performance settings fluctuate

08. iKiKin 9-Drive Modes Easy Installation F150 EcoBoost Tuner


iKiKin 9-drive is an electronic throttle accelerator controller ideal for boosting race cars. This booster controls the throttle of cars, thereby improving the sensitivity and driving experience of the truck.

However, the iKiKin also designed this tuner such that it allows it to adapt to different driving habits.

9-mode Function

iKiKin programmed this electric throttle accelerator with 9 different driving modes. Choose between P1 comfortable mode, P2 sport mode, P3 racing mode, EC fuel efficiency, and normal mode to improve drivability.

Additionally, you get the ability to tune your truck to taste as this tuner features up to 9 strength levels of adjustment.

Improves Drivability

Improve the drivability of your truck with this tuner as it comes with features that help deal with several troubles while driving. Some of the troubles dealt with by this tuner include the likes of throttle hysteresis, engine carbon deposition, difficulty overtaking, acceleration weakness, and climbing powerless, amongst others.

Nevertheless, with this tuner, you can improve throttle response speed, achieve a better speed rate, fuel efficiency, improve instantaneous acceleration, and decrease engine carbon disposition, amongst others.

Easy Adjustment

Since this tuner comes with a simple 3 word LED screen and 3 buttons for adjustment, navigating between functions is pretty straightforward.

The mode level and the strength capacity are displayed on the screen, you can conveniently use the screen to regulate the mode by using the buttons.

Easy to Install

Installing this tuner is pretty easy. Drivers can install this throttle accelerator anywhere as it is a simple plug and play tuner. However, for the best F150 ecoboost tuner, install this tuner while the tuner is turned off.

Also, ensure you follow the user manual and installation photo.


  • Improves overall performance
  • Very easy to install
  • Improves pedal throttle response


  • A little bit unrefined as throttle seems a bit too twitchy

09. JET 14005 Primum Quality Dynamic Spectrum Tuner Programmer


With this tuner, you get a comprehensive software that allows you to extensively modify your vehicle’s software. Along with this, the JET 14005 tuner comes with a monitoring sensor that allows you to troubleshoot and fine-tune your vehicle.

Inbuilt Scanning Tool

JET designed this tuner with an inbuilt scanning tool that allows you to diagnose trouble codes on your vehicle. As such, this tuner can serve as a perfect diagnostic tool. With the help of this inbuilt scanning tool in this tuner, drivers can use it to disable factory trouble codes and so much more.

Included hardware and software of this tuner also allows users to connect their PC to their vehicle for programming.

Great Fine-tuning

Additionally, the JET 14005 tuner gives drivers the ability to fine-tune certain parameters of their vehicle to get better performance. These parameters could range from fan control, torque management, shift point, fuel parameter, ignition tables, vats, and so much more.

Better Mileage

In an era of increasing fuel price, a tuner that helps you with fuel economy is important. This tuner provides you with better mileage. The JET 14005 tuner enhances your performance for better fuel economy by towing to racing.

The JET 14005 tuner offers tunes that increase the fuel delivery of your vehicle to optimize cruising fuel economy.

Wide Compatibility

The JET 14005 tuner is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. JET designed it to be compatible with the 3.5 EcoBoost F150, 2004 – 2005 Cardiac, 2002 – 2005 Trailblazer, Trucks/SUV LS1 4.3, 4.8, 5.3, 6.0, and 8.1, amongst others.


  • Easy to install
  • Great gear ratio
  • Speed limiter


  • Technical support could be better

10. Superchips Flashcal 1845 F5 IN-CAB Tuner Compatible with Ford Diesel


Another fascinating tuner to consider buying is this Superchip 1845 tuner. Unlike other tuners, this Superchip tuner is a handheld tuner for Fords that packs a punch for gas and diesel engines. Use this Superchips tuner to add more horsepower and torque to your vehicle within minutes.

High Definition Screen

Superchips designed the Flashpaq 1845 tuner with a high definition screen. The 2.8-inch color screen with a redesigned graphical interface improves user experience. As such, drivers can use this tuner to monitor multiple parameters at a glance as the screen is easy to read.

High-performance Tuning

As a high-performance tuner, users can use this tuner to improve the performance of their vehicle. The increased memory with a faster processor ensures you are delivered with improved tuning and updating speed.

Also, the performance tuning of this tuner can be used for fuel economy, daily driving, towing, extreme tuning, and so much more.

Fuel Economy

The active fuel management control feature of this tuner is such that it helps your vehicle achieve better mileage. The best ecoboost tuner sophisticated electronics are designed to enhance your performance, from fuel efficiency to towing, to racing to meet your specific needs.


On top of it all, this tuner features an extensive vehicle coverage that makes it well sought after. This F150 EcoBoost tuner reviews is compatible with the 1999 -2019 Ford Diesel and gasoline engine.


  • Clear screen
  • Adds more horsepower within minutes
  • Reasonably priced


  • Paid upgrades

Best Ford F150 EcoBoost Tuner Reviews Buying Guide


Affordability is one of the features to consider when buying a tuner if you are after a pocket-friendly and efficient tuner. Tuners come in a range of both prices and functionality.

The type of tuner you buy depends greatly on what you want to tune in your vehicle. Consider the requirement of your vehicle when choosing a tuner.


When using any product, another thing to consider is reliability. A reliable product is trustworthy to function as described. The best F150 EcoBoost tuner same ideology applies to tuners, if they are reliable, it will give you 100% accurate results.

So, when buying a tuner for your 3.5 EcoBoost F150 tuner, ensure you check for its reliability. You can check for tuner reliability by reading reviews from people and how they have worked for them on their cars.


Buying a tuner is one thing, but using it is another entire ball game. Using a tuner consists of a lot of software and regular updates. Updating the software of a tuner can take a lot of time and the internet.

Moreover, some tuners, after updating their software, reset to factory data files, which can be dangerous for your vehicle.


Another important feature to have on your tuner is connectivity. A tuner can come with internet connectivity or cable connectivity, which it uses for internet connectivity.

If both of these are not present on your tuner, then it will not function as you want it to.

Easy Installation

The ease of installing a tuner should be very easy, as this is important to save money and time. Therefore, avoid tuners that are difficult to install, rather go for the ones that take less time and are easy to install.


Moreover, the display of a tuner is a feature that has equal significant importance as other features. The display plays a vital role in ensuring you understand the use of a tuner.

Some factors to have in mind when considering the display of a tuner is the size of the screen, layouts, and colors, amongst others. Before buying a tuner, you should consider the display, ensure the screen is easy to see.


Another important feature to consider before buying any gadget is its compatibility. Why you need to check the compatibility of a tuner is because most tuners were designed targeting specific vehicles.

As such, the reason some tuner will not work on some vehicles is because the tune files on a tuner were not programmed for those vehicles.

Best Tuner for 3.5 Ecoboost F150: Top Notch

Final Words

In conclusion, with the best tuner for 3.5 Ecoboost F150, you can improve your vehicle performance for better drivability. Thus, a tuner will not only make your vehicle efficient and effective, but it will also enhance its life span.

Therefore, the we have to accept that without tuners the driving won’t perfect at all. As such, if you don’t know where to begin, you can choose the best ecoboost tuner one of the above-mentioned tuners.

We believe these best Ford F150 EcoBoost tuner reviews could be the best review ever you read. Must share your thoughts and valuable advices with us. We eagerly wait for your support.

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