Top 10 Best Sounding Muffler for V8 Truck Review 2021 [+Buying Guides & FAQs]

Did you ever hear loud engine noises coming from sports cars or big trucks? It’s most likely because their owners didn’t install the best sounding muffler for v8 truck.

When someone mentions a V8 engine, they’re referring to an extremely powerful and dependable engine available.

Best Sounding Truck Muffler for V8

However, this power and dependability come at a cost: V8 engines generate excessive noise.

A muffler is useful under these circumstances. Such a machine can lessen the sound of any V8 engine, even if it’s the most powerful one.

Top 10 Best Sounding Muffler for V8 Truck Review 2021

A truck owner will adore having one of these if they want to cease deafening others around them or be less of a bother.

We’ll go through a few of these mufflers in more detail below. Herein is a review of the top ten mufflers in the market and how to find the best one for your needs.

So, those who are interested in learning more about V8 mufflers, continue reading!

01. Blackhorse-racing 2.5″ Single Chamber Performance Race Muffler


Such a muffler is a great item for reducing sound in a truck to a great extent. They are an efficient device and one which every truck owner must have. With this model, one can get several features, such as

Interior design

Such a device comes with a sleek interior design which helps in improving the throttle response of the engine, thereby enhancing its efficiency. Thus, the Blackhorse-racing model is one of the most demanding models in the market.

Enables maximum flow

With this muffler, a truck owner will get more flow, thereby generating more power for the engine. As a result, a user can have a smooth driving experience which is one of the biggest advantages of this muffler.

Sound reduction

As already discussed, one of the main objectives of a muffler is to reduce sound from the most powerful V8 engine. The Blackhorse-racing model does so with ease.

No matter the driving condition, the muffler helps to lessen the sound of the V8 engine to a great extent.

Thus, whenever a driver is driving, he doesn’t need to worry about a noisy engine, giving him a supreme driving experience.


Compactness is another advantage a user will get from this muffler. Such a machine has a single inlet and outlet diameter of 2.5 inches, which is why the muffler offers a great focal point at the rear of the vehicle.


Such a muffler has well-constructed interiors, which makes them a pretty durable product. Thus, there isn’t an issue as far as longevity is concerned.

Installation ease

Since they are compact, they’re pretty easy in regards to installation. A user won’t face any issues while setting them up in their engines.


  • High-quality material
  • Compact in size
  • Great design
  • Noise reducer
  • Chambered internal construction
  • It comes with two pieces


  • Not as loud as compared to some other models

02. Thrush 24214 Customizable Design Exhaust Muffler


Such a Thrush Glasspack Muffler is a beginner-friendly muffler with good features and sound at not a great cost. At a reasonable price, it also ensures better performance for smoother driving.

Enhanced life

Such a product is in great demand in the market because it has a fantastic long-lasting design that can be used for a long time.

It also features fantastic assistance for truck ventilation, which helps to boost performance for long-term handling. Furthermore, the product includes a sturdy foundation and a stainless steel pattern, making it extremely long-lasting.

Painted Design

Such a product features a beautiful painted design that ensures a solid and long-lasting foundation for consumers to enjoy a sound level that can be adjusted. s

In fact, this model is built using stainless steel, which provides complete protection for a lengthy period.

A user can get complete support and a well-built frame to use on V8 vehicles with this design.

Lower Exhaust Tone

Another great feature of this product is its lower emissions, which provide a great truck sound. Because of its low exhaust tone, which is smooth and deep, it is pretty helpful to make a users’ driving experience much better.

Furthermore, it never emits an obnoxious sound level when driving. As a result, this model is becoming a favorite among truck owners.

The Muffler is Long and Powerful

Such a glass-pack muffler has a long and robust foundation that provides truck drivers with pleasant driving assistance.

Furthermore, it is designed for easy use and provides a powerful performance on a powerful engine for greater support. In addition, this lengthy and robust muffler aids in performance.

Thus, this model has enough power and flow to keep the truck engine running smoothly.

Such a muffler has a decent length and characteristics for trouble-free functioning for truck drivers to improve their driving skills. Besides, it also includes a standard fitting that allows it to be used on trucks with V8 engines.


  • Such a muffler helps improve control and efficiency
  • Installation ease
  • Ideal product offering a good rumble
  • Offers an extremely quiet sound and enhanced performance
  • Durable and offers a long service life


  • No support through the manufacturer warranty

03. Cherry Bomb 87522 Premium Quality Glasspack Muffler


The Cherry Bomb glasspack is one of the best sounding mufflers for the v8 truck, delivering the distinctive throaty roar without breaking the bank. Such a muffler is very popular in the car accessories market for some of its unique features.

Performance & Sound

Cherry Bomb mufflers have been consistently disrupting the quiet with their trademark deep and mellow sound for nearly fifty years,

founded in 1968.

Because there are no impediments inside the muffler – merely sound deadening fiberglass around the perforated core tube inside the muffler – the Cherry Bomb Glasspack was built with performance in mind.

Such a Glasspack, on the other hand, is quite loud due to its sleek design and small size.


A unique and characteristic brilliant red high-temperature paint is one of the Cherry Bomb’s most distinguishing aesthetic elements.

Such a feature draws attention to the muffler while also protecting the aluminized steel body (100% welded) from the weather.

Of course, aluminized steel doesn’t resist rust as stainless steel does. However, that’s not an issue with Cherry Bomb because the red paint acts as a second layer of protection.


Because of its exceedingly tiny size, the Cherry Bomb 87522 Glasspack looks a lot like a resonator. Such a model has a straight-through structure, which promotes maximum flow, which is the key to obtaining such a small size.


One other important feature of this Glasspack is that easy to fit and surprisingly light. Such a product weighs only 4 pounds – thanks to its small and reversible design.

Cherry Bomb’s Glasspack mufflers come in various forms, offsets, and diameters, so the Glasspack should suit any V8 truck or car.

Installation ease

A truck owner will have no issues installing the product because of its design and compact size. Such a product will fit into a vehicle easily as it’s universally fit.


  • Excellent flow and performance
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ideally functions as a resonator
  • Great design


  • Aluminized steel construction

04. Flowmaster 953047 3 Inch Easy Installation Super 40 Series Muffler


Are you looking for a sound muffler with a lot of bass? A deep exhaust noise of this Flowmaster muffler is highly aggressive and impactful. Such a model has a fantastic turbo base setup that allows for smooth airflow.

Operational Strength

Such a Flowmaster Super 40 features robust functioning that provides a deep but not obnoxious roar that is carefully moderated.

A user may simply do effectively on greater horsepower trucks with these features for a speedier driving experience. Some of these are only a few examples, as it has an average interior resonance for delivering predicted consequences.

Fantastic Design

A buyer can’t help but laud it for its excellent delta flow technology just by gazing at its superb design.

Such a model has been demonstrated that the race provides full assistance for owners/drivers to enjoy driving with improved performance.

Besides, it also provides an excellent option to reduce the maximum fuel consumption, allowing drivers to drive without worrying about high costs.

Installation is simple

Once users buy this muffler, they will be pretty pleased with its high performance, making it much easier to install properly and easily.

Furthermore, it is constructed using MIG welding to set it up without any trouble. Furthermore, the device includes robust and sturdy pieces that aid in proper handling.

Sound Quality

Some clients reveal how much they enjoy their pleasant noises, which are neither harsh nor quiet. Such a model also includes smooth and easy tones that improve the mood while driving during the day.

Besides, it enables customers to drive joyfully day after day thanks to its deep and mellow sound. As a result, this muffler for the V8 truck has become the customer’s preferred option.


Such a muffler features a deep rumbling and a durable surface for everyday use.

Besides, it also includes two hollows that provide the most efficient support for a smooth and robust truck driving experience with minimal noise.

On a solid engine that doesn’t use a lot of fuel, the product performs admirably.


  • Superbly robust and durable
  • Not huge but has several functions
  • Comes with ideal power
  • Ideal for overbearing sound or adjustment of drone
  • Ideal noiseless muffler for beginners


  • Issues might arise with the replacement of broken products

05. Dynomax 39510 Fiberglass Technology Axle-Back System


For those who are looking for a high-quality dual exit exhaust system on a truck, here is the Dynamo 39510 introducing itself.

Such a product is simple to install, produces excellent sound, and has stainless steel tips (dual) that look terrific.

Great design

Such a product has an exclusive patented flow director design through which the DynoMax performance mufflers directs exhaust flow and eliminates turbulence.

Improved exhaust flow

Exhaust flow is improved, and backpressure is reduced thanks to the vast internal flow tubes.


Fiberglass matting technology is used in each muffler to absorb undesired interior vibration while preserving a mellow performance tone.


DynoMax Super Turbo mufflers offer pure unadulterated power. With this machine, the enhancement of engine power and efficiency is guaranteed. Thus, it is a very reputed brand in the market.

Installation ease

For ease of installation, all performance exhaust systems from Dynomax are bolt-on. A premium and emissions-legal performance system from Dynomax can quickly and simply alter a vehicle’s entire exhaust system.


Because of this premium Dynomax product, one can customize a vehicle’s exhaust quickly and easily.

Besides, the package has a Super Turbo Muffler included in the kit and a mandrel-bent tailpipe made with stainless steel that follows the original routing and mounts directly to existing mounting positions.

Mandrel bends in Dynomax tailpipes improve flow above stock.


All hangers and clamps are included in the kit. All stainless steel materials are durable and provide a crisp appearance.

Increases mileage

For those who want a significant increase in their vehicle mileage, the best sounding muffler for v8 truck this product is highly recommended for them. DynoMax products are known for offering premium performance for any vehicle.


  • Helps in improving exhaust flow and reducing backpressure
  • Removes turbulence
  • Fiberglass matting technology
  • Installation ease
  • Increases MPG
  • Mandrel-bent tubing made with stainless steel


  • Rusting issues faced by a few buyers
  • Sound is deeper than stock

06. MagnaFlow 4 Inch Professional Installation Round Center Muffler


Another quality performance muffler in this list is the MagnaFlow 10416. Such a muffler produces a deep, loud exhaust tone for V8 engines. Besides, it was built for acceleration at wide-open throttle.

Performance & Sound

While such a muffler is simple in the making, it’s ideal for high-power V8s because it restricts flow very little. Such a MagnaFlow 10416 muffler produces a rich and loud exhaust noise, similar to the Cherry Bomb Glasspack because it is free-flowing.

One will be astonished to learn that drones are scarcely audible at highway speeds. However, this is dependent on the noise deadening in a vehicle or truck.

Reduces backpressure

Unlike the stock exhausts, the MagnaFlow 10416 is useful in reducing back pressure of the exhaust significantly due to its design (straight-through), with minimum obstruction to flow.

Hence, this results in greater power and throttle response at high RPMs.


MagnaFlow 10416 mufflers use packaging material (acoustical), made of stainless steel. Hence, it reduces sound waves and has a straight-through design (also called the glasspack).

Because the muffler reduces noise with acoustic packing, it may take up to 400 miles for the muffler to break in and adjust to its typical sound level.

MagnaFlow comes out on top in regards to build quality. As a result, the entire muffler comprises high-quality stainless steel, including the internal tube and acoustic packing.

Unlike aluminized steel, which is commonly used in exhaust systems to save money, stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance.

To reduce deformation and crack, 10416’s contact points are lap-jointed and welded.


The MagnaFlow is 20X14 inches in size and four inches thick. Obviously, the MagnaFlow 10416 comes in various inlet/outlet diameters and combinations, so be sure that one gets the proper one for their vehicle.


  • Robust design
  • Helps to boost horsepower
  • Such a muffler helps create a deep, rich tone
  • Compact


  • Might not offer a better fuel economy

07. BORLA 40359 High Quality Muffler


For those looking for a product that provides good performance while requiring less gasoline, the Borla 40349 muffler is highly recommended.

One of its features is that its stainless steel-made, so it’ll last a long time.

Fuel Efficiency

On V8 trucks with low fuel options, the Borla muffler is highly effective. In reality, it provides good efficiency power while using less fuel, allowing a user to travel easily on interstate roads.

Hence, it’s fantastic for driving at the optimum output with better fuel economy. Besides, it also aids in the reduction of additional fuel expenditures.


A user will find it highly sturdy and sturdy to supply adequate power on a powerful engine. One other features of this muffler is that its stainless steel-made, which is a long-lasting material for long-term use.

Furthermore, the majority of consumers remark on their exceptional endurance. As a result, users can utilize it as a starting point regularly.

Design with two outputs

Such a product’s multi-core design is another fantastic feature. Yes, you read that correctly, as the design with dual output allows a user to choose between an aggressive deep sound or a grumble.

Besides, it also helps relieve back pain, allowing a user to drive happily without making any annoying noises.

Furthermore, this choice aids in the reduction of chemical pollutants and the improvement of engine performance.

Rumble Well

A user will like how it has a deep sound or a good rumble that gives off a pleasant impression while driving on a track.

Furthermore, it also boasts a deep but softer seat for comfortable driving at any time. Such a product is ideal for beginners to utilize with this option.

All in all, it has good alternatives for finding maximum engine support for better driving.

For customers to use at comfort, the 40349 muffler has a reasonable price, a great design, and a superior sound. Besides, it’s also universal, so it’ll fit in any V8 vehicle.


  • Top-class performance
  • Durable design
  • Such a muffle is ideal on a powerful engine
  • Great for noise reduction


  • Such a muffler can be difficult to install in trucks

08. Upower 4 Inch Inlet Diesel Exhaust Muffler


Whenever a driver wants a smooth and noise-free driving experience, this Upower 4″ Inlet Diesel Exhaust Muffler is something they must have.

Such a muffler has different features that enhance a trucks’ longevity besides offering supreme performance.


Such a muffler is made with stainless steel, which ensures that it’s durable and offers a driver the longevity they are looking for.

Because of such premium quality, this is a pretty reputed product in the market. Furthermore, its body is 100% welded, which ensures it offers a longer service life.

CRF technology

Another feature of this product is its Continuous Roving Fiberglass or CRF technology that helps it absorb any unwanted interior resonance.

Noise reducer

Most importantly, this product helps immensely in reducing the clamoring that a powerful V8 engine generates. Thus, a driver will have a smooth, disturbance-free experience while driving long distances.

Universally fit

Because this product is a universal fit, it is suitable for most dodge-ram trucks, SUVs, etc. As a result, they are one of the most demanding mufflers in the car accessories market.

Installation ease

Installation ease is a significant feature that most truck owners prefer in a performance muffler. Herein, the Upower 4″ Inlet Diesel Exhaust Muffler definitely meets the expectations.

Such a product can be installed very easily without any problems and any technical skills. Thus, this is certainly a value-addition to a truck.


  • Durable
  • CRF technology
  • Effective noise reducer
  • Universal fit
  • Installation ease


  • Doesn’t change the truck volume noticeably

09. Flowmaster 817568 Stainless Steel Direct-Fit Exhaust System


A Flowmaster product that provides good performance and easy maintenance on V8 engines is another new addition to this list. Besides, it even comes with hardware and hangers for precise adjustments.

Exceptional Build Quality

A user will find it fantastic because of its well-built architecture, which provides complete support to vehicles for smooth and easy driving.

Furthermore, the 817568 muffler delivers optimal efficiency for comfortable driving without annoying noise.

Such a product shines brightly like a work of genius due to its sturdy and sturdy structure.

Sound Level: Moderate

Such a Flowmaster muffler offers a pleasant and understated sound that provides complete support for a more comfortable driving experience.

Actually, it produces a deep but not harsh sound that is ideal for driving on highways.

A user can get improved performance on an exhaust tone (external) for a comfortable and smooth drive on a V8 engine with this modest sound.

Installation is simple

Such a product contains more powerful and superior parts that provide complete assistance for easy installation.

In addition, the muffler also includes sturdy hardware and a direct-fit exhaust system for simple installation. This isn’t all; besides, it also has a fantastic design that aids in properly maintaining V8 engines.

Increased Efficiency

Such a V8 muffler helps to improve engine performance by allowing it to run faster and smoother. So, how’s it is? It does, however, provide a better exhaust system that performs flawlessly on less fuel.

A truck gains good control with this choice, allowing it to achieve optimum driving performance on the road while traveling at leisure.

Rumbles well

All in all, the design and performance are excellent, and it fits well. Such a product offers a deep rumbling and outstanding construction for great street driving.

Furthermore, it also improves fuel economy, which saves money when used daily.


  • Ideal fitting for V8 truck engines
  • Durable product
  • Installation and maintenance is pretty easy
  • One will get a great sound when they press the accelerator


  • A little expensive product

10. COLT 2.5 Inch Single chamber performance muffler


Another outstanding addition to this list of performance mufflers is this s is this Single chamber performance race muffler. Such a product is ideal for improving an engine’s performance.

Sleek design

Such a product comes with a robust design which is why the product is extremely durable. As a result, a user won’t need to worry about its longevity.

Deep sound

Once the product is installed in the truck, users will get a deep grumbling sound once they push the accelerator. Such a product thus enhances the drivers’ driving experience.

Noise reducer

Such a product plays a significant role in eliminating noise from a V8 engine; thus, a driver won’t feel any clamor while driving. Because of such a reason, this is a very demanding product amongst vehicle owners.

Easy installation

Setting this performance muffler is very easy as it’s universally fit and goes well with most trucks and other vehicles.


  • Robust design
  • Installation ease
  • Generates deep sound
  • Eliminates noise


  • According to some customers, the sound only lasted for 10k miles.

Buying Considerations about Best Truck Muffler for V8

One must consider what features to consider while buying the best sounding muffler for v8 truck. Here is a guide


When choosing a muffler, one should be aware of the many designs available. Mostly they are available in three design specifications. Straight through, glass packs, Turbo, chambered, etc., are examples of these.

First and the second categories are both less sound-producing. For those who are looking for their engine to be quieter, these will suffice.

A Glasspack muffler is extremely loud, and it can certainly be felt through its sound.


It’s all about how mufflers sound, which is what users are looking for in them. A muffler’s overall loudness is determined by its design.

Consider a straight-through or a glass-packed variant for a louder tone. Those who desire a quieter, more elegant sound can opt for a chambered or turbo engine.


A muffler’s fit is also crucial because all of them are not designed to be universally fit. Those who to be sure a muffler will fit their system should look it up first on the internet.

Many websites allow a user to enter the make and model of the vehicle to determine if the muffler is compatible.

Also, check to find out if the vehicle where it will be installed has a double or a single exhaust mechanism.

Legal Regulations

One must check to find out whether their city or town has any noise pollution regulations. Because if a user buys an overly loud muffler, they may receive a ticket and a significant penalty.


Mufflers are subjected to a great deal of pressure and stress daily. Therefore, they must be composed of durable materials. Steel is the most popular and comparatively less costly. Stainless or aluminized steel can be used to make mufflers.

Aluminized is the less expensive of the two options, but it isn’t corrosion resistant. For those who reside in a location where it rains a lot, a stainless steel muffler might be worth considering.

Value for Money

Another critical consideration before settling on a specific model is the pricing point. One must evaluate the price of the muffler’s willingness to provide.

A product should be something that won’t appear to be less valuable because of the money it requires.

There should also be a case for any muffler that offers a lot or very little. Hence, this implies the product is plainly of poor quality, and it will eventually force a user to spend more.

Perhaps it might be degrading too quickly or causing damage to other components. So it’s best if a user takes the middle way.

By “middle way,” it means a route that appears to be reasonable in terms of features and pricing.

The model a user chooses appears to be a well-qualified option that justifies the price. In most circumstances, this is the only surefire way to avoid being duped afterward.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Best Sounding Muffler for V8 Truck

What is the function of a glass pack muffler?

The material used in a glass pack muffler absorbs all of the sounds that the engine produces. Hence, this guarantees that the sound waves’ pressure is diffused through a glass sleeve, reducing backpressure.

Does my truck require a muffler?

Yes, a muffler is required to improve engine efficiency and reduce fuel consumption, particularly while traveling long distances.

Which muffler is ideal for my vehicle?

Mufflers like the glass pack ones are the greatest option among various mufflers, especially for off-road riding.


Thus, here is all about the best sounding muffler for v8 truck. All of them come with attractive characteristics to make a users’ journey more enjoyable.

However, one must make sure that they obtain something that fits their needs and then picks the muffler from the list that best fits them.

It all depends upon a vehicle owner to determine which of these ten options is the absolute finest. One product may appear ideal for their needs, but it is not acceptable for someone with different needs.

So, as we near the finish of this review, it’s time now to start figuring out an ideal fit for your trucks. Hopefully, you’ll make a wise decision; best of luck!

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