Which State Loves Chevy The Most?

I would have sworn on my life that the state that had to most Chevy’s would be Texas…. Well, good thing I didn’t cause I would have been dead wrong! The team at Edmunds.com using their expertise and skills put together some data that allowed them to figure out which states had the most Chevy’s in them. I think maybe some of the states that reached the top may surprise you. However, as you can tell by the map above it is evident that more Chevy’s are in the southwest! Where does your state lie on the list? If you are interested in test driving a new Chevy make sure you stop by your local Dallas Chevy dealer and we’ll take you for a take a test drive!

The talented Edmunds.com Data Department is constantly producing inspiring graphics to help illustrate the complex dynamics of the auto industry. And sometimes they just make up these cool maps for us. Next in our continuing series of pointing out where brands live is Chevy. The bowtie brand sells especially well in the “hourglass” mid-section of the country, or anywhere trucks make up a high percentage of sales.

So that you can see how these listings of current car registrations over the past five years rank state to state, the over-achieving  Edmunds Data folk has also included a (now colored-coded) numeric ranking by state (after the jump).

Thanks to Brandi Hodge for contributing!

2 comments to Which State Loves Chevy The Most?

  • Donna Sowul

    Thanks for the info!!!…very interesting….I thought NY would have scored higher than it did…we have a lot of Chevys here…this past Sunday, our NY5THGEN Camaro Club celebrated our 1st anniversary and we had 31 5thgens there on Labor Day weekend…we would have had more if it was a regular weekend….

    • Hagen Durant

      I thought Texas would score higher than it did too! We are excited about our Camaro Club meeting this weekend at Texas Motor Speedway. I’ll keep you posted on our turn out 🙂 Hopefully Hurricane Hermine will get out of here and it’ll stop raining!

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