Which OnStar Service Do You Like The Most?

OnStar had a poll on their Facebook page last week asking their fans this, “which OnStar service do you like the best?” The only two options they gave were “Remote Door Unlock,” and “OnStar vehicle diagnostics.” I sat there wondering what was my favorite thing that I loved the most about OnStar in my new Chevy but the truth is I couldn’t pick out just one thing. I like them all. I think they are all a huge asset to any GM driver. So, I guess my question to you is…. Which one is your favorite? Can you choose just one?

Automatic Crash Response: Built into your vehicle and monitored 24/7 by specially trained Advisors, Automatic Crash Response allows OnStar to send help to your exact location–even when you can’t ask for it.

Turn-By-Turn Navigation: From the places you need to find, to places you haven’t thought of yet, OnStar Turn-by-Turn Navigation connects you to your destination effortlessly. Just push a button for directions you saved with eNav or for an Advisor to help you get anywhere. And, with OnStar, you’ll have the most up-to-date routes right at your fingertips.

eNav: Harness the power of MapQuest and Google Maps to make travel planning even simpler. Just plan your route ahead of time and send it to your vehicle with one click. You can store multiple destinations—and retrieve them from your vehicle whenever you want, and get up-to-the-minute Turn-by-Turn directions.

OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics: On the road, it feels great to know your vehicle is running as it should. OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics sends you monthly email reports showing what’s going on with your vehicle—in simple language and images. It’s all part of your OnStar service, no additional cost.

Stolen Vehicle Assistance: There’s no experience of safety like feeling confident—even after an auto theft. If your vehicle is stolen, OnStar works with the police to attempt to recover it—swiftly and safely.

Roadside Assistance: An empty gas tank. A flat tire. If you find yourself stranded, you’re never alone: with one push of the OnStar button, Roadside Assistance can be on the way. We’ll contact a nearby dealership, towing service or gas station and send them to your precise location.

Remote Services: Remote Door Unlock to the rescue. With OnStar, you’ll soon learn what over a thousand subscribers learn every day: locking your keys in the car can happen to anyone—but OnStar can get you back in your vehicle in minutes. Just call us. An Advisor confirms your account information and security verification, and can send a signal to unlock your doors. No locksmith. No hassle.

Hands Free Calling: Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel—OnStar Hands-Free Calling keeps you connected, even when your cell phone can’t. It’s built-in and designed for better connections and fewer dropped calls. Even in places where handheld cell phones are banned while driving—OnStar enables you to call hands-free.

OnStar MyLink Mobile App: Your OnStar service includes a simple, easy way to connect with your vehicle. Use this app anytime to lock or unlock your doors, turn on your horn and lights, or start your engine.

So, which service is your favorite?

[Source: OnStar.com, Services vary by model and conditions and Capabilities vary by model. Visit onstar.com for details and system limitations.]

Thanks to Brandi Hodge for contributing.

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