What’s New in the New Fuel Economy Label?

For the past few years, fuel economy has been a smoking hot topic in the auto industry. Automakers have constantly tried to outdo each other in mpg numbers and we’ve definitely started to see a stronger presence of hybrids and electric cars. So it’s only fitting that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) would make one of the biggest changes to fuel economy labels since they were created back in the seventies.

Classic Chevy ArlingtonNot only will you now find an estimate of how much you will spend or save on fuel for the next five years (4), you’ll also get an estimate of how much it will cost you to drive 100 miles (5).  But wait! There’s still more. You can compare vehicles by how much it will cost you in gasoline annually (6) and how other vehicles in it’s class measure up (3).

One of my favorite new editions though is the SmartPhone integration. Each label has a unique QR Code® (quick response) that you can scan into your phone. Of course, you’ll have to download the free app first, but after that you’ll be able to make even more comparisons and do personal calculations. See what else you can do in the video below.

If fuel economy weighs heavy on your buying decision list, then I’d definitely recommend downloaded this app. After all, most of you are going to be driving that new Chevy in DFW  for quite some time and it’s cool to see the potential savings before they even happen.

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