Use Toothpaste to Clean Those Foggy Headlights DFW Chevy Owners

 Dallas Chevy DealerHey Dallas Ft Worth Chevy drivers, are your headlights looking a little foggy lately? Maybe they aren’t shining as brightly as they used to? Over time, the brightness of headlights can be affected  because the outside cover becomes oxidized. This gives them a foggy and sometimes yellow look. In severely oxidized headlights, you can’t even see the bulb any more. This also causes your headlights to be less bright, which can affect your visibility when driving during the night.

Now before you get ready to head to your Chevrolet Dealer in Ft Worth for a new set of headlights, try this simple and cheap solution using only Crest toothpaste, a cloth and water.

Apply a nickel-size amount of the toothpaste (make sure it’s paste and not gel) to the plastic cover of the headlight. Then, with a dry cloth, rub in a circular motion until the toothpaste is completely rubbed in. You should start to notice the grime wipe away. Once it’s all rubbed in, rinse the headlight with water and wipe away any residual paste with a wet cloth.

It’s so simple, it’s almost hard to believe, right? Well, here’s video proof that it actually does work!

Have any of you Chevy owners in DFW tried this before? Let us know if it worked for you!


Thanks to Cassidy Schafer for contributing


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  • I just did two cars today an it worked awesome on both cars one was a KIA sedona van an the other one was a Pontiac grand Prix both cars headlights turned out crystal clear.

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