Top Chevy Features

Chevrolet’s top features often make it easy to choose the brand for top safety ratings. Whether it’s the Spark or the Silverado – or any other Chevy located at Classic Chevrolet, each vehicle has several safety features. You may have to get a higher trim level to get all of the best features, but some of them do come standard on the lower trim levels.

Antilock Brakes

While most vehicles do have antilock brakes, many buyers only know that it’s a good thing to have, but don’t know exactly what ABS brakes do. The ABS braking system helps the driver stay in control by changing the pressure of the brakes on a wheel that is locking up while braking on slippery surfaces. This prevents the driver from skidding out of control.

StabiliTrak and Traction Control

Chevrolet’s StabiliTrak is electronic stability control. This system detects the difference between the angle of the steering wheel and the actual direction the vehicle is moving. The system takes the position of the steering wheel, the speed of the vehicle and the amount of sideways force and calculates how much brake power it needs for each wheel and, if necessary, engine torque, to help the driver straighten out the vehicle.

The traction control system uses the ABS speed sensors, the braking system and the powertrain control module to reduce wheel spin on slippery surfaces.


Chevrolet uses side blind zone alert, forward collision alert and lane departure warning to alert the driver of impending disaster. These systems notify you if you are drifting out of your lane, if you are going to crash into something in front of you and if you are getting ready to move into a vehicle in your blind spot.


OnStar has many features and is definitely worth subscribing to after the free trial. It can notify police if you crashed – even if you can’t call yourself. The system’s GPS helps emergency crews locate you in the event that you don’t know where you are or in the event that you can’t make the call yourself.

Additional OnStar features include turn-by-turn navigation, stolen vehicle assistance, crisis assist, roadside assistance, hands-free calling, vehicle diagnosis and RemoteLink.

When you stop by Classic Chevy to test drive your next vehicle, be sure to ask whether the model and trim level you choose has these safety features. If not, you may want to upgrade to the next trim level or add them as extra options to the trim level you chose.

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