Top 5 Scenic Roads to Experience in Your Camaro


The Chevrolet Camaro has always been designed with the open road in mind. If you own a Camaro or are looking to buy, you owe it to yourself to head to these beautiful routes and experience the full joy of owning your Camaro.

In no specific order:

1. Pacific Coast Highway

The almost stereotypical drive for good reason. Hugging the coastline for 123 miles, the drive is a spectacular opportunity to see the dramatic coastline of Big Sur. Enjoy the view of the Pacific ocean from the tops of cliffs. Along the way, you can try the wineries, see the famous redwoods, and maybe eat some great seafood.

Be careful if you go in peak season (roughly late summer, like July and August) as the roads are crowded. Considering the at times narrow roadway and tight turns, make sure you watch your speed.

2. Skyline Drive

Skyline Drive is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, which are famous for their spectacular fall foliage displays. As such, the best time to go is when the leaves have turned, probably around early October, though spring can also be a great time to go due to the numerous wildflowers that bloom.

Skyline Drive winds its way along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains for 105 miles and goes through Shenandoah National Park along its route.

3. Finger Lakes Region

Located in central New York State, the roads in the area pass around and over a number of lakes that are roughly shaped like fingers if you look at them on a map.

There are 11 lakes in all: Canadice, Honeoye, Skaneateles, Keuka, Seneca, Cayuga, Hemlock, Conesus, Otisco, Owasco, and Canandaigua. Ranging between Syracuse and Rochester, or about 80 miles, the lakes were formed by old glaciers from the last Ice Age.

The scenic parts of this drive come not only from the lakes, but the idyllic farms, towns, and numerous wineries sprinkled along the shores.

Once there, give yourself a few days to fully enjoy the area, since we’re assuming you won’t want to just plow through the area without stopping. It would be a shame to miss the food, wine tastings, and hiking opportunities endemic to the region. Plunging gorges and waterfalls cast the drive with natural beauty.

4. San Juan Skyway

The San Juan Skyway winds through 230 miles of some of Colorado’s best countryside. Though you can get through the route in less than a day, you really ought to set aside a few days to fully enjoy yourself.

The route will take you through Gunnison and Uncompahgre National Forests, Grand Mesa, and San Juan National Forest.

Enjoy viewing cliffs and ridges, alpine woods, small towns, and pueblo ruins.

The San Juan Skyway is always a great choice no matter the season. Each season brings its own special display, from the waterfalls of spring, the wildflowers of summer, the foliage of fall, and the serene white snow of winter.

5. Patchwork Parkway

Travel through the painted desert of Utah on the Patchwork Parkway, also known as Route 143. About 50 miles long, the route features lava fields, canyons, lakes, plateaus, and mountain peaks.

Enjoy the gorgeous red and orange landscape that makes this area of the United States famous.

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