Thule vs Yakima: Which is the Best!


Thule vs Yakima which roof rack will be the best for Jeep? Finding the best roof rack for your vehicle can be a tedious task. In this post, we will discuss the two major roof rack brands: Yakima Vs Thule roof rack in detail.

To get the perfect roof rack for your Jeep, you need to keep in mind factors such as accessory lineup, check the weight, check the strength & durability, check the product support, understand various product range, etc.

When it comes to the roof rack, you must choose the one that fits your car. Thule and Yakima are the two premium and the most popular vehicle roof rack brands. As both of these brands are very much popular, sometimes, users get confused about which one they should select.

Here we have provided the complete guide on Yakima Vs Thule cargo boxes. Before we get into the main part, let’s start with basic concepts and questions:

What are the Roof Racks?

There are so many types of accessories and tools available for vehicles. Purchasing different accessories and tools for your vehicle provides you different features and benefits.

Depending upon the type of your vehicle and your requirements, you may need to buy certain accessories for your vehicle. Out of different accessories for cars, roof racks are of great use.

Roof racks are helpful to load heavy things like cycles, luggage items, canoes, kayaks, skis, etc. If you are adventure a lot with your car, then the roof rack is something that you must consider installing.

If you are looking to expand the loading capacity of your vehicle, you must be planning to buy a roof rack. There are so many benefits of buying a roof rack for your car.

Among various benefits, some of the top benefits are:

a) Increase in the storage space of the vehicle

b) An increase in the legroom inside the vehicle

c) Easy transport of the luggage

Having a roof rack installed in the car allows you to carry bulky luggage in your car. Which roof rack you should buy is ideally based on your car type and its routine.

While buying the roof rack, you need to give due attention to its fitment because you need to have a secure and safe installation. As there are various types of roof racks out there in the market, it can be a bit difficult for you to understand each type of roof rack.

Before Starting the Comparison of Yakima Vs Thule Roof Racks; Let’s Have a Look at Different Types of Cargo Boxes.

Types of Roof Racks

As there are different types of roof racks out there in the market; it can be a bit confusing to decide about which one to buy. No matter what type of roof rack you select for your car.

There are different models of Thule & Yakima that are available for each type. It will be easy for you to decide which type of roof rack is for you once you will understand various types of roof racks given below:

01. Rain Gutter

Rain gutters are the older type of roof racks from the 80s. Earlier, the selection for roof racks was very simple and rain gutter roof rack was common.

But currently, there are various kinds of roof racks out there in the market. Different types have different features and benefits, but a wide variety has made the roof rack selection process a bit complicated.

You will still find rain gutters on some old vehicle models. Mainly, you will find them on full-sized cargo or passenger vans.

02. Bare Roof

The common type of roof rack in the late vehicle models is the bare roof. Currently, you will find that most of the modern vehicles don’t have any gutters installed.

Those vehicles may have the roof rack installed with the attachment.

03. Fixed Point

You will also find different cars with roof rack mounting points built into the roof by the manufacturer itself. A fixed point built into the roof allows the easy installation of base towers.

04. Side Rails

The side rail is another type of roof rack, which includes factory-attached rails. It may be flush against the roof.

05. Factory Bars

Factory bars are also seen in many vehicles. Cars with factory bars have a factory-equipped permanent roof rack.

So, these are some types of roof racks out there in different vehicles. If we talk about roof rack brands, two brands are very popular for it – Thule and Yakima.

Let’s take a look at these two brands’ roof racks.

Thule vs Yakima Roof Racks: Face To Face Comparisons

Thule vs Yakima


When it comes to making the decision about which brand’s roof rack to buy, there are two top brands out there in the market – Thule, and Yakima.

Here We Have Discussed the Specifications of Thule and Yakima Respectively:

Thule Roof Rack Specifications

Roof racks play a crucial role in loading the weight on the car roof. Thule is one of the popular brands for roof racks.

If you go to buy the Thule roof rack for your vehicle, you will have different models available. Depending on your vehicle’s model, you need to select the ideal roof rack.

Let’s take a look at some specifications of Thule roof racks:

Easy to Install: All the roof racks of the Thule brand are simple and easy to install. You get the required tools with the package, you do not have to buy them separately.

Upper T-track: The Aeroblade Edge model of Thule comes with an upper T-track with a QuickAccess interface. This makes the quick installation.

Thule One-Key Lock: Thule roof rack models are supported with Thule one-key lock that helps maintain security.

WindDiffuser Technology: The task of the WindDiffuser technology of the roof rack is to reduce noise and improve the fuel economy.
Yakima Roof Rack Specifications

Here are some specifications of Yakima roof racks:

Silver or black finish: With Yakima roof racks, you will notice one thing that all of their models come with anodized silver or powder-coated black finish.

Dual Protective: The black finish of the rack provides dual protective e-coating and powder coating.

Yakima SmartFill: Yakima roof racks come with Yakima SmartFill technology which allows the fast installation of accessories.

T-slot: The roof racks include the t-slot to have seamless mounting of Yakima accessories.

Special Features of Thule & Yakima

Different brands of roof racks have different features and unique benefits. Whether you will buy Thule’s roof rack or Yakima’s roof rack, both will have different features. Here are features of Thule & Yakima:

Features of Thule

No matter which model of Thule roof rack you will buy, you will notice some common features in all the models.

Here are some features of Thule roof racks:

Strength: One of the main reasons why Thule roof racks are popular is because they are great in strength. The great strength of the roof rack ensures a better experience in various climates and situations.

Safety & Security: Security is one of the crucial factors when we talk about roof racks. Thule’s roof racks go well in conditions like heat, cold, damp, sunlight, etc.

Quality: With all the models of Thule’s roof racks, you will be provided with better quality. The company focuses on delivering better quality with proper testing.

Features of Yakima

Here are some features you will notice in all the models of Yakima roof racks:

Unique Style: Yakima roof racks provide a perfect and unique styling & appearance to your vehicle.

Wind Resistance: The roof racks by Yakima are designed using a wide tunnel for the wind resistance test. Yakima’s roof racks help in reducing the vehicle’s fuel economy.

Strength: Yakima roof racks also come with great strength. The high strength of the roof rack helps to avoid wind-related noise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Thule vs Yakima

Before you buy the roof rack for your car, you may have various questions. To solve your queries, here we have added some FAQs of both the roof rack brands –

Thule and Yakima. Let’s start with FAQs of Thule first:

Common FAQs about Thule

Here are some FAQs:

Question: Does the Thule AirScreen roof rack run on the WingBar Evo?

Answer: No, 8700, 8701, 8702 and 8703 AirScreen models are not fit with WingBar Evo.

Question: Why are my new bars bent?

Answer: No, they are not bent or broken. WingBar Evo and new SquareBar models both of them have a bit of bow out of the box.

Question: Can I make the use of WingBar Evo with the different Thule foot pack?

Answer: The WingBar Evo goes perfectly fit with the Rapid Podium, Rapid Traverse and Rapid Crossroad foot packs.

Question: Will my current bars will work with the new Evo Clamp model and Evo Raised model?

Answer: The Evo Raised Rail and Evo Clamp use a similar attachment system just like Aeroblade and Rapid bar system.

FAQs of Yakima

Here are some FAQs:

Question: Will I get a warranty with the Yakima roof rack?

Answer: Yes, you get a warranty. To become eligible for Yakima warranty, you must be the original purchaser and you must have proof of purchase.

Question: How do I know which type of Yakima roof rack I have?

Answer: There are various types of Yakima roof racks out there in the market. To identify, just go through the “types of roof racks” section.

Question: Can I have my car wash with my rack?

Answer: If you are going through automatic car washing, do not take your rack. If you want to clean the rack, do it manually.

Which One is More Suitable for Jeep Wrangler?

When it comes to buying the roof rack for your vehicle, you must consider various factors. As there are different brands out there in the market, selecting the right one can be a bit confusing.

Among various roof rack brands, here we have discussed the top two brands – Thule and Yakima.

Between Thule and Yakima, which one is right for you is based on your vehicle model and your requirements. Here, we will discuss which is more suitable for the Jeep Wrangler – Thule or Yakima?

To understand this, let’s understand different factors to consider before buying a roof rack:

01. Strength

Selecting the wrong roof rack may lead to frustrating during the trip. And, you don’t want to ruin your trip by selecting the low strength roof rack for your Jeep Wrangler.

So, while choosing the roof rack for your Jeep Wrangler, the first thing you need to consider is the strength of the roof rack.

02. Fitting Time

Depending upon the type and model of the roof rack you select, the installation time may vary. You need to select the one which has simple installation and removable.

It makes your work easy when you install and remove the roof rack very often.

03. Usage

Another important factor you should consider is the usage of the roof rack whether you will use it for skis, kayaks, luggage or any other.

Depending upon the usage, the selection may differ.

04. Weight

While selecting the roof rack, make sure it is of ideal weight. You need to make sure you select the strong roof rack, not heavy.

Also, you don’t have to sacrifice on strength to reduce the weight of the rack.

So these are the four crucial factors you need to consider while selecting a roof rack for your jeep wrangler. Based on various factors listed here, Thule would be the right choice for Jeep Wrangler models.

However, it may vary depending upon your usage and your Jeep Wrangler model.


Here we can conclude that both – Thule and Yakima are the best roof rack brands. Factors such as fitting time, weight, strength, etc. vary from one roof rack model to another.

With the Thule rack brand, you get benefits of easy installation, Upper T-track, Thule One-key lock, and WindDifusser technology.

And with the Yakima roof rack brand, you get benefits like T-slot, proper furnish, dual protectiveness, and Yakima SmartFill.

So, depending upon your requirements and vehicle model, you need to make the right choice between the two popular roof rack brands.

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