There’s Nothing Like the Smell of a New Chevy in Texas

Grapevine TX ChevyThere’s nothing like the smell of a new Chevy,  and there’s really no better way to describe the smell other than “new”. It’s no wonder they sell “new car” scented air fresheners and sprays. I remember the day when my new Chevy stopped smelling new. In fact, it smelt funky. I immediately knew I had either left food or something else in the car causing that smell, and I was determined to get rid of it and have my Chevy back to smelling new.

Because the cabins of our Chevys are enclosed and small compared to our houses, the smallest odor can stink up the entire car and make it miserable to drive in. So how can we get rid of these odors and prevent them from coming back? First, be sure you lock your windows and doors to prevent rain and bugs from getting inside the vehicle. If you’ve never done this before, good for you. Let me be the first to tell you that it doesn’t smell like a rain-scented Glade candles. In fact, it smells like mildew.

Second, if you’re a smoker, be sure to roll down your window when you smoke. Cigarette smoke clings to cotton fabrics like crazy. It’s also a good idea to crack all four windows half an inch for at least five minutes after you finish your cigarette. This will help air out the vehicle.

Next up, don’t leave any food in your car! A few hours is okay, but overnight or longer and you’ll be smelling your left-over, Olive Garden that’s now room temperature for a week.

When it comes to odor prevention, the best and most obvious thing to do is keep your car clean. If you are experiencing one though, you can try using baking soda or charcoal to get rid of the smell. For the baking soda route, simply buy a small to medium box and leave it in the car overnight. For a more effective result, spread the baking soda around a bit, but remember you’ll have to vacuum it up later. If you want to give the charcoal method a try, grab several different sizes from nearly powdered to rock-like. Put them in a basin and leave it overnight.

Both baking powder and charcoal will absorb the odors in your car. But if neither of them work, you can also give your car a deep clean or take it in and have it detailed.  After all, they don’t make new car scents for nothing. And if you have a brand new Chevy truck or car, I can guarantee you’ll want to keep that new smell for as long as possible.

Thanks to Cassidy Schafer for contributing.

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