The Chevy Spark is the Perfect Car for Dallas Ft Worth Residents

Finally… it’s coming. The perfect vehicle for us young, city dwellers in Dallas and Ft. Worth – the Chevy Spark. Due to hit showrooms later this year, the Spark is hands down the ultimate city vehicle.

In a GM press release, Vice President of Chevrolet Global Marketing, Chris Perry, said “We listened to what young people said they wanted in a car. Our engineers tuned and equipped the Chevrolet Spark specifically for first-time buyers and city dwellers in North America. Spark is the perfect urban car because we’ve made it easy to drive, easy to park and easy to own.”

So what exactly have the brilliant minds at Chevrolet done to make the Spark the ultimate city vehicle for first-time buyers? I’m glad you asked.

Size. With a length of only 144 inches and 63 inches wide (37 inches shorter and 8 inches narrower than the Chevy Cruze), you’ll no longer have to pass by those tight parking spaces on city streets.

Connectivity. Spark owners can connect owners to their friends, music, videos and photos with a radio that features a seven-inch diagonal color touch screen equipped with the Chevrolet MyLink infotainment system, which provides users with access to Pandora and Stitcher, Bluetooth and navigation. MyLink also makes it possible to connect a smartphone or other USB device to play movies, display pictures and download contacts for hands-free calling, allowing for a full in-vehicle media experience.

A Sixth Sense. City driving can be hectic with a lot of sudden breaking. Not for the Spark, though. It has what we like to call a “sixth sense” named Panic Brake Assist that detects situations where emergency breaking is needed and automatically engages maximum braking force.

The Look.  The Spark will be sporting 15-inch wheels, making it the only vehicle in the segment to come standard with alloy wheels and increasing its performance and style street cred. Not to mention Chevrolet gave it a facelift with a deeper grille and restyled fog lamps for a sportier, more aggressive style.

I don’t know about you guys out there, but this sounds like the perfect little vehicle to me. In case I forgot to mention, the Chevrolet Spark is also packing extra horsepower under the hood with modifications to the engine displacement and enhancements to the ride and handling. Layman’s terms… more power and better handling at higher speeds.

Stay tuned to Classic Chevrolet for more updates, DFW. This is one new vehicle you won’t want to miss!

Thanks to Cassidy Schafer for contributing.


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