The Best BBQ Road Trips in Texas

best bbq joints in texas

While DFW has exceptional BBQ places, if you’re taking a road trip past one of these BBQ joints (or if you’re just a BBQ fanatic and are looking to take a road trip specifically for some good BBQ!), then you owe it to yourself to grab a platter at one of these restaurants. Just be sure to drop by Classic Chevy before you hit the road to  make sure that your vehicle is ready for the trip.

Miller’s Smokehouse

Miller’s Smokehouse, located in Belton, has been serving up their BBQ since 2008. It’s a family run affair, with father and son tending the pits while mom makes desserts. They started out selling sausage wraps part-time out of a meat-processing business before moving on to bigger and better things with a devoted location and expanded menu. These days you can get your hands on brisket, ribs, and house-made beef-and-pork sausages. There’s also smoked turkey, smoked chicken, and pulled pork. After you’re done with your meal, you can always grab some to-go from their meat case, which includes packages of their famous sausages.

Gatlin’s BBQ

Gatlin’s BBQ, located in Houston, is an expansive place run by a former defensive back at Rice University. Open in 2010, Gatlin’s BBQ serves up excellent brisket, but absolutely exceptional  pork ribs. There’s also the selection of sausages, including some game options like venison. Another special point of Gatlin’s is the fusion of Cajun comfort foods, such as dirty rice. It lends the place a unique identity amid so many other BBQ joints that only serve up potato salad and cole slaw.

CorkScrew BBQ

CorkScrew BBQ is located in Spring, Texas, among the charming historic Old Town neighborhood, serves up some of the best BBQ in Texas, hands down. There’s the Black Angus Prime all-natural brisket and beef rib in a black-pepper jacket. Then there’s the Duroc pulled pork. Or the juicy whole chicken. Be sure to check it out if you’re in Spring for whatever reason.

Louie Mueller Barbecue

One of the oldest BBQ joints in Texas, Louie Mueller Barbecue opened way back in 1949. It’s got a long and storied history as far as BBQ joints go. It’s still family-owned and on its third generation of pitmasters. Located in Taylor, Texas, in what used to be a gymnasium, Louie Mueller has honed its menu over decades, serving up delicious beef ribs, peppered brisket, house-made sausages, pork ribs, and pulled pork, among others. If you love good BBQ, you’ll love the phenomenal BBQ at Louie Mueller’s. Don’t pass it up.

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