National Seat Belt Enforcement Mobilization Week

Hey Dallas Ft Worth Chevy drivers, did you know that it’s National Seat Belt Enforcement Mobilization week? From May 21 – June 3, approximately 10,000 law enforcement officers across the nation are participating in the “Click It or Ticket” crackdown. And when they say “crackdown”, they mean it. Over the course of five years, the annual two-week Click It or Tick Crackdown has resulted in more than three million seat belt citations. Three million! That equates to a ticket every other second.

For my generation, putting on a seat belt the second we get in to our Chevrolets is second nature. That’s probably because it’s been the law since we all started driving. This is not the case for my father’s generation, though. Back when he started driving, wearing your seat belt was not required by law. Let me just say that I’m more than thankful new car models make that annoying noise until you buckle up. If it weren’t for that, he’d probably wear his seat belt a lot less often.

Though it need not be said, seat belts are important. Besides the fear of receving a ticket, we should always wear our seat belts to protect our lives should we be in a crash. If all passenger vehicle occupants five and older had worn seat belts, and additional 3,341 people could have been saved in 2010. Just for good measure, that’s more than twice the lives lost when the Titanic sunk.

As you may have noticed, the Memorial Day holiday occurs during National Seat Belt Enforcement Mobilization Week. In a press release, the NHTSA said that 241 passenger vehicle occupants were killed in traffic crashes during the Memorial Day holiday period in 2010.  Nearly two-thirds of these fatalities occurred at night between the hours of 6:00 PM and 5:59AM — when the risk of being in a crash triples — and 66 percent were not belted.

So Dallas Ft Worth, whatever your plans may be this holiday weekend, be sure to buckle up. In fact, be sure to buckle up all the time. Not only will it save your bank account, it’ll also save your life.


Thanks to Cassidy Schafer for contributing.