Who Drove J.R.?

For all of the Dallas fans in DFW, we have an extra special car in stock for you.  For the past two years our Chevrolet Dealership loaned actor Larry Hagmen a car to use while he was in town filming Dallas.  Hagmen was an environmentally conscience man, so the first car he chose was a Malibu Eco, and this past year he rode around town in the stylish (and environmentally friendly) 2013 Chevy Volt.  The Omni Hotel even provided him a charging station so the Chevy Volt was always ready to deliver him to the set.

After Hagmen’s death the car was returned to our dealership where it is now available for purchase!

2013 Chevy Volt

J.R. put 3,000 miles on his Chevrolet Volt and left a gift for the next owner.

J.R.'s Chevy

The new owner of this 2013 Volt will inherit a Larry Hagmen $10,000 autographed bill.  This piece of Hollywood history is proudly sitting on our showroom floor, so stop by today and take home a piece of Dallas history!

An End Of The World Chevrolet Deal

If you knew you only had a few days left before the end of the world what would you do?  Eat all the food you have ever loved?  Fly to Rome? Lock yourself in your house with your family?  Throw a huge party?  Here at our DFW Chevy Dealership, we would want to spend some of our last days driving around in a Chevy.  We have a feeling that most Chevy fans would want to take one last joy ride in a new Silverado or a new Camaro Coup.

2013 Chevrolet Camaro Coup

Just in case the Mayan prophecy does come true, we want to help you make your last days on earth great, so come by our Grapevine dealership today, and buy yourself a new Chevrolet.  If  the world does happen to end on Friday, we will waive the rest of your payments on your new car or truck, and if the world keeps turning you have a brand new Chevrolet to celebrate with.

Classic Chevrolet

Besides, who would want to spend their last day on Earth in anything that’s not a Chevy?