January Chevy Deals

It’s the beginning of the year and, as always, a good time to stop by your Grapevine Chevy Dealer. The annual red tag event is in full swing, and you won’t find a better deal on the best Chevy models. Come check out our lot, where you will find more than 2,000 brand new beautiful cars with prices that can’t be beat anywhere. There are three deals that stand out, and people are clamoring to get behind the wheel of these cars.

Chevy VoltFor starters, everyone is talking about the Chevy Volt. This hybrid electric vehicle is one of the most affordable sustainable driving options available, and the price on this car has never been better. Right now, you can drive off the lot in a brand new Volt for $36,495 — you will be 0 percent interest for 60 months, so you have the opportunity to pay cash for this vehicle. If ownership isn’t your thing, consider taking out a lease on this car. Currently you can lease the Volt for $299 per month for a 36 month lease.

Chevy CruzeSome people are looking for a sleek car with the reputable Chevy name on it, but aren’t looking to spend a fortune. The best moderate sedan option right now is the Cruze, which is on sale for $16,900. Interested buyers have the opportunity to grab this car for 0 percent interest for the next 60 months, allowing people who might not think they can afford a brand new car to take advantage of this opportunity. There’s no better way to kick off the new year than with a beautiful new Cruze that you secured for the best pricing available across the country.

Chevy TraverseFor those growing families in the area, there is no better time to upgrade to that family vehicle. The Chevy Traverse has never been a better option for families with children who will be heading out to the soccer fields. Customers have the opportunity to secure this crossover vehicle for 0 percent interest for 72 months, and the final price is $25,462. This vehicle comes with everything you need to actually enjoy your time with your family on the road, including plenty of storage space and entertainment upgrade options such as DVD players.

January is the time for a fresh new start, the time to commit to resolutions and find your happiness. There’s no better way to kick off a new year than with a new car. Hit the open road in style this year, and know that you got the best price available — ever — on your vehicle. You will have the peace of mind that comes with owning a well built Chevy vehicle as well as the enjoyment of a wonderful car.