A DFW Chevrolet Halloween

Hey Dallas Chevrolet lovers, still looking for a Halloween costume? Take a page out of this guy’s book:

Not only is he a Chevrolet Camaro, but he is also a transformer!  How awesome is that?

We want to remind everyone that you’ll need to be on your best driving behavior on Wednesday night, as there is no doubt that you will see an increase in pedestrian traffic (mostly children) so keep your speeds slow and just assume they are going to jump out in front of your car at some point…that way you are always on guard.

And for you adults that love Halloween, be smart, don’t drink and drive. The police will be out in full force, and although your might have won the prize at the costume party, you aren’t going to fool any officer if you’ve had too much to drink.  Leave your new Chevrolet where it is and take a cab home.  Have a great Halloween DFW!

New iExit App Makes Road Trip Stops Easy for Dallas Ft Worth Chevrolet Drivers

Hey Dallas Ft Worth Chevrolet drivers, are you tired of unplanned stops on your road trips? By unplanned, I don’t mean things like bathroom breaks (which are almost never planned), but rather having to wait to see those huge road signs that tell you about the upcoming restaraunts and gas stations about three-fourths of a mile before you’ll need to exit. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a sign for Subway or Whataburger a little too late and then missed the exit completely. Of course I could always go to the next exit and pop a U-turn, but that adds on even more time until you reach your final destination.

Of course those of us with smart phones can always search for gas stations and restaraunts, but then you and your other passengers will have to decide ahead of time where you want to eat. And you’ll almost always have someone who differs in opinion… Not to worry, though. The new iExit Interstate Exit Guide app is the solution.  Now we can say goodbye to the guessing and settling of our stops on those road trips. The iExit app will tell you what restaurants, gas stations, hotels, and other services are available at each exit. On top of that, you’ll be given the option to call ahead to make reservations or get turn-by-turn directions to your destination once you make a selection.

Other notable iExit features include:

  • Searching up to 100 exits ahead
  • Searching in another state for trip planning
  • Filtering by categories and brands/company names
  • Searchable Categories:

Searchable Categories

  • Unleaded Gas
  • Diesel Gas
  • Biofuel
  • Fast Food
  • Sit Down Food
  • Coffee
  • Ice Cream
  • Chain Hotels
  • Independent Hotels
  • Auto Services
  • Trucker Services
  • Campgrounds
  • Shopping

Also included in your search results are campgrounds, diesel or alternative fuel stations, weigh scales, and rest areas. What more could you need when you take your new or used Chevrolet out on the road for your next road trip?

[Source: ConsumerReports.org and Metrorocket.com]

Thanks to Cassidy Schafer for contributing.


Spring Car Tips for Your New or Used Chevrolet: Tires

Well, it’s safe to say that we had a short winter here in the Dallas Ft Worth Metroplex. Now, while we’re in the midst of Spring, is a perfect time to do some maintenance on your new or used Chevrolet. Let’s start with the tires. Even though I know you all have been checking your tire pressure on a regular basis, it’s still important to inspect your tires and wheels after any season.

For starters, go ahead and check that tire pressure. Under-inflated tires can cause heat build-up and with the dreaded, steamy summer on the way, you’ll want to keep your tires properly inflated to be able to handle the inevitable heat.

If you haven’t already inspected your tires for wear and tear, reach in your pocket and perform the penny or quarter test. As you know, we’ve already had a lot of rain this season and I’m sure there’s more to come. With rain, comes hydroplaning. So make sure your tires have the tread to take on those flooded Dallas Ft Worth roads and highways.

According to ConsumerReports.org, if your tires have less than 4/32-inch of tread left, then it’s time to go shopping. You can easily check tread depth by inserting a quarter into a tire’s deepest grooves, head pointing down. If you can see the top of George Washington’s head, that means you have 1/8 of tread or less, and it’s time to start shopping for new rubber. If you’re not sure, or need any help at all, you can always head down to the Classic Chevrolet service department. They’ll be more than happy to help.

Back to school… Back to school. Bus Safety Tips!

It’s that time of year. Summer is coming to an end and it’s time for your little humans to go back to school. Even though my little humans aren’t riding the bus yet I still worry about them riding the bus someday. There are certain worries that go through a parents mind when your children are getting ready to go back to school. That’s why when I came across this article from Consumer Reports I knew that I needed to share it. I don’t think this is an article that you would typically come across. Sure you may see some of these tips and hints on your local news but this one goes into a little more depth I think. Not to mention that Consumer Reports is very very good at what they do and the stuff that they put out. Now, it is true that the big yellow school bus is one of the safest modes of transportation but I think what worries parents more is the getting on and off of the bus and the walk from the bus stop.

Check out some of these school bus safety tips. We can’t always take our children to school in our new Chevy’s…. Sometimes we need to let them go and see the world!! Or at least we can drop them off at the bus stop right? It’s not always about your kids though…. Parents you need to be careful as well.

Tips for drivers:

  • When backing out of a driveway or leaving a garage, watch out for children walking or bicycling to school. Better yet, walk around your car or out to the sidewalk to check for any children walking in your path before you get in.
  • Drive slowly and watch for children walking in the street, especially if there are no sidewalks. Also be aware of children playing or waiting around bus stops.
  • Be alert and aware on the road. While children are typically taught about looking both ways, they could dart into the street without looking if they are late or distracted.
  • Learn the school bus laws in your state. Yellow flashing lights indicate that the bus is preparing to stop to pickup or drop off children. Drivers need to slow down and prepare to stop. Red flashing lights and an extended stop arm signal indicate that the bus is stopped, and that children are getting on or off. Cars must stop a safe distance away and not proceed until the red lights stop flashing, the stop sign folds back, and the bus continues on its way.


Tips for children:

  • Get to the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  • When the bus approaches, stand at least 6 feet away from the curb, and line up away from the street.
  • Wait until the bus stops, the door opens, and the driver says that it’s okay before stepping onto the bus.
  • If you have to cross the street in front of the bus, walk on the sidewalk or along the side of the road to a point at least 10 feet ahead of the bus before you cross. Be sure that the bus driver can see you, and you can see the bus driver.
  • Use the handrails to avoid falls. When exiting the bus, be careful that clothing or backpacks don’t get caught in the handrails or doors.
  • Never walk behind the bus.
  • If you drop something near the bus, tell the bus driver. Never try to pick it up because the driver may not be able to see you.

 Hope that these tips will keep you alert, aware and reasonably sane as you send your little humans back to school!






Have You Seen The Chevy Corvette Z06X And Camaro SSX Track Concepts Yet?

2011 Chevrolet Corvette Z06X Concept

These two cars that you are about to see are nothing short of amazing. The 2011 Chevrolet Corvette Z06X and the 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SSX were made for the enthusiast. I have found over the past few months that our blog and Facebook page have both turned into a haven for Camaro and Corvette enthusiasts world wide. Which, is why I was excited about sharing these two concepts with you should you not have seen them at the latest SEMA convention in Vegas. Unfortunately at this time it is clear that GM has no intentions what so ever to produce these cars even on a limited basis but instead to show you what you can come to expect with GM performance, parts and even accessories. You already knew that though didn’t you? You can always keep your fingers crossed that they will have such a huge out cry for these cars that they may make a few…. Well we can always dream can’t we?

Check out the video below which will give you a complete walk around of both vehicles giving you just enough taste to make you drool. If you want to see more than the video has to offer make sure you check out these links –  Z06X Track Car Concept and theCamaro SSX Track Car Concept.

Thanks to MotorAuthority for sharing this video and pictures.

Thanks to Brandi Hodge for contributing.