2014 Chevy Cruze Diesel Turbo

The 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Turbo with a diesel engine hits your favorite Texas Chevy dealer in the latter part of 2013. This car is already gaining quite a buzz as the most fuel efficient car on the market.

While the EPA touts the diesel engine on the Chevy Cruze Clean Turbo gets 46 miles to the gallon, approximately 710 miles distance on one tank, an energy engineer for General Motors states she traveled 900 miles on just one tank of diesel.

The EPA’s estimate involved driving the six-speed automatic transmission at the speed limit. The engineer, Tessa Baughman, drove five miles below the posted speed limit on her trip home to her family in Arkansas. On her return trip, she drove with the speed of the traffic and went approximately 800 miles on one tank.

Benefits to the 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Clean Turbo

The 2014 Chevy Cruze diesel is certainly impressive when it comes to fuel economy, but there are other stand-out features that make it the car to own. There is an auxiliary heater that helps warm up the car quickly on cold days. There’s a rear back-up camera for your safety too.

The engine is incredibly quiet, and that’s going to make it popular with many. The two-liter German diesel engine gets about 148 horsepower and 258 pounds per foot of torque. There is also an overboost feture that kicks the torque up to 280 pounds per foot when you need quicker acceleration.

The engine is designed to be environmentally friendly with about 90 percent less nitrogen oxide than other diesel engines. In addition, the Chevy Cruze’s baffles are made from recycled tires, so GM even put thought into recycling waste in this car’s design.

The car is aerodynamic with clean lines and 17-inch alloy wheels that make it feel sporty when you’re behind the wheel. It’s definitely a car that will develop a huge fan following!

Bottom Line

With an MSRP of $24,885, you don’t have to invest a lot to get a car that helps you trim your budget year after year. Save money on fuel and head to a Texas Chevy dealer to see when the dealership expects to have these cars available.

Chevy’s Advanced Airbag Technology

If you are visiting your favorite Dallas Chevy dealer sometime soon, keep in mind that this innovative company has done it again. Chevy has continued research toward technological advances that make it possible to have the best on a more affordable budget with better technology.
10 Airbags Take, for instance, the flexible venting driver side airbag co-developed by General Motors and safety restraint distributor Takata. The new airbag costs less than traditional airbags yet has the same protection power as a traditional airbag. It works with a special venting technology, which allows the airbag to deploy in a more efficient manner.
Receiving positive reviews and a 5 star overall rating, this new airbag technology was recently tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in Chevy’s 2013 Cruze. It is easy to see how the car would receive this review, considering the new airbags are included with the same safety equipment as past models. So far, it seems to work well and work safely.
Though the venting airbags work similarly to the traditional ones and provide just as much protection, they may be safer than the traditional ones. They are lighter, more compact, and flexible. Therefore, the risk of injury upon deployment is lesser.
Other airbags rely upon one inflator that deploys if there is a low speed crash, then there is another used in the event of a high speed crash. However, the venting airbag uses only one inflator that can provide the right amount of protection in either case. In addition, the force of the driver’s impact with the airbag is deflected as the air in the bag is able to be moved out and away from the driver.
The Chevy Cruze received the same 5 star overall rating the previous two years with the old two stage airbags as it has for the 2013 model. It is continuing that same standard of safety even as Chevy continues to innovate.
According to the GM general director of vehicle safety and crashworthiness, Gay Kent, the new technology has become an important part of Cruze’s consistent success in the safety testing. This particular airbag technology is an excellent way to manage the forces applied by a crash incident. And the safety ratings only mirror the confidence of the new safety technology being implemented as well as the old technology still in use.