Truck Month: 2014 Chevrolet Silverado

When you visit Classic Chevy, you’ll find that the Grapevine dealership has specials on several trucks including the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD. If you need a heavy duty work truck for the farm, for a construction business, or because you have an RV or other heavy trailer to tow, now is the time to test drive this or another Chevy truck.

The 2014 Silverado 3500HD’s powertrain features a 6.0-liter Vortec engine with variable valve timing that is FlexFuel capable. The engine is backed by a heavy duty six-speed automatic transmission. The engine puts out 322 horsepower at 4,400 rpm and 380 pound-feet of torque at 4,200rpm. It runs on regular unleaded or E85 fuel. The transmission is electronically controlled and features overdrive and a tow/haul mode. It also features cruise grade braking and powertrain grade braking.

Exterior features include a heavy duty suspension packages for handling/trailering, 35 mm monotube shocks and a 34 mm front stabilizer bar. The box is a Fleetside box. On four-wheel drive models, the transfer case is electronic shift with rotary dial controls.

Trailering equipment includes a heavy duty trailering hitch platform, seven-wire harness, 2.5-inch receiver with a 2-inch adapter, independent fused trailering circuits and a wiring harness for an aftermarket trailer brake controller.

Entertainment features include a Bose premium speaker system, sub-woofer in the center console, Bluetooth, SiriusXM satellite radio, AM/FM stereo, CD player and MP3 payback USB port, an auxiliary input jack, radio data system, TheftLock and 36 cross-band presets.

Interior features include a 10-way power driver and passenger seat, two-way power lumbar control, heated seats, a two-position memory for the driver’s seat, adjustable outboard head restraints, leather seats, floor console with storage, two auxiliary power outlets, cup holders, a leather-wrapped tilt steering wheel with transmission shift interlock and driver information center.

Additional features include remote keyless entry, remote vehicle starter system with two transmitters, a panic button and content theft alarm. The electronic cruise control features set and resume speed and is located on the steering wheel. The air conditioning features dual zone automatic climate control, giving individual climate settings for the driver and right front passenger.

Stop by Classic Chevrolet today to test drive this or another model truck. Our dealership has a truck for you regardless of your requirements.

Two Chevy Classics at Classic Chevrolet

Some vehicles you may find in your search for the perfect new car may be “copy cats” of the manufacturer’s older models. Some vehicles show up for a several years, and then are discontinued in favor of others. When you visit Classic Chevrolet, you will find two vehicles that were popular in the 1960s, that continued throughout the years, and may have been discontinued, but came back.

Chevrolet Camaro

The Camaro first went into production is 1967; and it was Chevrolet’s answer to Ford’s Mustang. The ’67 was based on the upcoming ’68 Nova. It gained popularity fast and the Camaro did well for Chevrolet. In 1971, federal mandates for emissions came into play, so compression ratios for the engines dropped, thus horsepower dropped.

The Camaro continued to sell numerous units each year, however, by 2001 the model’s days were numbered. The Camaro’s last year of production was 2002. Chevrolet brought the Camaro back with a retro model in 2010; and the Camaro was once again popular. Technology evolved so that engines would still meet emissions mandates even with tons of horsepower.

The 2014 Camaro features a 6.2-liter engine backed by a six-speed manual transmission. This combination puts out 426 horsepower at 5,900 rpm and 420 pound-feet of torque at 4,600 rpm. To help the power turn the rear wheels, the Camaro is equipped with a 3.45 axle ratio and limited slip differential.

Chevrolet Impala

The Impala’s first year was 1958 – and lasted for decades. Chevrolet did take a break from the Impala – sort of – in 1986. While the name disappeared, the vehicle didn’t really go far – just over to the Caprice. The 2014 Impala is Chevrolet’s nameplate’s tenth generation. Like the Camaro, many changes were forced by federal emissions laws. And like the Camaro, the Impala came back with a bang when it was reintroduced with more horsepower, thanks to technology.

The 2014 Impala 2LTZ features a 3.6-liter V-6 that puts out 305 horsepower at 6,800 rpm and 264 pound-feet of torque at 5,200 rpm. The engine is backed by a six-speed automatic transmission with electronic overdrive. This model is front wheel drive and features a 2.77 final drive ratio.

For more information including a full list of features, additional options, and to test drive the Camaro or Impala, stop by Classic Chevrolet today.

Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo!

Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

Photo by William Toti (Flickr Creative Commons)

The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo is back again! This year, it runs from Jan. 17, 2014 through Feb. 8, 2014 and is sponsored in part by North Texas Chevrolet dealerships like Classic Chevrolet.

Gates open every day a 8:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m. The rodeo ticket office is open at 9:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday from Jan. 2 through Jan. 16, 2014. On Sundays – Jan. 5 and 12 – it is open from noon until 5:00 p.m. From Sunday, Jan. 17, 2014 through Saturday, Feb. 8, 2014, the ticket office is open from 8:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m.

You’ll find tons to do at the show, and it will definitely take you more than one or two days to do everything, so plan to jump in your Classic Chevrolet and head out to the show for several days! Special events include the AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse Contest on Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014, starting at noon. Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th starting at 7:30 p.m. on both days, you can see the Best of the West Ranch Rodeo.

The Chris Cox Horsemanship Clinic and the Invitational Ranch Horse Show and Sale will both be held on Sunday, Jan. 19, 2014. The clinic starts at 10:30 a.m. and the horse show and sale starts at 1:00 p.m.

Make sure you find time to see the All-Western Parade downtown on Saturday, January 18th, then check out the Celebrity Goat Milking Contest and the Goat Creative Costume Contest later that evening. The parade starts at 11:00 a.m. and the contests start at 6:00 p.m.

On Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014, anyone wearing Dickies for “Dickies Day” gets free general admission to the stock show grounds, so be sure to find something with the Dickies tag on it.

For some really great excitement, be sure you are there for the Bulls Night Out Extreme Bull Riding show on Tuesday, January 21 at 7:30 p.m. or Wednesday, January 22 at 7:30 p.m. The Fort Worth Super Shootout Rodeo will be on Thursday, January 23. And if you’re really into rodeos, you can attend a free one-day rodeo camp for prospective bareback saddle bronc riders as long as you complete the pre-entry through PRCA. The school is limited to 50 participants. The public can watch the classes. The school takes place starting at 8:00 a.m. on January 26.

Be sure you stop by Classic Chevrolet for vehicle service or to test drive a new vehicle to take to the rodeo with you! And for more information about any vehicle or the rodeo, you can also stop by Classic Chevrolet.

Source: Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

Fort Worth Cowtown Marathon

The annual Fort Worth Cowtown Marathon is taking place Feb. 21 through 23, 2014. While the marathon is for running, you’ll still need a reliable vehicle to get you to the start of the marathon. Or, if you want to watch the marathon, you can do it along the route. Stop by Classic Chevy to test drive a new vehicle or to service your current Chevy before you head out to the marathon.

What is the Cowtown Marathon?

The Cowtown Marathon raised money for grants and running shoes for over 3,000 children in the Ft. Worth area. The grants are for over 3,300 children. The grants and shoes are to help the children enter the 2014 Cowtown event. Each runner’s participation helps to support the Cowtown Children’s Activities for Life and Fitness (C.A.L.F.) Program.

The Cowtown works with local community centers and schools to show children how important physical fitness is. It also teaches how to run properly, how to train and what proper nutrition is for children. The C.A.L.F. Program staff is made up of doctors, school coaches, community members and board members. The program’s goal is to keep children active throughout the year.

The event is the largest multi-event road race in Texas. This year, it will be held at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas. Last year’s marathon set a record for the most participants in a marathon – it had just under 27,000 runners.

The 2014 Chevrolet Suburban is the perfect vehicle to carpool to the marathon — and the perfect work/family truck.

The Cowtown was established in 1939. The races are presented by the University of North Texas Health Science Center, HCA North Texas, Chase, MillerCoors, NBC5, the Star Telegram, and Radio Shack. This is the third year that the Cook Children’s Health Care System is the title sponsor of the Kids 5K event, which is named “The Cowtown Cook Children’s 5K.”

Stop by Classic Chevrolet today to test drive a new Chevy, especially if you are looking for something to carpool to the marathon. If you are happy with your current Chevrolet, stop by the service department to schedule a maintenance appointment – keeping up with your vehicle’s maintenance is as important as keeping up with your own health maintenance.

Maintaining Your Chevy this Winter

Maintaining your Chevy from Classic Chevrolet is important at any time, but winter maintenance is more important. Most of the winter maintenance you need to worry about is for the cooling system and tires, though you should not let these things overshadow other maintenance.

Tires: Before the first snow, check the tires. You should have all-season tires or mud and snow tires for the winter. If you don’t, it’s probably a good idea to get some now. The tires should have excellent tread. If the tread is the same height as the wear bars, you might as well be driving with ice skates instead of tires. If the tread is worn, replace the tires as soon as possible. Worn tires are dangerous any time, but more so in the winter if there is snow on the ground.

Furthermore, check for uneven wear – this could be caused by an alignment problem or suspension problem. It could also be caused due to wrong air pressure in the tires. If only the center is worn, the air pressure is too high. Release some air until the pressure is as recommended by the information on the tire. If both sides of the tire are wearing evenly, but the center is not worn, the air pressure is too low.

Chevrolet Silverado – with proper winter maintenance your vehicle will last longer.

If only one side of a tire is wearing, the problem is most likely in the alignment. Have the wheels aligned, and then switch the worn tires to the non-drive wheels. If your vehicle is front wheel drive, move the problem tires to the rear. If the vehicle is rear wheel drive, move the tires to the front wheels. If the tire is worn too much on one side, you may have to replace it.

Cooling System: You’ll find several types of antifreeze on the market. Always use the type recommended by Chevrolet. If the antifreeze is long lasting, you should flush the cooling system every five years or as recommended by your maintenance schedule. If you put another type of antifreeze in your vehicle, it may need to be changed as early as every three years. Ask the service department to put the Chevrolet-recommended antifreeze in when it flushes the cooling system.

If you are unsure of any maintenance required to drive safely or protect your vehicle during the winter, make an appointment with the service department at Classic Chevrolet to have everything checked.

2015 Colorado has Everyone Talking!

To see what GM is bragging about, stop by Classic Chevrolet – you’ll notice trucks… lots of trucks of all sizes. From small to large, GM will have the only lineup of three different size trucks – a small truck, a midsize truck and a heavy duty truck. Chevrolet fans don’t have to go to another brand because they want two different types of trucks. In the spring, you will be able to choose a midsize truck – the 2015 Colorado.

The 2015 Chevrolet Colorado completes the trifecta. Ford and Ram do not offer a small truck and while Toyota and Nissan do, they don’t have a heavy duty truck. Yes, GM is the only auto manufacturer with a three-truck lineup.

Mark Reuss, the president of GM North America, stated that GM’s strategy is to “meet the needs of the broadest possible customer base.” He expects that the midsize Colorado will bring the midsize segment back into the front of peoples’ minds.

GM designed the Chevrolet Colorado to be the most versatile truck in its class. It has the strength and other attributes of the full size trucks, but it is in a smaller package. It can tow up to three tons yet it is two feet shorter and 5 inches narrower than larger models.

The midsize Colorado features a 2.5-liter engine that puts out 193 horsepower or a 3.6-liter V-6 that puts out 302 horsepower. Both engines are backed by a six-speed automatic transmission. Trim levels include the Work Truck, LT and Z71 trims and come in extended or crew cab configurations. Both the extended cab and crew cab are offered with rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.

For more information and a full list of the safety, convenience and entertainment features, stop by Classic Chevrolet. While you’re there, you can test drive one of the models on the lot. If you need the midsize truck, get the information about the truck, and stop by in the spring when the 2015 Colorado is released to test drive the new truck.

2014 Chevy SS

When you stop by Classic Chevrolet to test drive a new sedan, be sure to test drive the Chevrolet SS. When you approach the SS, you’ll notice its aggressive stance with its 19-inch wheels and rear spoiler. The high-density headlights and fog lamps add to the SS model’s stance. The mirrors are the color of the body and are heated and power adjustable. The driver’s side is auto dimming and has memory.

The entertainment system features an 8-inch diagonal color touch screen display, CD player, SiriusXM satellite radio, an AM/FM stereo, USB port, Chevrolet MyLink and Bluetooth, and nine Bose speakers. The system has hands-free smart phone integration.

When you open the door to slide into the front sport bucket seats, you’ll notice plenty of convenience features including adjustable head restraints in the front, front and rear center armrests, heated driver and passenger seat and an eight-way adjusting system for both front seats. Additionally, the driver’s seat has memory presets for the seat and the outside mirrors.

The leather sport steering wheel has redundant audio controls and cruise controls. The driver information system features personalization, warning message and information about the vehicle. The SS also features a head-up display with color digital readouts for audio system information, selected gear, vehicle speed, a compass, turn signals, outside air temperature, phone information and turn-by-turn information.

The SS also features keyless access and passive entry, remote vehicle start, dual zone automatic climate control, a rear window defogger and plenty of interior lighting. Additional conveniences include front and rear cup holders, two auxiliary power outlets, vanity mirrors, alloy pedals and a leather-wrapped shift lever.

2014 SS. Photo Credit: Classic Chevrolet

The power plant is a 6.2-liter V-8 engine backed by a six-speed automatic transmission. This combination puts out 415 horsepower at 5,900 rpm and 415 pound-feet of torque at 4,600 rpm. The SS gets 14 mpg* in the city and 21 mpg* on the highway.

Safety features include four-wheel antilock disc Brembo brakes, an electric parking brakes, StabiliTrak with traction control and brake assist, daytime running lamps and plenty of airbags. Additional safety features include OnStar, a rear vision camera and automatic parking assist. Technological safety equipment includes rear cross traffic alert, side blind zone alert, lane departure warning and forward collision alert.

Stop by Classic Chevrolet to test drive the SS and learn more about its convenience, entertainment and safety features.

DFW 4th of July


The 4th of July is largely held as the holiday for cookouts, gatherings and fireworks. This year in Fort Worth, their Independence Day event is bigger than ever. It also marks the 25th Anniversary of their sister city, Nagaoka, Japan. This special event is honored with fireworks of a magnitude the Japanese would be proud of! There are more activities than ever before with more food and drink options as well.

Gates open at 2pm on Thursday, July 4th with contests, concerts and activities happening every hour. There will be tubing, Jet Ski shows, miniature golf, pony rides, a water slide and even a treasure dig! The food vendors are to include Kona Ice, Jolly Trolly, Flying Fish, Ms. Piggy’s and lots more. Musical guests Petty Theft will be performing at 6pm. Fireworks start at 9:30 so be sure to bring your lawn chairs, sunscreen and blankets for a day full of family fun and entertainment!

The official Independence Day celebration of Dallas is the MetroPCS Fair Park Fourth. This huge event begins at 4pm on July 4th and runs until 11:30pm. It will feature a 16-minute fireworks display at 9:30pm at the Cotton Bowl (wristbands required), entertainment by the Dallas Wind Symphony and others as well as dozens of kid-friendly activities. Admission is free but if you want to park inside the gates of Fair Park, the fee is $15.

The Dallas Wind Symphony will also be performing their Star Spangled Spectacular at 1pm on July 4th before their appearance at the Fair Park Fourth. They will feature the great songs from composer John Phillip Sousa and even have a guest appearance from a look-a-like. Indoor fireworks and a salute to our armed forces finish off this performance. Tickets start from $18.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July from your DFW Chevy dealer!

Summer of Chevy

Did you know that heat is the #1 killer of automobiles? With summer approaching, ask yourself this question: is your car ready for the summer heat? As temperatures get hotter, aspects of your vehicle tend to break down. You will want to make sure your car can withstand any weather conditions. Keeping your Chevy up to date with routine maintenance is the key to beating the summer heat. But here are a few extra tips from your Texas Chevy dealer.

Tires are one of the most overlooked parts of a car. Only 1 out of 10 drivers actually check his or her tire pressure correctly. Under-inflated, or even over-inflated, worn down or misaligned tires can be extremely dangerous. Even more so in the hot summer months. Use the classic penny trick to see if you still have enough tread on your tires. Stick a penny into the tread grooves. If Lincoln’s head disappears, then you are good to go.

Keeping hydrated is extremely important during high temperatures. Why would your car be any different? The oil in your car is like its blood. It keeps all the hardworking engine parts running clean, smooth and cool. Most of us do a lot of heavy driving during the hot summer when an engine is more likely to overheat. So check your oil before you head out on the open road or taking any family trips.

Not only do we want our car to run well, you should also clean your car to get it ready for summer. Remove the mats. Shake out dirt, rocks and any other debris. Vacuum your car out including the mats. Using a gentle all-purpose cleaner and cotton rag, wipe down the inside of your car. Place a dashboard cover to help prevent warping, cracking, or fading from the harsh summer sun. Lastly, give your vehicle a good scrubbing. Do this preferably under the shade or closer to dusk to avoid the sun’s harmful rays.

Saving Gas in Your Chevy

We all look for ways to save money. How about saving that money through consereing gas? Great idea! Here are a few pointers from your DFW Chevy dealer. Instead of parking in direct sunlight park in the shade. Gasoline will actually evaporate right out of your tank and does so when you’re parked in direct sunlight. Parking in the shade also keeps your car’s internal temperature cooler causing you to need less AC to cool off.

Cruise control is good but avoid using it while driving on hilly highway roads. The cruise control’s job is to keep you at a constant speed. Which means it will not be able to anticipate an upcoming hill and has to accelerate harder to maintain its constant speed.

You don’t need to drive like Mario Andretti to get to your destination. Slow down and ease up on the pedal. It’s a well proven fact that driving fast will increase the drag and increase your fuel intake.

Don’t fill up at just anytime of the day. When refueling your Classic Chevrolet, fill up during the late night or early morning hours. You will actually be getting more gas in your tank by doing this. Service stations storage tanks are buried below ground and the colder the ground is, the denser your gasoline will be. When temperatures begin to rise, gasoline will expand. So what you think should be a gallon isn’t exactly a gallon.

Avoiding heavy breaking and accelerating will improve your vehicles fuel efficiency and save on gas. Avoid idling whenever possible and even shutting off the engine for prolonged waits.

Invest in a GPS for your vehicle if you don’t already have one. You can plan ahead to take the shortest routes on outings. Don’t just drive around aimless, lost for hours and burning through fuel. By having a GPS, you will be able to get to any destination in less amount of time.