Chevrolet Silverado: The 2013 Vs. 2014

Many of us are excited for the new 2014 Chevy Silverado. But why? Many Chevy dealers have started offering large discounts on 2013 models to make way for the newly redesigned 2014 models. Here is a short look into the differences between the 2013 and 2014 Silverado. We have formed it into an easy to read table. See for yourself before you make a choice.

  2013 Chevrolet Silverado 2014 Chevrolet Silverado
MPG 15/mpg City

21/mpg Highway

16/mpg City

23/mpg Highway

Safety 4-Star overall by NHTSA

“Acceptable” by IIHS

No ratings yet but have new features such as high-strength steel construction, Lane Departure Warning and Safety Alert Seat
Technology Regular AM/FM with CD or MP3 MyLink infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity
Tow Capacity With Max Trailering Package- 10,600 lbs With Max Trailering Package- 11,500 lbs
Price From $23,590 MSRP From $31,715 MSRP

Silverados have been, and always will be, reliable work trucks. They dominate J.D. Power and Associates dependability studies for full-sized trucks. One thing the newer model has is free scheduled maintenance for the first 2 years or 30,000 miles of ownership. Still, the deals on the older models are impressive.

But what kind of power is behind them? The 2014 certainly blow the previous year out of the water. Chevrolet has said that it will get 355 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and 383 lbs of torque at 4,100 rpm with the V-8 option. The 2013 gets slightly less with its V-8 engine at 302 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and 305 lbs of torque at 4,600 rpm.

Want to come take a look at the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado? Come on in to our Chevrolet Dealership in Grapevine. We would be happy to provide you with a no hassle experience.

The 2014 Chevy Silverado Is Stronger Than Ever

Classic Chevrolet is your go-to place for anything Chevy. They are the largest Chevy dealer in the Dallas area and rightly so with over 2,000 vehicles to choose from. With this many vehicles, it’s hard to decide what would be best for your work needs. Well, let us tell you about the newest Silverado.


The 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 has been redesigned to be stronger, smarter and more capable than ever. It will get an estimated 23 mpg for 2WD models and 22 mpg for 4WD models. The interior has been changed as well to be more centered toward the driver. Every Chevy Silverado model before now has only had the basics when it comes to technology. This is the first model to have the new MyLink infotainment system to keep your crew connected to the world. With MyLink, you can connect your smartphone or use the Bluetooth to make calls, change music and more.

Imagine your truck telling you when you start veering too close to the side of the road or if you’re coming up too close on another car. Well, with the Driver Alert Package it can. Alerts send a vibration to the driver’s seat and audible warnings can also be selected if desired. Talk about safety! The 1500 has also been re-engineered for higher trailing capacities as well. Available this fall, you can add the Max Trailing Package which will allow the Silverado a class-leading trailering capacity of up to 11,500 pounds. This newly designed truck has improved front and rear seating crafted for all-day comfort which is great for long drives.

From the inside to the exterior, the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado is more truck than you ever thought possible. Stop by your Texas Chevy dealer today to test-drive one for yourself.

News From Your Grapevine Chevrolet Dealer

Chevy has some interesting and exciting news recently. The most interesting of which is the possibility of augmented-reality windshields. Say what?! Whatever could that mean? Well, dear friends, let us elaborate.

Imagine this scenario: Say you are heading out to a get together and end up getting lost. Instead of hassling with your GPS or smartphone for directions, you could easily just speak the address and a prompt will display in your line of vision with directions. Or say you need a quick cup of coffee on the way to work. Just say the word and it will show you the surrounding cafés. It will also tell you when cars ahead of you are stopping or highlight situations that could be potentially hazardous. It is also said to point out pedestrians and signage or highlight the edges of roads in fog or night-time situations.

Sounds like something from a movie based in the future, doesn’t it? Well, with inventions on the horizon like Google Glass, it is quite possible for the near future. Some Chevy vehicles have already incorporated features of this technology into their designs. Many new Chevy’s are equipped standard with the Chevy MyLink infotainment system. Some, like the Sonic and Spark, support use of Siri Eyes Free. Now imagine these two programs combining and integrating into the windshield. Driving just got a lot more fun and interactive!

There have been some rumors that they may start integrating these AR windshields in 2016. There is no official release date for anything of the sort yet. But it is a fun notion that they are already thinking of this. It could mean a whole new outlook on driving and even safety. This could be the way of the future for many vehicles. Visit Classic Chevrolet, your Grapevine Chevy dealer, for more information about Chevy news and to take a look at all the great vehicles currently in stock including the 2014 Silverado!

Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day Sale

Most dealerships advertise low sales prices to lure you in and then slap you with marked up window stickers. They will tell you the extra price is due to dealer fees or taxes. This is not the case at Classic Chevrolet. The sales prices we advertise is the real deal when you walk onto our twenty-two acre lot. Right now we are having a Memorial Day Red Tag Sale. The price we post is the price you pay! There are several new and used vehicles to choose from including the all-new 2014 Silverado and 2014 Impala.

The Chevrolet Impala has been redesigned to attract more personal use buyers rather than for fleet vehicles. It has a more modern look and a more upscale interior. Just a few of the highlighting features in the new Impala are heated and cooling seats, heated steering wheel and what they have name an infotainment center. This is far from what the Impala used to be.

The new Chevrolet Silverado is remarkably smooth and quiet which are not qualities easily found in full sized trucks. It is also more light weight which is great news for towing or hauling. Here at Classic Chevrolet, we are excited to be selling these two new vehicles for your work needs or personal enjoyment. But don’t forget about all of our other great deals on new and used cars during our Memorial Day Red Tag event. Prices are reduced $800 to $5,000 off of MSRP! So come check us out. You will not regret you did!

2014 Silverado

2014 SilveradoChevy has kept a lot of us in the dark waiting for this truck. Your Grapevine Chevy Dealer unveils the 2014 Silverado truck this weekend at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. So what is all the hype about this Silverado? Well, this is the beginning of the next generation of trucks from Chevy. That in and of itself is exciting, but this truck is a blend of all that is good in Chevy cars and trucks. Here’s a little of what you can expect.

The outside:

The grill is huge, it is almost transformer huge, and frankly that rocks! It is an imposing truck that is easy to drive, comfortable to ride in and built Chevy tough. A key feature for the extended cab is an extended bed that stretch out to 6.5 feet. What you have here is a truck that blends past Silverado’s styling into a modern approach to aerodynamics and function. It is a bold approach to a practical idea that works as hard as you do. What’s all this mean? It means that, before 2014, the Silverado used raw engine power to push its way down the highway, but after 2014, the Silverado uses technology to part the air and glide through the elements. It means a quieter ride, better fuel efficiency, and a tough looking truck that wont bite the kids.

What’s Under the Hood:

The 2014 Silvarado sports the new family of EcoTec2 Engines, which offer customers a choice between the standard V6 and two V8’s. They feature Corvette Technology that includes full size truck engineering, direct fuel injection, continuously variable valve timing, along with other technically advanced performance that you wont find under the hoods of competitors.

Inside The Truck:

Expect comfort and practicality from this truck. It is designed to be safer and stronger, than past models. This truck brings back the idea of high grade steel to boost passenger safety. The cab sits atop Hydraulic body mounts which help to eliminate cab movement to bring a quiet and steady as you go feeling to riders.


Work hard, play harder, be safer! Expect top of the line safety features that are built into this truck. Features include Forward Collision Alert, Land departure warnings, and front and rear parking assistance. The truck also features improved StabiliTrak with Trailer Sway Control. Hill Start Assist is also a standard feature for 2014.

Overall, this is a truck. It uses technology to improve safety, ride, and performance without subtracting out all the cool truck features. The imposing design is a plus. It looks tough, plays rough, and still makes a decent impression wherever you go.