2014 Corvette

2014 CorvetteThe 2014 Chevrolet Corvette was officially unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in Motor City Detroit, MI.  Judging by how feature-packed the new Chevy hot rod is, you’re certainly going to want to have it on your wish list when it drops.

Known as the C7 (for seventh generation), the 2014 Corvette is a notable vehicle in a day and age where environmental concerns and fuel efficiency are somewhat giving a black eye to the development of sports cars (more on this later). It’s also a notable effort on Chevy’s part, being that it’s the first Corvette model released in a post-GM bankruptcy era and has design roots dating back to the automaker’s pre-bankruptcy days of 2006.

Here’s what you should know about the C7:

  • It’s “green”: We put green in parenthesis because it’s still a gas-guzzling sports car, powered by a V8 engine, to some extent. Even so, certain features make it more eco-friendly. For starters, it’s made with a lot of space-age metal, helping to reduce its curb weight to around 3,000 pounds – and thereby save on fuel mileage – compared to previous models. It also includes an active fuel management feature that essentially takes the V8 engine down to the power of a V4 engine, thereby saving even more fuel. Materials with a high weight-to-strength ratio? A greener engine? Yeah, the C7 was engineered with the environment in mind.
  • Same basic design: While much of the C7’s design is an update from its C6 predecessor, its roots still trace back to the very first model in the 60-year history of the Corvette vehicle. That’s honoring the past while designing and engineering for the future.
  • Price point: While the C7 will be expensive (it is a sports car after all), its MSRP isn’t going to exactly break the bank. Although the vehicle won’t go into production until the summer of 2013, so we don’t really know what the price will be until it hits the lot, it’s not expected to cost more than $55,000.

As we mentioned in the opening, the C7 is currently on display at the Auto Show in Detroit – but the vehicle will be coming to your DFW Chevy Dealer soon. A 2014 Corvette C7, how does that car sound for a nice New Year’s 2014 gift?