Stupid Thief Steals Camaro! A must read.

Some people are so stupid. I can not even imagine how this guy thought he wouldn’t get caught. Thanks to Matt Rigney over at Camaro Blog for breaking this story. How hysterical! I just feel bad for the Camaro!

A brazen thief made off with a brand new 2010 Camaro as a truck driver unloaded it from his transport vehicle. The transport driver was delivering new merchandise to a Chrysler Jeep Dealership in Tigard, Oregon and as a result had to unload the Camaro to get other vehicles off. When the transport driver left the new 2010 Camaro unattended for a minute the thief jumped in the drivers seat and took off. The transport driver chased after the Camaro on foot and eventually grabbed and held on to the drivers door as he sped away. The transport driver held on for about a quarter-mile at speeds of around 45 mph until he was tossed when the thief drove through some grassy areas.

What the car thief did not realize is the new 2010 Camaro was outfitted with OnStar so the police were contacted who than contacted OnStar to find the location of the vehicle. The police located the stolen Camaro and a pursuit ensued with the thief doing some fancy driving to avoid being captured but in the end one of the Camaros tires was spiked by police and as a result the Camaro crashed right after. The thief exited the Camaro only to be met by two police officers and they thought he might run so they tased him. The thief was arrested on multiple charges including auto theft and evading arrest. Sadly the new Camaro met a grim fate.

Thanks to Brandi Hodge for contributing.