Saving Gas in Your Chevy

We all look for ways to save money. How about saving that money through consereing gas? Great idea! Here are a few pointers from your DFW Chevy dealer. Instead of parking in direct sunlight park in the shade. Gasoline will actually evaporate right out of your tank and does so when you’re parked in direct sunlight. Parking in the shade also keeps your car’s internal temperature cooler causing you to need less AC to cool off.

Cruise control is good but avoid using it while driving on hilly highway roads. The cruise control’s job is to keep you at a constant speed. Which means it will not be able to anticipate an upcoming hill and has to accelerate harder to maintain its constant speed.

You don’t need to drive like Mario Andretti to get to your destination. Slow down and ease up on the pedal. It’s a well proven fact that driving fast will increase the drag and increase your fuel intake.

Don’t fill up at just anytime of the day. When refueling your Classic Chevrolet, fill up during the late night or early morning hours. You will actually be getting more gas in your tank by doing this. Service stations storage tanks are buried below ground and the colder the ground is, the denser your gasoline will be. When temperatures begin to rise, gasoline will expand. So what you think should be a gallon isn’t exactly a gallon.

Avoiding heavy breaking and accelerating will improve your vehicles fuel efficiency and save on gas. Avoid idling whenever possible and even shutting off the engine for prolonged waits.

Invest in a GPS for your vehicle if you don’t already have one. You can plan ahead to take the shortest routes on outings. Don’t just drive around aimless, lost for hours and burning through fuel. By having a GPS, you will be able to get to any destination in less amount of time.

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