Road Safety for Parents

Kids safe in car

Not only is it Spring Break right now for many North Texans, but summer isn’t too far off either. Since you’re probably planning some road trips in the near future, now’s the perfect time to brush up on car safety, especially if you have kids.

This comprehensive guide on road safety for parents, from SR22 Insurance, will help you make sure that you’re doing everything you can to keep your kids safe as you travel, whether it’s to drop them off at school or to strike out cross-country on an epic family road trip.

Visit Classic Chevrolet

When you’re traveling this spring break (or beyond), don’t forget to stop and see us at Classic Chevrolet. We’re your one-stop Texas auto dealership for sales, service, parts, and accessories. Part of safe driving is making certain that your vehicle is safe to operate. That boils down to having your car or truck serviced regularly, something that Classic Chevy can help you with.

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