Please Don’t Do This To Your Classic Chevrolet Corvette!

In this sad video you will find that apparently a Corvette owner somehow was having issues with his Corvette on what seems like a very beautiful Friday morning in Chicago. I don’t see rain, don’t see snow, don’t see a whole lot of traffic. Either way this Corvette owner had to have his Corvette towed……

Want to wince for a second? It always baffles my mind when Chevy Camaro and Chevy Corvette owners refuse to call a tow truck with a flat bed. Why on this green earth would you let your Camaro or Corvette be towed this way? Check out the video friends and once you are done crying remember some people do stupid stuff to teach us what not to do!

Here’s what the recorder of the video had to say:

I heard the screeching tires and the impact from my office, and grabbed the camcorder.

Day-amn! This graduate of the Lance Briggs School of Hi-Performance Driving had hit the retaining wall so hard, it sheared the spokes right off the rim of one of the wheels. Steel and rubber doughnut, anyone?

Clear, dry road, gentle curve, wide, well-marked lanes, beautiful, mild 50-degree Friday morning — how do they continue to do it? Oh, well, as long as they do, you’ll see it here first.

I’ll let you be surprised with — the REST — of the story. Watch, enjoy, and if you’re feeling a little schadenfreude for a Vette owner with too much money and too little common sense, you’re human

Thanks to AutoBlog and Brandi Hodge for contribution.

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