May Specials

As a leading Chevy dealer, we’re committed to keeping all of our clients happy, from sales to service and beyond. This month, we’re taking the pain out of your collision repair with a quartet of specials designed just for our collision repair clients:

Paintless Dent Repair· The deal: When you have $500 or more of collision repairs performed in our state-of-the-art body shop, we’ll give you $100 of paintless dent repair for your door dings for free. Everybody’s been the victim of parking lot perils: careless drivers who throw their doors open without looking first and runaway shopping carts that are drawn to your car like a magnet. This monthly body shop special will take away those little door dings that are making your car look older and more beat up than it really is. Think of it as a Botox treatment for your car.

· The deal: Another bonus for customers with $500 or more in collision repairs – we’ll give you a free interior detail to make the inside of your car look as good as the outside. Fast food residue, sneaker scuff marks, rubbed-in mud, dead bug bodies and a whole lot of dust and dirt. The inside of every car is subject to a lot of occupant abuse, and over time, it can take its toll on the way your interior looks and feels. While your car is in for body shop repair, let us treat you to a free interior detail to get rid of all that grime.

· The deal: They say beauty is only skin deep, so when you have $500 or more in collision repairs this month, let us treat what’s under the hood, too, with this free lube, oil and filter special. Especially with the hot summer season rapidly closing in, having your fluids changed is critical to keeping your car running well. With this lube, oil and filter freebie special, your car will get a lube treatment, a brand new oil filter and up to six quarts of oil, and we’ll even check the fluids and top them off.

Enterprise· The deal: Get a free $75 upgrade on your Enterprise rental when your car gets $500 or more in collision repairs at our body shop. You take pride in what you drive, so why not take pride in your rental? With a free upgrade of up to $75, you can drive in style even while your car is in the shop. Just present the coupon to the service advisor and we’ll do the rest.

We value every one of our customers and offering the highest level of service is just one way we let you relax and enjoy the difference. Visit our site often to keep an eye on our monthly specials and find out what else is happening at your DFW Chevy Dealer and in the community.

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