Learning More About OnStar

Some of us would sooner break a window than admit to the people at OnStar that we locked ourselves out of our cars, but for those of us who can handle the minor embarrassment, OnStar can be a real lifesaver out on the road.

Many of us who drive Chevy do so because it’s really an adventurer’s car. When you roll off the lot of a DFW Chevy dealer, you’re looking forward to seeing the odometer roll over another zero, you’re looking forward to all of the strange trips you’re going to get into over the course of your vehicle’s life, and OnStar can be an adventurer’s best friend.

When we see the television commercials, what we’re seeing is that OnStar is there to help when you lock your keys in your car or if it gets stolen, but it’s useful in a lot more instances than those. Here are a few scenarios where OnStar might prove more useful than you probably think:

Getting Lost

You may have a GPS in your car, but there’s something about having OnStar there to help just in case your GPS goes out or you simply can’t make heads or tails of the directions that it’s giving you. Calling an OnStar operator to get you back down that creek to find your paddles can be a real comfort the intrepid explorer.

What’s That Thumping Noise?

A number of vehicle diagnostics can be made with OnStar. If you’re wondering what that thumping or clanging noise is, if you’re wondering why the engine light is on, OnStar may be able to help you figure it out without the need for an expensive consultation from a mechanic in the middle of nowhere.

Insurance Payments

In some cases, having OnStar can help to reduce your insurance payments by landing you a nice little discount. Depending on your monthly payments, the discount may even offset the cost of the service itself. Talk to your agency and see if they offer any such deals.

Having OnStar is about more than just having a backup plan in the case of an emergency. OnStar has plenty of uses beyond theft and the age old problem of leaving the keys in the ignition.

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