Keeping Paint Looking New

We all strive to look and feel the best. What we drive can usually tell others a lot about who we are as people. So keeping our vehicles clean inside and out is important, especially for those first impressions. A majority of the public will only see our cars from the outside. So make sure the paint stays presentable! Here are some tips and tricks from your DFW Chevy dealer.

Clean ChevyWash your car every two weeks. If you live near the ocean or somewhere there is a lot of pollution or roadwork, you might want to wash it more often. Chemicals from the air can wear at your paint job and dull it faster. When deciding how to wash your car, always use a touchless carwash. This will prevent any unnecessary dings or scratches that machines are undoubtedly known to cause. If you do wash your car yourself, make sure you rinse your car thoroughly before touching any part of it. Wash with a soft and clean washing mitt. Dirty mitts can scratch the finish of your Chevy. Never let your car sun dry or during mid-day. This can leave spots on the car. Instead, use micro fiber drying cloths and a squeegee. Micro fiber cloths absorb the most water and leave no streaks, reducing the fine scratches that other drying cloths can leave.

It is recommended to wax your car at least three times a year. Using a carnauba-based wet wax is best for a fresh, wet shine to your car. It has an easy on and off application and also protects from UV rays. Wax but never polish. If you do decide to polish your car, use the least abrasive polish you can find. Also, for those unfortunate and inevitable times when we get chips or dings, use a paper clip to touch up the paint job instead of a paint brush. Simply dip the end into your paint and apply right to the scratched surface. Only touch up scratches that are longer than 1/16th inch. Smaller scratches will not look as good after being touched up.

Remember to never wash your car in the sun. The car should be cool to the touch. Use these few words of advice and keep your car’s paint job looking new. Go and show the world how amazing you look in your Chevy!

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