If Your Chevy Pulls Right or Left, Your Wheel Alignment May Be Off

Chevrolet Dealerships Ft WorthHave you ever been driving down the highway or side street and noticed that your car is pulling toward the left or right? If this hasn’t happened to you, be thankful. It’s pretty unsettling to take your hands off the wheel for a second and then realize your halfway into the next lane. Granted, you should never take your hands off the wheel, but let’s face it; it does happen occasionally, and normally your vehicle should continue in a straight path. Unless you’re driving through a storm with high winds or you’re driving out west to see a Red Raider football game, the wheel alignment in your Chevrolet truck or car is probably off.

So how exactly does this happen? The answer is simple: cars become unaligned when the suspension gets knocked from its correct location. The majority of the time this is due to running into or over a curb. It can also be caused by suspension wear due to age, potholes or any other suspension jarring. The common signs that your alignment is off include your car pulling or drifting away, rapid or uneven tire wear and the spokes of your steering wheel being to the right or left. If you’re driving down a straight and level road and your aren’t in high winds, the Chevrolet bow tie logo in the middle of your steering wheel should be straight. If you’re having to hold the steering wheel to the right or left, your alignment is probably off.  Check out this video showing other signs of a need wheel alignment.

So Dallas Fort Worth Chevy drivers, are you experiencing any of these things? If so, you should probably bring your car in to have the alignments adjusted so that the wheels are positioned correctly relative to the vehicle’s frame. Even if  you’re not sure, better safe than sorry. The experts over at Classic Chevrolet Texas want to ensure that you have proper wheel alignment so you get the most tread wear and performance from your tires. You can even schedule an appointment online. Wheel adjustments will help maximize the life of your tires and stop your car from making an unwanted lane change on those DFW highways.

Thanks to Cassidy Schafer for contributing.

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