How To Remove Jeep Soft Top Completely & How To Install The Jeep Soft Top


“How to remove jeep soft top completely”, this question must come once in your mind if Jeep is your regular transportation mode. One thing the Jeep community prides itself on is the fact that they are unique.

Need to conscious about smooth driving when it comes down to the sunny weather, people make use of this time to go down to the beach, prepare barbeque, and even start bonfires at night.

While all these are not bad in themselves, enthusiasts of jeeps and fans alike always have a different thing planned out. They will rather prefer to cruise on twisty back roads topless with friends and other enthusiasts of jeeps that act like them.

To further explain this point, try imagining dropping off the soft top of your Jeep and driving crazily on back roads with the music blasting fully as the sun shines amazingly down on you plus the wind blowing in full force through your hair.

Also, you may want the wind in your face and sun on your head when summer starts, and this will mean taking off the soft top again.

Nonetheless, it does not matter what your reason might be; you can always take off the soft top without much struggle.

How To Remove Jeep Soft Top Completely: Simple Steps To Taking Off The Soft Top

People have different steps they take in removing the soft top from their jeeps. One such step involves:


Remove the sun visors just so that you can get your hand directly on the header latches. You will have to release these but do not unhook them from the loops that are on the windshield.


Next, you will have to pull the first three inches of the sail panels from the body channel through opening the swing gate up. This should be done on the two sides.

If it ends up being a struggle, then you can pull down on the three bows just to loosen them.


After that, you will need to remove the rear window that is on the swing gate bar brackets; then you will unzip the window gently. This unzipping will start on the passenger side.


Next is to remove the swing gate bar and the complete window by simply rotating and pulling out from the swing gate bar brackets. This should be kept in a place that will not get stained or damaged.


After that, you will have to take off the side panel windows simply by letting free the Velcro flaps on the rear and top. You will unzip the window and release the door rail retainers as well as the body size.

This should be done on the other side too.


Next is to untuck the rear sail panel retainers that are on the bottom from the soft top and then fold the sail panels on top of your Jeep.

Pull off the drip rail retainers away from the frame of the door and slide the sleeves back again over the links.


The last step involves unfastening the side bows from the rails that are on the door by simply pushing down hard on the latch pedal that is located at the back.

Grab the side box that is behind the header and then pulls the top back again towards the rear of the car.

If there is someone there with you, they can come in handy to help you in pulling this back. Next is to Lowe the top and then gather the material in folds that are near.

You can store the soft top inside the Jeep or in any other safe place. It is finally finished when you close the swing gate.

Removing The Jeep Soft Top: Jeep Wrangler

Alternative Process of Removing Jeep Soft Top: Simplest Way

However, if the step above is too complex for you, you can make use of this easy step. The step entails:


The first step you will take is to unzip and remove all of the windows.


Next is to store the windows safely away from the reach of kids or pets if you have any and from areas that activities are always carried out in. Then, insert padding between each of the windows to prevent any form of scratches.


The next step is to undo every one of the clips and lower the soft top.


The next thing you will have to do is to fold the soft top material very nearly and bundle it together by using bungee cords.


You will have to loosen the Torx bolts so that the roll cage can be removed from the tubular frame that is positioned at the top.


Finally, you can now loosen the soft top and take it off the Jeep.

Have it in mind that this whole process is a job for one person.

Putting On The Jeep Soft Top: Jeep Wrangler

How To Install The Jeep Soft Top: Complete Procedures

For the sake of those who may want the necessary steps to install the soft top on their Jeep, they can follow this step:


Firstly, begin with the metal frame. Steadily align it and lock the clips in place at the front of the Jeep and on the rear runner as well


Take the soft top material and place it carefully on the metal frame and make sure that every single thing aligns


If everything should align, swiftly secure the bottom rear part in place by simply inserting the plastic runners into their dedicated sockets


The next thing to do is to fasten both the rear part of the soft top and the upper middle part of the material to the frame of the car.


Fix the windows once again through fastening its retainers with zippers. Two retainers and two zippers should be fastened on each side.


For the rear window, it will need about three zippers to hold its huge retainer bar. You can secure the windows in place by carefully inserting pins into its grommets.

Finally, you can enjoy your new soft top


These are the steps of “how to remove jeep soft top completely” that you will need to take when you feel like taking off your soft top. Also, if you need to install the soft top once again, the steps to follow have been highlighted as well.

Have it in mind that jeep soft tops are wonderful as well as great, but they do not always lend themselves to harsh weather conditions. During the winter, most Jeep enthusiasts have no choice but to take off their soft tops and replace them with hardtops.

This is because the built-up ice or snow positioned on a soft top will quickly cause damage that may likely be beyond repair.

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