How to Have the Best #Staycation


Sometimes, whether for financial reasons or because you just don’t have a block of vacation time big enough to take the trip you want, you may decide to take a #staycation. Generally, you’ll stay at home or in your city. #Staycations can be just as fun as going on a vacation if you plan it right, especially if you have a new vehicle from Classic Chevrolet.

Make a Budget

Before you take a staycation, write out a budget. Start with the amount you have available to spend. Choose what you want to do, whether it’s hosting a large barbecue, visiting a local theme park or going camping near the DFW area. Determine the cost of doing everything you want to do. Don’t forget to figure in gas, meals and a little extra for spending. This way, you can plan on doing more than one thing if you want.

If you just have $1,000 and your family of five wants to go to a theme park, that might be all you can do on your staycation. However, if you prefer to do something different everyday, you might skip the theme park and choose something that is less expensive so that you can do several things.

Plan Meals

A vacation isn’t a vacation unless you go out to eat at least once, even if you are in an RV and plan on cooking all of your meals. Thus, you should plan to eat out at least once on your staycation. Pick your favorite restaurant – one that you don’t often get to visit – and be sure to fit that into your budget. Otherwise, you might plan to eat out more, but at restaurants that are less expensive.

Pick an Event for Everyone

If you have a larger family and are planning on doing several things during your staycation let each family member pick an event. This way, kids feel like they helped plan the “vacation” and won’t be so upset about “staying home.” Activities and events may include rafting, hiking, visiting a favorite museum, going to a concert by a local artist, visiting a restaurant you wouldn’t normally visit and more.

Stop by Classic Chevrolet

Be sure to have your vehicle serviced at Classic Chevy before your staycation so you won’t have to worry about using your time for maintenance. If you are in the market for a new vehicle, test drive your favorite Chevrolet model before you take a staycation.

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