How to Handle Yourself When Getting Pulled Over

New Chevrolet DFWThere’s nothing worse than the feeling you get when you’re being pulled over.  Whether or not you’ve broken a traffic law or may have a headlight out you’re unaware of, it can be stressful seeing those red and blues flashing behind you. If you know how to handle the situation, it’ll be easier for you to remain calm and possibly up your chances of receiving a ticket.

First and foremost when you see the police’s lights behind you, signal and pull over to the side of the road. Make sure you pull as far over to the right as possible without putting your entire vehicle in the grass. Be sure you don’t do this too quickly though, you don’t want the officer to have to slam on his brakes.

Once you’ve pulled over, go ahead and turn off the car. Roll your window down and place your hands on the wheel. If it’s night time, turn on one of the interior lights. A lot of times people will have their license and registration ready for the officer by the time he gets there. However, I would recommend waiting until he asks you for it. That way, it doesn’t look like you are rummaging about in the vehicle.

When the officer comes to your window, don’t speak first. I’m sure you’ve all seen people in movies saw “What seems to be the problem, officer?” This can come off sarcastic or cocky regardless of how you meant it. Answer all of the officer’s questions with “yes, sir” or “yes, mam”. This is common courtesy in any situation.

I’ve heard that one of the first things officers learn is to make up their minds on whether or not to give a ticket before leaving their vehicle. However, you have nothing to lose by being extremely polite and cooperative. You never know, you may be let off with a warning for your little four mph over offense in your new Chevy.

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  • Ric Clark

    After being a police officer for 34 years I can say this;
    1. If you smart off, you WILL receive at least one citation. If someone in your vehicle smarts off and you do not immediatley correct them, expect a citation.
    2. If you argue, get loud, cuss, call the officer names, you will receive a citation,
    3. If it is an equipment violation (burnt out headlight, tail light, etc), get it fixed, take the receipt down to the court and the judge will most likely dismiss the citation.
    4. If you do not have your drivers license or proof of insurance with you, you will probably receive a citation. Just take them down to the judge and again they will mostly likely be dismissed.
    5. DO NOT jump out of your vehicle once you get pulled over.
    6. DO NOT have your friends get out of the vehicle during the encounter, because once the officer is outnumbered, bad things occur, quickly.

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