Get A New GM Car or Truck? They Can Email You Now If Your Car Is Sick!

Cars and trucks have had diagnostic systems for years something that had greatly benefited us for a long time. Now this concept has gotten even better. There’s a way for your car or truck to send you an email every month and let you know if your new car or truck is having any issues or needs any attention. This is pretty much the idea behind General Motors’ OnStar diagnostic system. In January Onstar sent an email to 1.8 millions Chevy owners and here’s what they learned about their cars: 11% were told they are overdue for an oil change, 38% got the news that they have a least one tire with low pressure, and 1% had some sort of mechanical problem, most of those were just annoying issues like the gas cap wasn’t on tight enough.

When you get your new GM car or truck you can sign up to get a monthly e-mail which then will let you know what’s wrong with your new car or truck. That’s pretty great in my opinion.

“At Chevrolet, we have significantly reduced customer warranty claims over the past few years, as we continually strive to make the most dependable cars and trucks on the road. A key part of that success is OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics, which helps Chevrolet and our customers keep vehicles in top running condition,” says Chevrolet General Manager Jim Campbell.

It’s just another reason why you want and need OnStar in your new car or truck.

Thanks to Brandi Hodge for contributing.

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