First Look at the Chevrolet Cruze Hatchback


While sedans have historically been most popular in America, the market has been changing gradually. About 350,000 hatchbacks are being registered every year now and Chevrolet is looking to give consumers an optional hatchback variant with the Cruze this year.

While the Cruze was introduced with both hatchback and wagon variants, they’ve only been available overseas until now.

Obviously the hatchback is very similar to the sedan. The real difference, of course, is the extra cargo space that the hatchback offers. With 22.7 cubic feet of cargo room, you’ll be getting about 7 extra cubic feet over the sedan’s trunk. If cargo space is a big factor for you, you’ll definitely want to go with the hatchback. By folding down the back seats, you can up that cargo room to 47.2 cubic feet.

The 2017 Cruze hatchback skips the L and LS trims levels available for the sedan, going straight to the LT and Premier. As a result, the hatchback comes packed with more features and comforts, but also starts out a bit higher than the sedan. The LT starts out at $22,115, which, though higher than some competitor hatchbacks, is more than worth the price for the extra equipment you’ll enjoy.

Visit Classic Chevrolet

Come by Classic Chevrolet to see the new 2017 Cruze Hatchback when it’s available. You can compare it to the sedan and decide which would work best for you.

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