Facebook While Driving…. Can It Be Safe? Is It Possible?

I think we all know how much I love Facebook, Twitter and the like. Let’s think about this though… Do I Facebook while driving? No! Well maybe if I am in dead stop traffic not moving. Under normal circumstances I am paying attention to the road. I came across an article today from AutoBlog that was very interesting. GM has decided to combat Ford’s popular Sync System with a system of their own. I never thought about voice texting or updating your Facebook status while driving but this could be very interesting. The question is…. Could it be safe? What are your thoughts on this. Would updating your Facebook “safely” while driving be something that you would like to do?

Here’s the story:

General Motors is ready to bring the fight to Ford’s Sync system with a reworked version of OnStar, but the salient details won’t be revealed for another seven days. However, we’ve gotten word from the General that it’s testing two new features: Audio Facebook updates and voice texting.

On the Facebook front, GM is the experimental phase of integrating OnStar with the 800-pound social media guerilla, allowing users to verbally update their Facebook status via audio recordings, with the possibility of utilizing the OnStar Virtual Advisor feature to read off Facebook status updates and news feeds.

Voice texting works in a similar manner, pairing the driver’s Bluetooth mobile phone to OnStar and allowing the system to read received SMS messages and reply using a voice command to select four pre-set messages. That’s not true voice-to-text functionality, but it’s similar to what’s being offered by other automakers.

Well, what do you think? Something you might like?

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