Do You Have The OnStar MyLink Mobile App Yet?

If you have a 2011 Chevrolet vehicle there is a strong chance that you can download the new OnStar MyLink app for your iPhone or Android. It’s not currently available on all 2011 vehicles but it should be very very soon. Don’t fret if your vehicle is 2010 or older OnStar is working on an app for you as well. What does this new app do? Let me just tell you!

1. You can check and see how much fuel you have left in your car.

2. You can remotely lock and unlock your doors from your phone.

3. You can set off your alarm, lights and horn remotely from your phone.

4. Check the pressure in your tires.

5. Get your vin number in an instant should you need it for anything.

6. Call for roadside assistance.

7. Call an OnStar advisor.

8. Find information regarding your preferred Chevy dealer should you need to make a service appt.

9. Check your remaining oil life.

and much much more…. Pretty Awesome!

The OnStar MyLink mobile app is ready to download for most 2011 GM vehicles. Currently, the OnStar MyLink is available for both Android™1and iPhone®2 mobile devices.

OnStar MyLink provides real-time connection to your vehicle so you can see important information such as your fuel level, oil life and tire pressure, plus it provides you with the ability to trigger remote commands including remote start and door unlock.

For more information and to download the OnStar MyLink mobile app, check out

This video gives you a funny, quick break down on how the app will work.

Have you had an opportunity to use this app yet? If so how did you like it?

Thanks to Brandi Hodge for contributing.

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