Do NOT wash your new Chevy like this!

Lord knows we can’t all be perfect. People make mistakes all the time. Have you ever done something so ridiculous to your car without even realizing at the time that you were doing it? I’ve seen people’s belongings fly off the back of their trucks on the freeway. I’ve seen people drive off from gas stations with the gas pump still in the car…. People crack me up. This one has to be one of the funniest. I’m pretty sure for those of you our there driving a new or used Chevy that you’d be smart enough to close the trunk when you’re getting your car washed…. Right? Check out the video below.

Automated car washes are designed to turn an easy task into a simple one. Insert coins, wait for the machine to do its thing and then drive away in your clean car. Sounds easy, right? What if you’re the nervous type that just has to fidget, and you also happen to own a┬áMercedes-Benz?

The Benz has lots of buttons, any one of which is capable of grabbing your nervous attention and asking to be pushed. But if you’re going to accidentally hit any button while in the car wash, make sure it isn’t the trunk. (Okay, sunroof would be pretty bad, too.) [Source: AutoBlog]

If you were parked behind this guy watching this unfold would you let the driver know? Honk at him or something?

Thanks to Brandi Hodge for contributing.

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