Classic Chevrolet

The Classic Family of Dealerships Making a Real Difference for the Deserving Winner of a New Car

For the second year in a row, The Classic Family of Dealerships Car Giveaway Sweepstakes has accomplished more than just giving away a car. It’s made an extraordinary difference in someone’s life. The Classic Family of Dealerships are all family-owned by Tom Durant and include Classic Chevrolet and Classic Hummer in Grapevine, Classic Chevrolet Buick Pontiac GMC in Granbury, Classic Lincoln Mercury Mazda in Denton, and Classic Buick Pontiac GMC in Arlington and now Classic Buick Pontiac GMC in Carrollton. Beginning in April of 2008, the Classic Family launched their second car giveaway Sweepstakes inviting consumers to register on line at to win their choice of a new vehicle – a 2008 Chevy Colorado, Chevy Cobalt, Mazda 3 or Pontiac G5.


On July 3rd, when Classic contacted 24-year-old James Sanders to inform him that he was the winner of the Sweepstakes, he was somewhat apprehensive at first. After all, it had been months since his wife had entered his name in the contest, “and you always kind of think those things are a sham”, said James. But once he realized that the contest was, in fact, quite legitimate, James was more than just pleased, he was genuinely elated. “It’s a blessing, a Godsend,” said James a veteran U.S. Army Patriot Missile Operator formerly with the 108th Brigade in the 18th Airborne Corps. James was stationed at Fort Bliss, and has served overseas in the Middle East. But after sustaining a serious back injury, he returned home to Texas. “This couldn’t have come at a better time. My wife and I share a car and if I don’t get a second means of transportation, I might lose my job.” James works as an apprentice electrician and is training to be a journeyman. For now, his wife Chandra has dropped him off at work before she takes their seven year old Nissan Xterra to her job at Vista Ridge Mall. But for James to get the job he’s trained for, he needs his own vehicle to drive to the job sites. The Classic Sweepstakes gave the winner the flexibility to choose amongst four different vehicles, and the Sanders chose the Pontiac G5. “I’ll need to be at job sites all over town,” said James, “and the Pontiac gets great gas mileage, so it will be perfect.”

Classic Buick Pontiac GMC in Arlington will provide the vehicle, which was originally intended to be a base model manual transmission 2008 Pontiac G5. But after learning about the Sander’s story, Darren Lancaster, the managing partner of the dealership, decided to give them a better-equipped automatic model instead. And the story doesn’t end there. By the rules of the contest, the Sweepstakes winner is responsible to pay for the tax, title and license fees, which came to a little over a thousand dollars. Darren personally offered to pay for that as well. “He’s served our country, and it’s the right thing to do,” said Darren. And when James was informed that, in fact, he would owe absolutely nothing out of pocket, he was at a loss for words, saying only “you gotta be kidding me.”

“So many people think there are strings attached on a contest like this,” explained Darren Lancaster. “I guess that’s true in some cases, but that’s not how we do things. This contest was completely legitimate, and all of the Classic stores agreed to share the cost of the vehicle.”

The Classic Family of Dealerships can all be found at

James and his wife took delivery of their new car at 11:30am on Tuesday, July 15th at Classic Buick Pontiac GMC in Arlington, on I-20 at Collins.

The Classic Family of Dealerships Grand Prize Winner Takes Home New Chevy Cobalt for Granddaughter

Pictured from left to right, Charles Martin, General Sales Manager for Classic Chevrolet, Courtney Anders, and grandparents and benefactors, Glenda and Hershel Tidwell

It had been several months since Glenda Tidwell registered in an on-line contest at for the Classic Family of Dealership Sweepstakes. In the course of the last six months, the Classic Family of Dealerships has given away 5 resort vacations, ranging from Cancun,Mexico to a 5 day cruise. In the meantime, Glenda had completely forgotten about her registration and was simply going about her daily business when she received the call that she had won the Grand Prize. It was Glenda’s lucky day, as she now found herself the winner of her choice of a new Chevy Cobalt, Mazda 3, Pontiac G5 or Chevy Colorado.

The Chevy Cobalt was Glenda’s first choice, but it wasn’t for her. Glenda and her husband Hershel are raising their soon to be 18 year old grand daughter, Courtney; and the car was meant for her. In March, Courtney will turn 18, and this is a birthday present no one expected to be able to give her. “A lot of my friends have cars,” said Courtney, “but most of them don’t have a brand new car!”

The grandparents and Courtney live in Carrollton. A senior, Courtney attends RL Turner High School and has her drivers’ permit, already. And as far as winning a Chevrolet goes, “there have been a lot of Chevrolets in the family, said Glenda. “My brother in law is a Chevy parts manager, so we have Chevy’s in our blood.”  And now they have a brand new Cobalt in the driveway.  Glenda was apprehensive at first when she was notified that she was the winner, “but I knew about Classic Chevrolet’s reputation for honesty and I know that they are the best place around to buy a car, so I believed them when they called me and said I had won a new car.”

Classic Chevrolet, the #1 Volume Chevy dealer in the country, was thrilled to be able to award Glenda and her grand daughter the Grand Prize, handing her the keys to a brand new Chevy Cobalt.  “They are a very deserving family,” said Charles Martin, Sales Manager for Classic Chevrolet. “We’ve given away cars before, but I’ve never seen someone so excited as Courtney. She’s literally jumping up and down.”