Classic Chevrolet Supports The Boot Campaign and Marcus Luttrell!

Classic Chevrolet is at it again and this time we have a fundraiser that is near and dear to our hearts. Here at Classic Chevrolet we have employees who are veterans, and their family members and friends are currently serving or have served in our military. Everyone is connected to a soldier by some degree of separation. Whether it be your neighbor, your teacher’s dad, your Father, your grandmother or maybe even your dentist served in our military.

Do you know how many troops come home every day, month, and year with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), injuries, loss of limbs and more? There are so many lives that are affected by war and that’s why Classic Chevrolet wanted to lend a helping hand. Have you ever thought that you might be able to help someone just by buying a pair of boots? How many pairs of shoes do you own that have directly helped someone in need? Have you ever heard of the Boot Campaign? What about Marcus Luttrell? Check out this amazing story and how Classic Chevrolet is ready to get involved to help our troops returning home from war!


The Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell with HIS BOOTS ON!

The Boot Campaign is a grassroots initiative started by 5 women from Texas known as the Boot Girls. They provide an easy and tangible way for Americans to show support of our troops (both past and present) that’s practical and directly benefits our military. Proceeds from boot sales are donated to partner charities, who assist returning veterans dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and varying degrees of physical injuries As Boot Girl Ginger so aptly said:

“…we’re not setting out to conquer the world. We just all feel the same conviction – to find a way to honor and say thank you to our military men and women for their service and sacrifice. We realize that we will never REALLY know what it’s like to be in THEIR shoes, and we will never claim to get it.”

That’s why the Boot Campaign motto is: When They Come Back, We Give Back!

What better way to say thank you to our troops than sporting a pair of boots just like theirs! So join in the growing chorus of radio, television, music and sports celebrities and get YOUR boots ON!

Former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Troy Aikman with HIS BOOTS ON!

Classic Chevrolet is teaming up with the Boot Campaign to directly help the Lone Survivor Foundation by running a fundraiser on our Facebook page. The Lone Survivor Foundation was established in February 2010 by Navy SEAL (Ret) MarcusLuttrell, author of the NY TImes best-selling book, Lone Survivor. The vision of the Lone Survivor Foundation is to provide exceptional therapeutic, outdoor, and unique opportunities that optimize recovery and healing of affected American wounded service members and their families.

Here’s what Classic Chevrolet is going to do to help. For every new fan that we gain to our Facebook Page from 7/5-7/29, 2011 we are going to donate $1 to the Boot Campaign which will benefit The Lone Survivor Foundation. We’re calling it our Buck A Boot Campaign! We will also be giving away a pair of Boot Campaign Altama Combat Boots which are the exact combat boots that our troops wear everyday. We are also going to give away a Boot Campaign T-Shirt to one lucky fan. All you have to do is visit our Facebook Page and “like” us and then register to win. When you register you have 100 words or less to tell us about the soldier that is in your life. You’ll even have an opportunity to share a picture of your soldier for the chance to have your soldier be one of our soldiers of the week!

So will you join us in supporting our troops?! One last thing… Check out this video of Marcus Luttrell and Sherri Rueland talking about the Boot Campaign and what they are striving to accomplish. BE INSPIRED!

Click on the photo below to get your BOOTS now!


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