Classic Chevrolet Hits Home Run for Area Youth Baseball!

Texas Chevy dealer Check out the Press Release for the GOOD deeds of Chevrolet, Classic Chevrolet, and Youth Baseball! We were so happy to be involved and so happy that we could contribute! Here’s to Chevy and Baseball…. a GREAT combination!

Classic Chevrolet Donates More Than $1,700 in Cash and Sports Equipment to Richland Youth Association

Grapevine, September 12, 2011 – Classic Chevrolet, one of 34 Chevrolet dealers from the Dallas-Fort Worth area that partnered with local youth baseball leagues for the 2011 baseball season, raised nearly $20,540 in total donations from the dealerships and private parties. In addition to monetary support, Classic Chevrolet provided Richland Youth Association with equipment donations, an opportunity to raise (and keep) up to $10,000 through a unique fundraiser, and participation in a baseball clinic led by Texas Rangers.

“Chevrolet has a long history with baseball and we’re glad we were able to bring that commitment to our youth leagues in Grapevine,” said Justin Norwood, TITLE for Classic Chevrolet. “The instructional clinic was the highlight of the season for many of the kids. They had a blast – and, frankly, we did too.” Classic Chevrolet partnered with the Richland Youth Association because of the league’s proximity to the dealership. Equipment donated by Classic Chevrolet included equipment bags, ball buckets, dugout managers and t-shirts. In addition, the dealership helped donate either a Chevy Cruze or a Chevy Equinox to be used as a fundraiser by the league. The winner of the fundraiser got to choose one of the two vehicles. “We are delighted to be involved with the American tradition of youth baseball,” said Norwood, of Classic Chevrolet. “Sponsoring Richland Youth Association gave us the opportunity to illustrate our commitment to the youth and families in Grapevine and we’re glad to have achieved such positive outcome for the community.”

In 2011, more than 1,200 Chevrolet dealers participated in Chevy Youth Baseball. Now in its sixth year, more than $14 million has been contributed to youth baseball in the communities where Chevrolet’s customers live, work, and play. 

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