Chevy Safety Features We Are Thankful For


The holiday season means it’s time to give thanks for everything we have, whether it’s family, friends, a comfortable home or even a safe vehicle. Chevrolet makes some of the safest vehicles in the auto industry, so it’s no wonder that Chevrolet owners are thankful for the time and effort that goes into making each vehicle a safe way to get from Point A to Point B this time of year.

The following Chevy features are just a few of the many that make this legendary company safer than the rest.

Adaptive Cruise Control

The holiday season means more time spent on the roads for many Americans. Chevy’s adaptive cruise control feature makes getting to grandma’s house easier and safer by adapting your speed to changing traffic conditions. Adaptive cruise control automatically decreases or increases your speed based on what the car in front of you is doing. This unique feature has the ability to reduce the number of highway collisions that happen each year.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Driving in reverse can be difficult, but Chevy’s rear cross traffic alerts make it easier. Stay safe whether you’re pulling out of the garage or out of a parking space at the grocery store by allowing your Chevy to alert you when something’s in the way. This feature is now available in more Chevrolet models than ever, making it easier for you to keep yourself and others safe.

More Air Bags

Many of Chevy’s vehicle models come equipped with more air bags than their competitors, so you know you can trust your vehicle if an emergency strikes. For example, the 2015 Chevy Cruze comes standard with 10 airbags and received a 5-star overall safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Chevy’s 10 standard airbags, roof-crush resistance and high-strength steel safety cage are designed to keep you safe when you feel the most vulnerable.

Blind Spot Monitor

Blind spots have been making driving more difficult and dangerous since the first vehicles hit the market. Chevy’s blind spot monitors eliminate the worry associated with changing lanes by warning you if another vehicle is in your blind spot. Many of Chevy’s blind spot monitor systems will sound an alert or flash a light as you near a vehicle that is in the way.

Drive Safely This Holiday Season

The increased number of vehicles on the road during the holiday season means higher levels of danger. Stop in and see us at Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine, Texas, to view our huge selection of new Chevrolets to get you and to and from your destinations safer and with peace-of-mind this holiday season.

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