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If you’re in the market for a new Chevrolet, take advantage of our Classic Chevrolet demo sale and save thousands on certain demo vehicles. These are all new vehicles that were used as demos by management or were driven for a short time as loaner vehicles for the service department. Discounts range from $1,000 and upwards of over $8,000.

2015 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Double Cab Standard Box 2-Wheel Drive LS

This Silverado 1500 double cab model features a 4.3-liter FlexFuel EcoTec3 V-6 engine with direct injection, active fuel management and variable valve timing. The aluminum block lightens the load, giving this truck better fuel economy. The engine is backed by an electronically controlled six-speed automatic transmission with a tow/haul mode and overdrive. The Silverado makes 285 horsepower at 5,300 rpm and 305 pound-feet of torque at 3,900 rpm.

Additional features include powertrain grade braking, cruise grade braking, an external engine oil cooler, a heavy-duty battery with 730 cold cranking amps, a suspension package for handling and trailering, electric power steering, four-wheel ABS disc brakes with Duralife rotor and an aluminized stainless steel muffler and tailpipe.

2015 Chevrolet Camaro 2dr Coupe LT w/1LT

If you’re looking for a great deal on a Camaro, stop by to test drive the 2015 Chevrolet Camaro LT with 1LT demo. This model features a 3.6-liter engine with variable valve timing. Backed by a six-speed manual transmission, this coupe makes 323 horsepower at 6,800 rpm and 278 pound-feet of torque at 4,800 rpm.

Additional features include a 3.27 gear, limited slip differential, maintenance-free battery with rundown protection, a sport suspension, variably ratio power steering, four-wheel ABS disc brakes with super corner rear brakes and a dual-outlet stainless steel exhaust with bright tips.

2015 Chevrolet Malibu 1LS

Pick up this demo sedan and save over $7,000. The 2015 Chevrolet Malibu 1LS features a 2.5-liter engine with variable valve timing and a variable valve lift intake. The engine is backed by a six-speed automatic transmission with overdrive. This combination makes 196 horsepower at 6,300 rpm and 191 pound-feet of torque at 4,400 rpm.

Additional features include a four-link rear suspension, electric power steering and four-wheel ABS disc brakes with high performance brake lining and FNC rotors.

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Stop by Classic Chevy to test drive these or any of the other demos we have on our lot if you want to save money on your next new car purchase.

2015 Chevrolet Suburban LTZ

If you’re in the market for a pre-owned vehicle, stop by Classic Chevy to test drive some of our certified pre-owned vehicles including the 2015 Chevrolet Suburban LTZ. This vehicle has just over 11,000 miles on it and is just about brand new. It has tons of convenience, safety, security and entertainment features and is just waiting for its newest owner.

Entertainment Features

Entertainment features include Chevrolet MyLink radio, navigation, AM/FM stereo, five USB ports, a CD player, SD card reader, auxiliary jack, MP3 player, Bose Centerpoint surround sound system with 10 speakers, SiriusXM satellite radio, and HD radio.

Exterior Features

The exterior features 20-inch polished aluminum wheels, a full-size spare, luggage rack side rails mounted on the roof, assist steps, high intensity discharge headlights, fog lights, daytime running lights with automatic exterior lamp control, heated power mirrors with auto dimming on the driver’s side, turn signals integrated into the door mirrors, ground illumination on the door mirrors, a rear intermittent wiper, hands-free power liftgate and front intermittent wipers.

Interior Features

The interior features perforated leather-appointed heated and cooled front seats, 12-way power for the driver and passenger, two-position memory, four-way power lumbar control and power recline, heated second row seats, a floor console with storage, cup holders, an SD card slot and auxiliary jack, power tilt and telescopic steering wheel with memory, leather-wrapped steering wheel, steering wheel-mounted cruise, audio and Driver Information Center controls, multi-color driver information display, programmable door locks, remote keyless entry and vehicle start, theft deterrent, tri-zone automatic climate control, a rear window defogger, auto-dimming rearview mirror and a cargo management system.

Engine and Transmission

The Suburban features a 5.3-liter EcoTec3 engine with active fuel management, variable valve timing and direct injection. This aluminum block is backed by a six-speed electronically controlled transmission with overdrive and a tow/haul mode. This combination makes 355 horsepower at 5,600 rpm and 382 pound-feet of torque at 4,100 rpm.

The transfer case is a single-speed electronic Autotrac controlled with rotary controls for four-wheel drive. Additionally, the Suburban features an external engine oil cooler and auxiliary transmission cooler.

Safety and Security Features

Safety and security features include four-wheel ABS disc brakes, StabiliTrak, airbag occupant sensing system, OnStar, front and rear parking assist, a rear vision camera, side blind zone alert, lane change alert, rear cross traffic alert, lane departure warning, safety alert seat, the LATCH system for child seats and a tire pressure monitoring system.

For more information about the certified pre-owned 2015 Chevrolet Suburban, stop by Classic Chevrolet today.

Top Questions to Ask Before Buying a Used Vehicle

When you buy a used vehicle from a dealership such as Classic Chevrolet, you don’t have quite so much to worry about. If you are considering buying a used vehicle from an individual or a small car lot that sells only used vehicles, you cannot count on the seller being completely honest. When you buy used at a large dealership, you can find certified pre-owned vehicles and the dealership will process the registration for you.

Title Questions

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure the title you are getting is not a rebuilt title. If a vehicle has a rebuilt title, that usually means that it was totaled and then repaired. If the title is a rebuilt title, that doesn’t necessarily mean you should discount the vehicle – sometimes an insurance company will total a vehicle with hail damage and other damage that doesn’t affect the frame.

Accidents and CarFax

Ask for the CarFax – and if no CarFax is available, find out if the dealership has any information or noticed anything with the vehicle that shows it could have been in a crash. You can also look for signs. A different paint color on the inside of the door jams means that the vehicle was painted. While this doesn’t necessarily mean it was in a crash, it could have been. When you test drive, have a friend watch as you drive away to see if the vehicle dog tracks.


Ask if the vehicle looks as though the previous owner kept up on maintenance. While you can’t tell how often the vehicle was maintained less for a CarFax report, you or the dealership can look for signs such as an oil-caked mess under the valve covers, foul-smelling transmission fluid and dirty oil.


Ask the salesperson if the vehicle was ordered with any special options. Sometimes a buyer might add a towing package that didn’t come with that particular trim level, an upgraded stereo system, different wheels, a different engine, and additional safety equipment that might have been optional.


Be sure to check the tires to ensure that they have enough tread to last for at least a year. If the tires are worn uneven or are low on tread, you may want to negotiate an alignment and tires into the deal.

Stop by Classic Chevy to browse through our used car lot and to test drive several of our pre-owned or barely used models.

2014 Camaro Coupe Z/28

If you are in the market for a pre-owned vehicle, stop by Classic Chevrolet to test drive any of the certified pre-owned vehicles on the lot, including the 2014 Camaro Coupe Z/28 with under 300 miles. This model features a 7.0-liter engine with a dry sump oil system backed by a six-speed manual transmission. The engine makes 505 horsepower at 6,100 rpm and 481 pound-feet of torque at 4,800 rpm.

Safety and Security Features

Safety and security features include StabiliTrak stability control system with traction control, OnStar with six months of Directions and Connections, a tire pressure monitoring system, daytime running lamps, the LATCH system for child seats, Brembo four-wheel ABS ceramic disc brakes, dual stage frontal airbags, thorax side impact airbags, driver and front passenger airbags, head curtain side impact airbags, and a passenger sensing system for the airbags.

OnStar includes automatic crash response, roadside assistance, stolen vehicle assistance and turn-by-turn navigation.

Entertainment Features

Entertainment features include an AM/FM radio, CD player, MP3 playback, a graphic information display, Sirius XM radio, auxiliary input jack, Bluetooth, and steering wheel-mounted audio controls.

Convenience Features

Convenience features include power door mirrors, intermittent wipers, Recaro performance seats with leather and sueded microfiber inserts, a Z/28 sill plate, alloy pedals, a three-spoke, sueded microfiber-wrapped, flat-bottom steering wheel, tilt and telescopic steering column, driver information center, power programmable door locks with lockout protection, express up and down driver and passenger front windows, remote keyless entry, the PASS-Key III theft deterrent system, an air filtration system, rear window defogger, cup holders, map pockets, vanity mirrors and front reading lights.

Additional features include the Z/28 rear spoiler, front and rear fascias, aluminum hood with carbon fiber insert, body-colored lower rocker panels, and body-colored door handles.

To learn more about the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro and to take a test drive, stop by Classic Chevy today.

What To Look For In A Pre-Owned Vehicle

Chevy  enthusiasts are a loyal bunch, and they tend to love both new and used vehicles. Before you go shopping for a used car, your local Grapevine Chevy dealer would like to provide you with some tips on what to look for in a pre-owned vehicle.

First, verify that the vehicle is parked on level ground before you begin examining it. You need to be able to clearly see all the tires and to make sure the vehicle isn’t sagging. Examine the ground to see if there are any leaks from the vehicle. It’s prudent to start up the vehicle and then check for leaks once more while it is still running.

Open and shut each door, to make sure it works properly and closes shut. Also check that each door’s locks will open and close, and that you can roll the windows up and down completely. Then, get inside the vehicle and check out the interior. Are there any rips, tears or stains on the upholstery or the seats? This might not be a deal breaker for you, but such minor damage can indicate that the owner neglected to take care of other aspects of the vehicle as well.

Turn on the air-conditioning. This is especially crucial in a hot environment like Texas. Crank it up all the way and make sure the AC is doing a good job in cooling the interior.

Do check the odometer, to make sure that the vehicle hasn’t been driven too many miles in too short of a span of time. A good rule of thumb is about 10,000 to 15,000 miles per year. However, if the vehicle is very old, low mileage is not your only consideration.

Get out of the vehicle and look under the hood. Do you see any rust, dents or other signs of damage? If so, it may mean that the owner did a poor job of maintaining the vehicle, or that it was involved in an accident. Of course, you will want to examine the belts and hoses to see that they are not cracked and are intact. Also open the trunk and check to make sure it doesn’t have holes, cracks or rust.

You shouldn’t consider buying a pre-owned vehicle without taking it for a test drive. During the test, accelerate to about 30 miles per hour and then hit the brakes to see how they function. Does the car swerve? Did you feel any vibrations in the brake pedal or hear any unusual sounds?

Pre-owned Chevys are great for people who need to watch their budget. No matter what vehicle you select, once you’ve taken steps to make sure it’s in good shape, you are bound to find it provides you with a safe, comfortable and stylish ride.

Are You Thinking About Buying a Used Chevrolet in Dallas Ft Worth?

used chevrolet dallas ft worthWhen it comes to getting a Texas car, the first thing you need to decide is whether you want to buy new or pre-owned. If this is your first time getting a car on your own, there are a few things you should know. As with all things, there are advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s start with the positive. Obviously, you’re going to pay less money up front. This just so happens to be the biggest appeal to buying a pre-owned car for most. The reason your car is going to cost a significant amount less than a new car, is because someone else has already depreciated the car. While the car will continue to depreciate, it won’t depreciate as fast as a new car from year to year.

With a used car, you’ll also be saving a fair amount of money on taxes and insurance. Because property taxes are based on retail value, that lower vehicle amount will result in a lower tax.

On the flip slide, you don’t really know what kind of life the car has lived. Of course you can always check CarFax (which I strongly recommend), but you can never be too sure. Keep in mind that CarFax won’t tell you much about the interior of the vehicle.

Another thing about used cars… options. If you’re looking for a specific color, make, model and mileage, it can not only be hard to find, it can also restrict your options once you find one. Let’s say you find the exact car you are looking for, but you’re not so sure about the price. It may be hard to walk away and find another one with your exact requirements.

Lastly, a pre-owned car is well, pre-owned. The vehicle may already be halfway through it’s life which means there’s only that much left. It may also have some visible damage on the interior and exterior. Fact of the matter, a used car will not last as long as a brand-new car. It’ll also likely need more maintenance than a new car.

Regardless, there isn’t a right or wrong choice. It’s all up to you and what you’re willing to spend and what you’re hoping to get out it. If you’re still on the fence, you can always head down to Classic Chevrolet and take a look at both new Chevrolets and used Chevrolets. Any of our expert salesmen would be happy to help you decide.

Thanks to Cassidy Schafer for contributing.

Is the Alternator Going Out on Your Used Car in Dallas Ft Worth?

ft worth chevrolet serviceUh oh. You’ve found yourself with a dead battery, and you’re unable to jump it even with your friend’s powerful Chevy Silverado. There’s no corrosion on your battery terminals, so what the heck is going on? Let’s think back over the last couple of weeks… did you happen to notice your  gauges flickering at all? Or how about your headlights? Have they looked a little dim lately?

Whether or not these things were happening, if you found yourself with a dead battery and you are unable to jump start it, then you might be looking at a problem with your alternator. The alternator is part of the charging system in your Chevrolet that produces electricity for many devices. It’s a type of generator that transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. Your battery does supply your car with some electricity, but most of the electrical mechanisms within the vehicle, require the alternator’s steady stream of power. In layman’s terms, an alternator keeps your battery charged.  So even if your alternator dies or malfunctions, your car will run for a while directly off of the battery, until all the battery’s power is drained. That’s when you won’t be able to turn the engine over or get any power at all.

Luckily, there is a really easy way to tell if the alternator is going out on your used Chevrolet. As I mentioned above, one of the signs of alternator problems is dim headlights.  Why? The alternator supplies the vehicle’s electrical needs. So when it loses its full potential, so will the things that use it’s electricity. Drivers sometimes experience symptoms ranging from dimming or extremely bright headlights and dash lights, to speedometers and tachometers that simply stop working for no reason. Other accessories, like heated seats or power windows may experience a slowdown, as well.

There’s a great, DIY test you can do with your headlights to see if your alternator is working properly. Turn your car headlights on while the car is running (make sure you are outside… we don’t need any carbon monoxide accidents). Press the accelerator while the car is in park. If the headlights dim or get brighter when you press the accelerator, your alternator could be bad. If the headlights remain the same, your alternator is probably fine.

If you’re still unsure about whether or not your alternator is going out, or it already has for sure, go and see the service department over at Classic Chevrolet. Unfortunately, it’s not really cost-effective to have alternator fixed. You’ll most likely need a new one. But it’s still important to watch out for the signals so you don’t end up draining your battery and getting stuck on the side of a Dallas Ft Worth highway.

Thanks to Cassidy Schafer for contributing.

Corroded Terminals May Be the Reason Your Used Chevrolet Won’t Start

One of the most common things used Chevrolet car owners have to deal with is an issue with the battery. The average life span of a battery is between three and six years. However, a battery’s life is unique to the owner and their driving habits and also the quality of the battery.

When you find yourself with a dead battery, odds are you’ve either left your headlights on by accident or you’ve had the key on the ACC setting listening to the radio for too long. In this case, all it will take is a simple jump start and then some recharging.

However, there is another reason you’re battery may be malfunctioning. When you go to look under the hood, the first thing you need to check are your battery terminals. If you see grimy deposits (usually white) on the battery terminals, they are corroded. Corrosion can also be the reason your battery has been performing poorly (slow rolling windows, dim interior lights, etc.)

So how do terminals become corroded anyway? The main cause is an overflow of sulfuric acid from the battery, but moisture build-ups can also cause it. Not to worry, cleaning terminals is actually very simple, and I’m speaking from personal experience. Once you’ve finished, you’re battery will most likely restore to its proper performance level.

What you’ll need:

  • a flat-head screw driver
  • a can of Coca-Cola (you can also use baking soda and water)
  • water
  • a metal bristle brush ( a toothbrush will also suffice) and Vaseline

What to do:

  1. Make sure the car is off and pop the hood. Remove the negative battery cable by loosening it with a flat-head screwdriver and then lifting it off the terminal. Set it aside, and remove the positive battery cable the same way. Make sure you set the positive and negative cables away from each other. It’s very important that they don’t have contact.
  1. Pour the Coca Cola or baking soda and water on the battery terminals and the battery cable ends.  Scrub with the toothbrush or metal bristle brush until all of the corrosion is gone.
  2. Use the water to wash off the Coca Cola or baking soda and water.
  3. After the terminals and battery have dried, apply a thin coat of Vaseline to the terminals and slide the terminals back on and tighten (first the positive, then the negative cable)
Battey Terminals Texas Chevrolet

Corroded Terminals

corroded terminals texas chevrolet

Cleaned Terminals

When you finish, test out your handy work. You should be able to get the car started. You might have to try and jump your Chevrolet again. If you’re still unable to get the engine to turnover, you may want to give Classic Chevrolet’s service department a call.

Thanks to Cassidy Schafer for contributing.

Classic Chevrolet Has More Than Just Great Service!

Our service department is second to none. They’re ready to do repairs, replacements, adjustments or checkups. They’re here to make you happy and get you back on the road in no time.

I have written many blogs on the maintenance and service of your vehicle and how important it is. It’s important to keep a vigilant eye on your tires, spark plugs, oil, belts, and so much more. Often in my blogs I give you the tools to try and fix it yourself but I want you to know that we are always here for you should you need further assistance.

When it comes time to service your vehicle, you can trust our factory certified service technicians at Classic Chevrolet – We are here to serve you!

At Classic Chevrolet, we share a common goal with our customers. We want to get you back on the road as soon as possible, while providing you with courteous, professional, hassel-free service.

We want you to understand that we know you have made a very important investment and that’s why we want to give you the best service in the metroplex! You wouldn’t just take your car to any ole’ mechanic would you? Of course not.

Because we believe so much in what we do we’ve decided to extend some special service offers for you to use between now and June 30, 2011. Feel free to print this blog off and bring your coupons in or visit our service department online.

Here at Classic Chevrolet we have a no non-sense hassle-free way of helping our customers. If you have any questions I would hope that you would reach out to me. I am always here to answer any questions you may have.

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Do You Remember The Chevy Corvair? Check this out!

Chevy Corvair

I barely remember even hearing about this car. Have you ever heard of it or seen it? It’s the 1965 Chevrolet Corvair and apparently it was one pretty awesome car. There’s always going to be controversy but what until you read this story from USA Today. It’s one I hadn’t heard and I must say it peeked my interest.

It’s the 1965 Chevrolet Corvair, which aired about the same time that Ralph Nader would turn General Motors and the auto world on its ear with his book Unsafe at Any Speed, which chronicled the safety shortcomings of — you guessed it — the Corvair. Corvair fans still insist the car got a bad rap. But it wasn’t what Nader wrote as much as the way GM reacted that fanned the flames, and led to the movement for safer cars.

Here’s how the Washington Post put it in an obituary for the lawyer who successfully led Nader’s successful privacy lawsuit against GM: Hoping to tar Nader, General Motors hired a private detective. Nader began receiving dozens of annoying and threatening phone calls. He said that the private detective tailed him and that, in what he considered an attempt to entrap him, women repeatedly approached him on the streets to solicit sexual favors.

In a televised Senate hearing on Capitol Hill in 1966, GM President James Roche apologized to Nader for any harassment the company’s investigation into his personal life might have caused him.

Too bad. The controversy helped doom what was actually a pretty cool car.

Check out this commercial for the Chevrolet Corvair

Thanks to Brandi Hodge for contributing.