Winter Driving Tips

Winter driving

Photo by Aubrey “starshaped” (Flickr Creative Commons)

Driving in the winter takes a toll on your vehicle, whether from dings or dents from ice and snow mishaps or salt residue. You can avoid many problems with some proactive measures when driving in the winter. For those you can’t avoid no matter how hard you try, the service department at Classic Chevrolet is here to help.

Preventing Mishaps

Not all accidents can be prevented, but your actions can go a long way in protecting your vehicle. If the roads have just been salted, wash your vehicle, especially the undercarriage. Salt eats paint and rusts metal, including the frame, fuel lines and metal parts on brake lines.

If you normally park near or under a tree and are expecting an ice storm, park elsewhere. Ice buildup on branches could cause the branch to break off the tree and crunch your vehicle. Even if it’s a small one that makes a dent, you still need to bring the vehicle in for service – even if the branch scratched the paint and left no dent, the exposed metal will start rusting.

Make sure you get your vehicle serviced before winter weather sets in and throughout the winter season.

Fall and Early Winter Checks

Checking your vehicle is not only an important part of maintaining your vehicle, but it is a safety check, too. When you bring your vehicle into Classic Chevrolet for service, the service techs check your brakes, tires, belts, hoses and more. If anything is worn or looks like it may not last, the techs will recommend that you replace the part.

Bald tires or the wrong tires can cause accidents, especially in the winter when it snows or sleets. If the braking system is not working properly – this includes the ABS brake computer – you could crash. Low brake pads, rotors that are overly grooved, dry-rotted brake lines and a leaking master cylinder will all cause stopping problems.

A belt or hose that fails while you are driving can cause you to be stranded with no heat in the vehicle. This includes heater hoses – not just hoses to and from the radiator. If the serpentine belt or a V-belt fails, you could lose the function of the water pump, alternator, air conditioning compressor and power steering pump – or all components if your vehicle has a serpentine belt instead of separate belts.

Stop by Classic Chevrolet today for a service check if you have not checked your vehicle this past Fall or early Winter. Make sure you have the proper tires for the season – if not, request all-season or snow and mud tires. Keeping your vehicle properly maintained and checking for failing components can save you from getting stranded or from crashing.

Traveling with Your Chevy this Holiday Season

Before you hit the road, even for a short trip, you should have your Chevy checked. If you haven’t brought it in for regular maintenance at Classic Chevrolet and it’s due, all our service department to schedule a maintenance appointment. If you have completed all maintenance and your Chevrolet is running good, you should still check it before you go on a long trip.

Road Trip Tips: Traveling long distances can be tiring. Add holiday traffic, bad weather or both, and tempers tend to run short, drivers get frustrated and tired and accidents happen. You can avoid accidents by:

  • Share driving responsibilities with someone, even on trips as short as four or five hours.
  • Leave early. If you expect your trip to take 12 hours, leave 13 or 14 hours before your arrival time. This gives you time to stop several times for food and rest on the way. Your trip is also less stressful.
  • Plan your trip around heavy traffic times. If you have to drive through a large city area halfway through the trip, leave at a time that allows you to avoid the area during rush hour.
  • Keep a cooler with ice, water and soda where you can reach it. This way, you won’t have to stop every couple hours for a drink – you only need to stop every four or five hours to refresh yourself.
  • Bring plenty of good music. You may drive in an area with no radio reception. Good music also helps keep you alert.

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, stop by Classic Chevrolet to test drive this 2014 Chevrolet Equinox. For more information call the dealership or click on the photo. Photo Credit: Classic Chevrolet.

Service Tips: You can bring your vehicle into Classic Chevrolet for maintenance or service before you leave. However, if you’ve just had your vehicle serviced, you still need to check the fluids and other items before you go on a long trip. Things you should check include:

  • Belts for dry rot, tears and looseness
  • Hoses for leaks
  • Brakes – sometimes you can see the brake pads through the wheels
  • Oil and water leaks
  • All the fluids including power steering fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze, clutch fluid (if applicable), oil and transmission fluid (if applicable).
  • Tires for wear or for signs of separation

If you notice something that concerns you such as a bubble on the tire – a sign of separation , uneven tire wear, brake pads that look thin, leaking water or oil or any other thing that may give reason for concern, stop by Classic Chevrolet to let our certified service technicians check your vehicle.

Road Trip With Pets

Road Trip With PetsTraveling brings families closer together and it wouldn’t be a family trip without your pet. Giving your pets a chance to see different places and new experiences is healthy and fun for them. It is also a way to avoid the trauma and cost of boarding your dog or cat. Traveling long distances isn’t so easy for all animals. Try taking your pets on shorter trips first to get them acclimated to traveling in a car. Even if it is short rides around town in your Chevy, each outing will help your pet get used to riding in the car.

It’s vital that you pack your pets essentials such as medical and vaccine records. Make sure your pet’s tags are up to date with phone number and address in the event your pet gets lost. Remember your pet’s meds, food bowl and scooper along with a crate. Feed your pet only a light snack before leaving on your trip. Pets can become carsick. Once you’ve arrived at your destination or stopped for the day, go ahead and feed them normally.

Packing for your pooch is just as important as packing for yourself. Familiar scents help to comfort your pet and make them feel more at home. Any blankets or pillows that your pet uses should be put in the car or crate. Along with proper bedding, a few good chew toys will help keep your dog occupied for hours. A lot of chew toys come with hollowed out centers. Kongs are a great idea for dogs. They are durable and can be easily filled with treats, frozen peanut butter, or other snacks. This will keep them entertained indefinitely.

Remember your pet needs rest breaks and water on your trip. They aren’t like humans so they can’t go too long without potty breaks. Aside from a bathroom break, it’s a good chance for your pet to stretch their legs, get some water and some exercise. A tired pet makes a happy pet and better traveling companion. Make sure you have your leash ready. Your pet might not be able to wait while you are digging to find their leash.

So the next time you and your furry friend want to go on a road trip, stop by your Grapevine Chevy dealer for an awesome car!


Happy Holidays, everyone!

As the end of the year approaches, it’s time to think about those New Year’s resolutions and where the best parties will be to toast the coming year. Here at your DFW Chevy Dealer, we’ve compiled a list of New Year’s Eve parties that you, our valued Chevy customer, would like to attend. Check out the best ones, make your party plans, and pay the babysitter extra before you drive down to these New Year’s Eve bashes.

2013 New Year’s Eve Events


Victory Park is hosting the biggest New Year’s Eve bash complete with food, music and fireworks. The party begins at 8:00pm and runs up until 2:00am. Admission is free and there will be live television coverage starting at 10:30pm. Watch for celebrities and entertainers to make an appearance. So visit the multiple stages or watch what is happening on the available high-definition large screens.

Victory Park

3090 Olive Street 300

Dallas, Texas 75219

(214) 303-5535

Rock The 2013 At The Intercontinental Hotel-Addison

If you are looking for more of an inside New Year’s Eve party, then take a drive to the Intercontinental Hotel-Addison where you can drink and dance the night away from 9:30pm to 1:00am. This year’s band is Emerald City, who have been named The Entertainers of The Year. Ticket prices start at $70 as this covers the live music. This event sells out every year, so get your tickets as early as possible. If you don’t want to drive home, spend the night at the hotel as you can make reservations at 972-386-6000.

Intercontinental Hotel Addison

15201 Dallas Parkway

Dallas, Texas 75001

(972) 386-6000

Gaylord Texan Resort New Year’s Eve Ballroom Gala At The Texas Ballroom

For local New Year’s Eve celebrations, check out Gaylord Texan Resort’s annual Ballroom Gala held in their Texas Ballroom. Hear a variety of live music played by Downtown Fever. Dance the night away to Rock, Swing, Pop, Hip-hop, R&B and many more music genres. After the event, you can continue to party at the resort with just your close friends and family. The event starts at 8:00pm and lasts up to 12:30am.

Gaylord Texan Resort

1501 Gaylord Trail

Grapevine, Texas 76051

(817) 778-2000

Your DFW Chevy Dealer Wants You To Drive Safely This New Year’s Eve

Before you take that first sip of champagne, ensure that you have a designated driver or some other means of transportation to get home safely. Even try to find a place to bunk up for the night. Never place your Chevy keys into the ignition if you are intoxicated. Your life, and the lives of other drivers on the road, is important to your loved ones. Drive safely and have fun this New Year’s Eve.

See you in 2013!

Chevy’s Advanced Airbag Technology

If you are visiting your favorite Dallas Chevy dealer sometime soon, keep in mind that this innovative company has done it again. Chevy has continued research toward technological advances that make it possible to have the best on a more affordable budget with better technology.
10 Airbags Take, for instance, the flexible venting driver side airbag co-developed by General Motors and safety restraint distributor Takata. The new airbag costs less than traditional airbags yet has the same protection power as a traditional airbag. It works with a special venting technology, which allows the airbag to deploy in a more efficient manner.
Receiving positive reviews and a 5 star overall rating, this new airbag technology was recently tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in Chevy’s 2013 Cruze. It is easy to see how the car would receive this review, considering the new airbags are included with the same safety equipment as past models. So far, it seems to work well and work safely.
Though the venting airbags work similarly to the traditional ones and provide just as much protection, they may be safer than the traditional ones. They are lighter, more compact, and flexible. Therefore, the risk of injury upon deployment is lesser.
Other airbags rely upon one inflator that deploys if there is a low speed crash, then there is another used in the event of a high speed crash. However, the venting airbag uses only one inflator that can provide the right amount of protection in either case. In addition, the force of the driver’s impact with the airbag is deflected as the air in the bag is able to be moved out and away from the driver.
The Chevy Cruze received the same 5 star overall rating the previous two years with the old two stage airbags as it has for the 2013 model. It is continuing that same standard of safety even as Chevy continues to innovate.
According to the GM general director of vehicle safety and crashworthiness, Gay Kent, the new technology has become an important part of Cruze’s consistent success in the safety testing. This particular airbag technology is an excellent way to manage the forces applied by a crash incident. And the safety ratings only mirror the confidence of the new safety technology being implemented as well as the old technology still in use.

Ready Your Dallas Chevy For Winter

You had the windows down in the summer and enjoyed the changing leaves and cooler temperatures while you cruised along in the fall. But now things are about to get a lot more interesting. That’s right, it’s nearly winter! Winter doesn’t just bring plummeting temperatures, wind, and the possibility of snow. It also is implies a different means of driving. So it’s time to take that vehicle you purchased at your local  Grapvevine Chevy Dealer and make sure it’s ready to go when the winter warlock comes knocking. In some cases, you might just winterize and store your Chevy during the winter months. But if you’re going to be driving it during December, January and February (and some of March), make sure you complete these preparatory tasks beforehand:

  • Tire pressure: The correct tire pressure isn’t just crucial to managing the wear on your tread, but also to getting the right amount of traction on the road. What’s more is that as temperatures go down, you’re likely to lose air pressure in your tires. Check your user’s manual to see the manufacturer’s recommendation for your tire pressure and make sure your tires are topped off accordingly.
  • Wiper blades: When you’re driving in the middle of a snowstorm, you’ve got to be able to see! So be sure to check your wiper blades and make sure that they’re not damaged to the point where you’ll be sacrificing your sight – and safety – when you’re on the road. It’s estimated that wipers last for about a year. The good news is that they don’t cost a lot to replace. Furthermore, you’ll want to make sure your defroster and heater are working properly as well.
  • Check your battery: There’s arguably nothing more frustrating than a dead battery. In the wintertime, it’s often not you mistakenly leaving your headlights on that is the culprit of a dead battery – it’s the cold draining it of a charge. Make sure your battery connections are free of corrosion and, if your battery is more than three years old – take it in to make sure it can still hold a charge. It’s much better to have your battery replaced now than to be stranded out in the cold.
  • Be prepared: Arguably the most important part of prepping your Chevy for winter is being prepared – and this might not have anything to do with your vehicle. For instance, make sure you always have a coat on you in the winter, as well as gloves, an ice scraper, a flashlight, your cell phone, jumper cables, a spare tire and sand or some other type of abrasive material that you can gain traction on if you get stuck. You might also want to contact your insurance agent to see if you have a roadside assistance plan, just in case.

Tips for Safe Holiday Driving

Whether you are a Classic Chevrolet customer from decades ago, or you have recently driven a brand new Chevy off of the lot, we want to make sure all of our customers stay safe and sound as they visit family this holiday season. The holidays are a busy time of year, with everyone heading out to the malls and to parties. This means there are more people on the road than usual, and drivers need to be extra vigilant. The following are three tips your local Chevy Dealer DFW would like to offer.

3 Tips for Safe Holiday Driving

  1. First and foremost, never drink and drive. The holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate the year that has passed and the new year that is on its way, but always make sure to drink responsibly and have a designated driver. Drunk driving accidents increase around the holidays, and it is important that everyone is able to enjoy this festive season safely.
  2. If you are traveling long distances this holiday season, be sure to take into account what types of driving conditions you might be facing. You likely won’t have to deal with snowy conditions in Dallas, but if you are heading to the Midwest or the Northeast you will need to be prepared to drive in snow and ice. Take lots of breaks on a long drive in order to stay alert, and pack lots of fun things for the kids to do so they do not get bored on the drive. These precautionary measures will ensure everyone has an enjoyable road trip while staying safe at the same time.
  3. Limit your cell phone use. Not only are there more people on the road during the holiday season, but those some people also have a lot on their minds. Everyone should avoid being distracted while driving. Make sure to be mindful of the cell phone laws in the area you are in — many states have banned texting while driving — and try to stay off of your phone unless it is an emergency. There is plenty of time to check text messages, e-mails and apps when your car is parked.

As the holiday season gets closer once again, we at Classic Chevrolet want to make sure that everyone in the Dallas area has the opportunity to enjoy this special time of year. Remember to not only take care of your Chevy car, truck or SUV by getting regular oil changes and tune ups but take care of those special passengers in the vehicle as well. When you are mindful for yourself and your own passengers, you are automatically making the roads and highways a safer place for everyone else. And remember, the holidays aren’t the only time of the year where it is important to drive safely. Take these precautions to heart all year round as well.

Thanksgiving On The Road

Thanksgiving season is a time for families to come together, traveling great distances in some cases, and mostly by car. Many a GM and Chevrolet car owner will be hitting the road this year, repeating the annual trek to make “home” in time for the big turkey dinner, potatoes, stuffing and pumpkin pie, only to work it off later on either watching the big game or playing a rendition in the park down the street.

So here’s a couple of tips for a safe Thanksgiving holiday to avoid disappointments and unexpected delays when traveling:

  • Get the basic maintenance out of the way – It only takes a few minutes to pop the hood and check your engine oil, coolant level, brake fluid reservoir and transmission oil to confirm everything is up to snuff. The last thing you want is a warning light going on while on the road. Every GM and Chevy car comes with clearly labeled containers under the hood for easy access and check.
  • Pump up those tires – with the quick help from a tire gauge and your local gas station, check all your tires and make sure they are at recommended pressure. It makes no sense to waste gasoline pushing car with underinflated tires down the highway for miles and miles.
  • Watch out for rain – Fall is here and winter is just around the corner. That means roads have a good chance of being wet and maybe even a touch of black ice on a cold night. Good tire tread is a must for safe driving. If your tires are old, it’s time to change them out with a new set. If you can’t afford all four right now, then change at least two and put them on the front so you have the best directional traction and control.
  • Plan your route ahead of time – The Dallas-Fort Worth area tends to be a major traffic conduit for folks traveling from all over, so it’s smart to expect congestion and delays during holiday travel. Make sure to have a good route mapped out ahead of time as well as a Plan B option if you hit a traffic jam or accident delay on your original path.
  • Give yourself time – One of the leading causes of traffic accidents involves people in a hurry. It leads to a loss of attention and bad driving decision-making. Giving your trip time for delays and changes makes the drive far easier to handle, especially if something comes up along the way.
  • Don’t drink and drive – It’s great to enjoy the holidays with good food and drink, but stay away from the driving wheel when enjoying spirits. Law enforcement in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and other regions will be working overtime to keep roads safe and to catch drunk drivers. Remember, even one drink or beer is enough to trigger a violation for many, given body size and weight.

As a Dallas Chevy dealer, we want to wish all drivers in Texas a warm and happy Thanksgiving in 2012. Stay safe, be with family, and give thanks for everything we have!

Drive Safe In Your New Chevrolet This Halloween

DFW Chevy owners, are you ready for Halloween? Maybe not, but I know your kids can’t wait to start going door to door to rake in all the candy they can carry.  As much fun as Halloween can be, it can also be a very dangerous time for pedestrians and drivers.

When the kids get excited and hyped up on sugar they often go running all over the place, in dark clothing and masks that obstruct their vision. They are excited and oblivious to everything around them, which is why you need to be extra vigilant if you plan to be driving through your neighborhood tonight. Parents should have already taken the responsibility of making sure their children are as visible as possible, but it is the driver’s responsibility to be on the look out for kids darting across the street and making sure they curb any excessive speed.

If you can avoid taking your Dallas Chevrolet out on the road tonight, please do.  Be sure to have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Handling Road Rage In Your New Chevrolet

In today’s times we probably all spend more time in our cars than we’d like to. With all the construction going on in the DFW area, the traffic congestion, and the bad drivers, it can all add up and it can get to you. Trust me I know. I’ve not only been a victim of road rage but I’ll admit I’ve been an offender of road rage a time or two.

There’s no question about it that there are a fair number of rude or bad drivers in the DFW area. I’ve grown up here, and trust me it can be bad. Aggressive driving, like speeding, tailgating, unsafe lane changes, failing to signal intent to change lanes, or others are sometimes accidental or sometimes caused by not paying attention. Some acts of road rage are 100% intentional. All too often we are on the receiving end of an angry driver’s rage…what do you do then? Fight fire with fire? Probably not the wisest idea.

“According to a recently released national survey, when a driver gets the finger, is cut off or tailgated, 50 percent of the victims respond with horn honking, yelling, cutting-off, and obscene gestures of their own. The survey, administered by Response Insurance, revealed that 34 percent of drivers say they honk their horn at the aggressor, 27 percent yell, 19 percent give the finger back, 17 percent flash their headlights, and 7 percent mimic the initial aggressive driving behavior. Two percent of drivers admit to trying to run the aggressor off the road. Road rage is a two-way street,” noted Ray Palermo, of Response Insurance. It takes two people to fight. So, if you are subjected to aggressive driving, often the best way to ensure it does not get any worse is to just ignore it.” Road and Travel

The bottom line is that we’re all guilty of having been involved in a “Road Rage” incident at some point whether we know it or not.  The best thing to do is keep your cool, and know that road rage is only a temporary annoyance.  What do you do to try to combat road rage in your new or used Chevrolet?