End of the Year Road Trip Bucket List Texas Destinations

Dallas downtown skyline in the evening

If you’re looking for a great place to take a road trip in Texas in the new year, hit up these bucket list destinations and pick something that you haven’t done before. Look at the Mystery Lights, find some dinosaur bones, find some gems and more. Before you head out, be sure to have your vehicle checked or serviced at Classic Chevrolet.

Possum Kingdom

This trip takes just under 3 hours from Dallas and if you love outdoor activities, this is a great place. Pack the tent or make a reservation for a cabin and enjoy scuba diving, hiking and more. Be sure to bring your camera so you can get some great pictures of the wildlife.

Mineral Wells

Visit the home of “Crazy Water,” water from Mineral Wells. Supposedly, the water from this spring cured a woman of dementia in 1881. Be sure to visit the haunted hotel in the middle of The Baker. The hotel was built after the bottled water boom in the 1920s and was a place for rich people to go for a spa day. The property was abandoned in the 1950s and is haunted by ghosts from the past.


If you want some of the best German food, head over to Muenster. The town was founded in 1889 and the mostly German population still holds. Pick up traditional German sausage at Fischer’s Meat Market and visit the wineries just outside of town. You can also visit Bayer’s Kolonialwaren for donuts, kolaches, klobasnek, and strudel.


Visit Roma, the most historic city in Texas. Over 30 buildings were built before 1900 and are located in the Roma National Historic district. The town is located on the Rio Grande and you have easy access to Mexico. You’ll need a long weekend for this trip though, as it is just under eight hours from Dallas.

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Head over to Glen Rose to visit Dinosaur Valley State Park. The park is located on the Paluxy River and features dinosaur prints and tons of dinosaur-themed things. The sandstone, limestone and mudstone that were deposited in the area about 113 million years ago are part of the shoreline of what was an ancient sea. Learn more about dinosaurs while you have a relaxing trip to the area.

Marfa’s Mystery Lights

Drive to Marfa to see the mystery lights. They usually appear in the clear night sky between Marfa and Paisano Pass. The lights show up in the southwest as you’re facing the Chinanti Mountains. The first time these lights were spotted was circa 1883 – and people still have not figured out what causes the lights.

Hunt for Natural Topaz

Go over to Mason County to hunt for natural topaz – the state gem of Texas. You’ll find the gem in ravines and streambeds in Mason County. Many of the ranches in the area will allow you to find gems – and will even set you up with all of the equipment you need to hunt for Topaz, though most are closed for deer season.

Enchanted Rock

Visit the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area to see this huge pink granite dome that has its own legend. The Comanche, Tonkawa and Apache tribes all believe the area is magical. The rock creaks and groans at night. While scientists say its from the rock cooling down at night from the heat of the sun, the native tribes believe the noises were from ghost fires.

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Top 4 Hill Country Destinations for Your Chevy

Sunshine on Texas Hill Country

If you’ve never explored the Texas Hill Country, do yourself a favor and check it out. With plenty of interesting places to go and fun activities to do, the Texas Hill Country is centrally located around the Austin area and is only a day trip away from DFW.

Marble Falls

Just 45 minutes west of Austin, Marble Falls’ main attraction are its three lakes: LBJ, Buchanan, and the eponymous Marble Falls. For golf lovers, there’s also the popular Horseshoe Bay Resort.


Country music fans will recognize the name. Luckenbach has been referenced by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings. It’s a tiny place with just a general store, post office, and some picnic tables, but if that and some live country music are enough for you, it’s a place to relax and recharge away from it all.

For those not versed in its history, the town was founded in the 1800s and was beneath notice until 1970 when an entrepreneur purchased the town (population of 3) and built a dance hall that started to draw regional attention.


Like most of the Texas Hill Country, there’s heavy German influence from the numerous German settlers that came to central Texas in the 1800s, but Fredericksburg holds on to more of that culture than most places.

When approaching the town, you won’t be welcomed… you’ll instead see a sign saying “Wilkommen.” The city square is called Marktplatz and there are numerous German-themed restaurants serving both German food and Texas fare.

Shoppers will enjoy the town’s main street, which is filled with boutiques and artisans.

New Braunfels

Guadalupe River in the Texas Hill Country during Spring

If you’re more interested in activities as opposed to dining and shopping, New Braunfels is the place to go.

Another German settlement, New Braunfels today is popular for the Guadalupe River and the watersports you can enjoy there and for the water resort Schlitterbahn.

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Best Fall Activities Around Texas

Looking for somewhere to head this fall in Texas, but you’re not sure what’s going on around the state? Try one of these festivals happening in the coming weeks.

Austin Celtic Festival – November 5 and 6

Whether you’re Celtic or not, all are welcome to celebrate the culture this November 5th and 6th in Austin. The festival will celebrate all things Celtic, like Celtic music from regional and international artists; Celtic dance, including Irish Step Dancing and Scottish Country Dancing; Highland Games (involves a lot of heavy lifting!); Celtic animals, including dog breeds, mini horses, and sheepdog herding; and Celtic history demonstrations, including Viking combat demos.

The festival will be held at the Fiesta Gardens in Austin, Texas.

GrillsGiving – November 19

Head to San Antonio for GrillsGiving, a BBQ and music festival. The BBQ and grilling contest means that you get to sample chicken, ribs, and brisket that are the result of fierce competition. Enjoy live music from local and regional artists and a number of fun activities for kids. All proceeds will benefit community programs.

Houston Tamale Festival – December 3

This all day celebration offers up great fun, music, and food. Tamales will be widely available, of course, but there will also be great Texas BBQ, assorted food trucks, fair ground fare, and much more. Visitors can also enjoy live music.

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Fall Road Trips to Take in Your Chevy

Looking for a great road trip destination this fall? Whether you’re more interested in enjoying the season or escaping it, there’s a destination waiting for you. Choose your path and hit the road in your Chevy this fall.

Fall Foliage Destinations


Old Forge, New York

Old Forge, a small town on New York State Route 28 at the foot of the Adirondack Mountains, is a charming haven for fall foliage lovers. Dine in cute cafes, canoe the rivers, hike the mountains or simply enjoy the scenic drives loaded with brightly-colored trees.

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Harpers Ferry is a charming West Virginia town that becomes surrounded by vibrant leaves in the fall months. Take in the fall colors while tubing along a river, kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, biking, rafting or on an exhilarating canopy tour. The historic town serves as an ideal place to relax and enjoy an award-winning meal after a day of adventure and snapping photos.

Warm Weather Spots

Pensacola Beach

Galveston Island State Park, Texas

Galveston Island State Park feels thousands of miles away from it all, yet it’s only a short drive from the exciting day and nightlife of Galveston. The 2,000-acre park offers undeveloped beaches that are ideal for fishing, picnicking, birdwatching, swimming, camping and just about every beach-related outdoor activity you can imagine.

Pensacola Beach, Florida

When you’re looking for calm, turquoise waters and beaches that look like they popped out of a magazine, there’s no better escape than Pensacola Beach. Step away from the sand, and you’ll find the Portofino Boardwalk, which is loaded with fun shops and restaurants. Other Pensacola activities include taking paddle boarding lessons, exploring nearby Casino Beach, attending the National Museum of Naval Aviation and snapping photos from the famous Pensacola Pier.

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Top National Parks In Texas


This fall, you’ll want to spend a lot of time in the national parks in Texas; and that means your vehicle should be in good working order especially if you are traveling a long distance and spending more than a day at a park. Call Classic Chevrolet to set up a service appointment to have your Chevy checked and serviced before you get on the road. Or, if you are planning on a new vehicle this year, stop by to test drive the vehicle you have in mind.

Big Bend

Big bend is located in the big bend of the Rio Grande in western Texas. When you visit this park, you’ll see tons of different bird species, ancient limestone, rivers, mountains and desert. And, you’ll also see many different types of cactus. Be sure to bring your camera as you’ll want to capture the magic you can find at Big Bend.

Guadalupe Mountains National Park

If you want to hike and backpack, head over to the Guadalupe Mountains National Park. In this pristine wilderness area, you’ll find tons of history, tons of birds and other wildlife, and lots of fun. The park is located 110 miles east of El Paso on U.S. Highway 62/180. It is also 56 miles southwest of Carlsbad, New Mexico.

If you have never been to this park before, be sure you are prepared. Dell City is the closest town with gas, so be sure you fill up. It is also the last stop for food, ice and diesel. The park features campgrounds, but they are primitive. RVs will need their own power and holding tanks. Your cell phones may not work in the park as coverage is unreliable. And, the weather is unpredictable, so even in the summer, you should be prepared with cool weather clothing and extra clothing, especially if you are hiking.

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Road Trippin’ from DFW!


If you’re not ready to say goodbye to summer quite yet, but you don’t have a lot of time for a long trip, now’s the time for a day trip or a weekend away with your Classic Chevy and your family.

The Dallas/Ft. Worth area has many places to visit that are a short drive, yet far enough away from the city to make it feel like a mini vacation.

Plan to visit Athens if you like scenic rolling hills and valleys. Stop by the East Texas Arboretum or visit Athens Scuba Park to explore for underwater treasures. You can even take a tram tour at the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center or watch a dive show. If you like wine, stop by a vineyard or winery to taste the different wines. And for those who are really adventurous, visit Texas ZipLine Adventures.

If the mountains make you happy, head over to Davis to visit the Arbuckle Mountains of Oklahoma. Visit the natural pools under the 77-foot waterfall, located in Turner Falls Park. Visit the Arbuckle Wilderness Park to take a safari tour. If you are a history buff, visit the Chickasaw Cultural Center and National Recreation Area for Native American history or the Arbuckle Historical Society Museum.

Another great historical site is Granbury – a town with lots of folklore legends and frontier history. The town square has many antique shops, restaurants and unique boutiques. Granbury is also the home of the Hood County Jail and Historical Museum. Take the Ghosts and Legends tour for some ghost hunting or ride the free trolley around town. If you happen to be in Granbury on the second Saturday of the month, you just may see a gunfight in the square. If it’s warm enough and you want a great way to cool off, visit the city beach.

Saint Jo also has a lot of history including the Chisholm Trail, Stonewall Saloon Museum and the Red River Valley. Visit the Running N Ranch’s VW Beetle sculpture garden and Devil’s Backbone. Taste some wine at Arche Vineyard and Winery. Stop by Ancient Ovens for a great meal.

Before you head out on day trips or weekend trips, be sure to stop by Classic Chevrolet to make sure all maintenance is up to date and that your vehicle is in good running condition.

Top Road Trip Destinations in New Mexico


From the famous International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque to Carlsbad Caverns and the Georgia O’Keefe Museum, there’s no better state for a road trip than New Mexico. And with sunny skies and warm weather still on the horizon this fall, it’s time to start planning your getaway to these top New Mexico road trip destinations than today.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

October will be dedicated to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta this year, and if there’s one annual site to see in New Mexico, this one is it. With incredible events like car shows, chainsaw carving, balloon flying competitions, balloon glows, rodeos, fireworks and tons of live music, you’ll probably want to stay from start to finish to see it all.

White Sands National Monument

New Mexico’s Tularosa Basin offers one of the world’s most incredible natural wonders — the White Sands National Monument. These gorgeous, wave-like sand dunes span 275 square miles through the dessert to create the world’s biggest gypsum dune field. The national monument is open during all four seasons, but summer and fall warrant especially desirable weather.

Georgia O’Keeffe Museum

The Georgia O’Keeffe Museum has been a New Mexico staple since July, 1997. It’s one of the state’s most popular tourist attractions with incredible art exhibits featuring Georgia O’Keeffe and a number of other world-renowned artists. Family-friendly museum activities, performances and educational talks take place at the museum often, so check their schedule before you arrive.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Carlsbad Caverns offers a family-friendly outdoor experience that you’ll never forget. The National Park offers more than 119 caves with guided or self-guided tours available. And for those extra adventurous families, a ranger guided cave tour will take you through canyons and rocky slopes to find the most beautiful hidden treasures of the caves.

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Great Oklahoma Locations for a Weekend Trip


From scenic byways and campgrounds to spas and vineyards, Oklahoma is the perfect place for a summer road trip no matter what your travel interests may be. Pack your car, truck or SUV and head across the border to some of these awesome Oklahoma road trip destinations.

Summerside Vineyards, Winery and Meadery

Enjoy the scenic cruise to Vinita, Oklahoma, where you’ll find Summerside Vineyards, Winery and Meadery located right on Historic Route 66. In addition to a fun and romantic tasting room, this award-winning winery provides a gourmet deli, gift shop, private tastings, live music and wine cellar tours.

Wichita Mountains Scenic Byway

You don’t even have to exit your vehicle to enjoy the mystifying Wichita Mountains Scenic Byway. From the rigid lowlands to the prairies, wildflowers and rocky cliffs, you can view the Wichita Mountains wildlife from your car or get out an explore it for yourself at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. With 240 bird species, 50 mammal species and over 806 plant species, there’s no doubt you’ll see something phenomenal on your road trip through the mountains.

The Canebrake Restaurant and Resort

Road trip to a special retreat on Fort Gibson Lake where you and your fellow travelers can enjoy live music, horseback riding, golf games, spa treatments, boat rentals, yoga classes and all types of summer fun at the Canebrake Restaurant and Resort. This unique resort only houses 16 rooms and suites, so be sure to make your reservations ahead of time to ensure yourself a spot.

The Admiral Twin Drive-In

Arrive in Tulsa and drive right up to the Admiral Twin Drive-In for a nostalgic outdoor drive-in movie experience. This theater dates all the way back to 1951, and although the theater has made some serious upgrades (like on-site concessions and restrooms), it still has that classic Route 66 drive-in theater appeal.

Upgrade Your Summer Road Trip Vehicle

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7 Stops You Must Visit on Your End-of-Summer Texas Road Trip


Summer isn’t over yet, and there’s still plenty of time to enjoy an end-of-summer road trip before the back-to-school blues sets in. The Lone Star State is one of the best places in the country to discover a huge range of natural and man-made wonders, ranging from trendy cities and bustling beach towns to mountains, rivers, caverns and so much more. The following seven stops are ones you don’t want to miss on this year’s end-of-summer adventure.

1. Dinosaur Valley State Park

Travel back in time in Glen Rose, Texas, at the renowned Dinosaur Valley State Park. This state park is home to real dinosaur footprints and tons of other dinosaur-themed adventures and activities.

2. Gorman Falls

Texas may not sound like a tropical paradise, but it sure feels like one at Gorman Falls. This stunning site in Colorado Bend State park takes a 1.5-mile-long hike on rough terrain to reach, but this oasis in the heart of Texas is well worth the journey.

3. The Medina River

The Medina River is a must-visit destination for kayakers, paddlers, canoers and water-lovers of all kinds. The river is known for its picture-perfect greenery and towering trees that appear as though they sprout from the water. It’s not rare to see fish jumping, frogs hopping, birds chirping and a few fellow kayakers enjoying the serenity.

4. Corpus Christi

No end-of-summer excursion is complete without a trip to the beach, and Corpus Christi is home to some of the most picturesque sands in the state. The USS Lexington battle Ship, Texas State Aquarium and tons of other family-friendly activities are available to make every moment in this beach town a memorable one.

5. Austin

No city lover should skip a visit to one of the trendiest cities in the country — Austin. The capital city is home to some of the state’s most innovative restaurants, countless unique shops and almost as many festivities as there are days in the year. Whether you’re into dining, drinking, sightseeing, shopping, gallery hopping or outdoor adventures, Austin is a city that has it all.

6. Paris

Texas is no stranger to odd roadside attractions. Head to Paris, Texas, to visit the town’s must-see replica of the Eiffel Tower. This popular landmark is just one of many perks of visiting the tiny town, which offers a charming historic district packed with ancient homes, museums, locally-owned shops, art galleries and a town square.

7. Route 66

America’s legendary Route 66 passes through the Texas Panhandle. The 178-mile-long stretch of roadside attractions, relics and creepy ghost towns is guaranteed to impress everyone in your vehicle more than boring Interstate 40.

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Hidden Gems of the Texas Hill Country


Many summer road trippers don’t know just how impressive the Texas Hill Country can be. This 25-county region of South and Central Texas is home to some of the state’s most unique outdoor scenery, ranging from rugged mountains to jagged cliffs and refreshing swimming holes. The following five hidden gems of the Texas Hill Country will inspire you to hop in your Chevy and explore the Lone Star State more often.

Garner State Park

It doesn’t get much better than camping at picture-perfect Garner State Park. This unique, protected stretch of land in Uvalde County offers family-friendly fun on the Frio river, photogenic scenery in all seasons and plenty of places to set up camp.

Jacob’s Well

Texas is home to a number of springs that offer refreshing swimming holes on unbearably hot summer days. Jacob’s Well is one of the favorites in the Texas Hill Country, because it can be enjoyed by waders, swimmers and even divers. Experienced divers love to venture into the chambers to admire the bioluminescent algae and limestone structures while swimmers enjoy the cool waters and natural surroundings.


Luckenbach, Texas, was made famous by Waylon Jennings, but the small town is well worth a visit when traveling through the Texas Hill Country. The small town is famous for its post office and dancehall, which often hosts favorite Texas country singers.

Krause Springs

Central Texas isn’t just farmland. In fact, it’s home to some of the most picture-perfect scenery in the state, including Krause Springs. This unique system of stunning swimming holes is located roughly 45 minutes west of Austin in the town of Spicewood and is home to some of the best camping in the state. Best of all, you can escape the heat of your tent to dive into the cool waters of the springs whenever you please.

Enchanted Rocks

In addition to oasis-like springs, the Texas Hill Country is home to impressive rock formations, including Enchanted Rocks. This pink rock dome rises above its low surroundings to create a site that has been a favorite of travelers for thousands of years. It’s an ideal place to pull over for a hike or to take a rock climbing lesson and break up a long Texas drive.

Texas is a state overflowing with natural wonders, and it’s best explored in the comfort and convenience of your own Chevy vehicle. Start your adventure right here at Classic Chevrolet in Grapevine, Texas, where you can get the latest and greatest Chevy vehicles for unbelievably low summer prices.