New Colorado ZR2 Resets the Bar for Off-Road Trucks


Just as introduction of the Chevrolet Colorado reset the bar for mid-size trucks, the new Colorado ZR2 is poised to reset expectations for off-road trucks. Chevy’s new performance halo for the Colorado lineup will feature more off-road technology than any other mid-size pickup when it goes on sale.

The ZR2 is effectively a segment of one, combining the nimbleness and maneuverability of a mid-size pickup with a host of new off-road features and the most off-road technology of any vehicle in its segment.

Compared to a standard Colorado, the ZR2 features a much wider track and a lifted suspension. Functional rockers have been added for better performance over rocks and obstacles, and the front and rear bumpers have been modified for better off-road clearance.

Class-exclusive features include front and rear electronic locking differentials, available diesel engine, and the first off-road application of Multimatic Dynamic Suspensions Spool Valve (DSSVTM) damper technology.

As a result, the Colorado ZR2 delivers exceptional performance in a variety of scenarios – from technical rock crawling to tight two-track trails to high-speed desert running to daily driving.

“Our engineers have been incredibly successful developing Corvette and Camaro performance variants with broad performance envelopes,” said Mark Reuss, executive vice president, Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain. “The ZR2 applies that same philosophy to off-road performance. You can go rock crawling on Saturday, desert running on Sunday, and comfortably drive to work on Monday. This truck can do it all, and do it all well.”

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Another Win For Chevrolet with the Bolt EV!


MOTOR TREND has recognized the Chevrolet Bolt EV — the all-new affordable electric vehicle offering an EPA-estimated 238 miles of range on a full charge — as its 2017 Car of the Year.

The editors based their selection on the Bolt EV’s performance in six evaluation categories: advancement in design, engineering excellence, efficiency, safety, value and performance of intended function.

“Chevrolet is the fastest-growing full-line retail brand in the industry thanks to an exceptional vehicle lineup, which includes ground-breaking products like the Bolt EV,” said Alan Batey, president of GM North America and Global Chevrolet brand chief. “Being recognized once again as MOTOR TREND Car of the Year is a great honor for the entire Chevrolet team.”

It is the fourth MOTOR TREND award for Chevrolet in three years, with the Camaro recognized as the 2016 Car of the Year and Colorado named the 2015 and 2016 Truck of the Year.

“Chevrolet is on a roll with new and compelling vehicles that have reset the bar for trucks in 2015, trucks and sports cars in 2016, and for 2017, electric cars,” said Ed Loh, MOTOR TREND Editor-in-Chief. “The Bolt EV is certainly a game changing vehicle and we look forward to seeing whether we’ll be recognizing another Chevrolet next year in our annual awards.”

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The 2017 Chevy Colorado Sets a New Standard


*2016 model pictured.

For 2017, the Chevrolet Colorado offers an all-new V-6 engine and class-exclusive eight-speed automatic. It is the latest major update for Colorado, which entered the market for model year 2015. Chevrolet is on track to sell more than 160,000 Colorados in the first 24 months on the market, reigniting the midsize segment.

“Customers made the Colorado an overnight success and it remains one of the industry’s hottest-selling products,” said Anita Burke, Colorado chief engineer. “That fast success has justified our continued investment in midsize pickups, introducing new features for our customers such as the class-exclusive diesel engine, advanced technologies like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and now a class-leading V-6 and eight-speed automatic powertrain combination.”

Class-exclusive powertrain combination
The most significant update for the 2017 Colorado is an all-new V-6 engine and eight-speed transmission, creating a combination that’s unmatched in the midsize segment.

According to Stan Ludlow, chief engineer for the 2017 Colorado, the engine and transmission were calibrated to emphasize performance and refinement while optimizing fuel economy: “The Colorado is currently the most fuel-efficient pickup truck in America, with an EPA-estimated 31 mpg highway when equipped with the diesel engine. As such, for the new V-6 and eight-speed combination we focused on improving everyday driving performance. Drivers will immediately notice that it pulls harder when accelerating from a stop or passing on the highway; it is more confident pulling a trailer up a steep grade and it is more refined cruising at a constant highway speed.”

This second generation of Chevrolet’s double-overhead-cam engine architecture retains the same 3.6L displacement as before, with an updated suite of advanced engine technologies. This includes improved variable valve timing for intake and exhaust, improved direct injection and for the first time, Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation), which disables two cylinders under light throttle applications. Horsepower and torque increase to an SAE-certified 308 hp (230 kW) at 6,800 rpm and 275 lb-ft (373 nM) at 4,000 rpm.

The engine is mated to the class-exclusive eight-speed automatic. The GM-developed Hydra-Matic 8L45 is roughly the same size and weight as the 6L80 six-speed automatic it replaces. However, the eight-speed automatic offers a wider 7.0 overall gear ratio spread than the 6L80 transmission’s 6.0 ratio. This results in a numerically higher first gear ratio, helping drivers start off more confidently with a heavy load or when trailering, and numerically lower rear axle ratios that reduce engine rpm on the highway for improved efficiency.

Extensive use of aluminum and magnesium, combined with similar packaging to the outgoing 6L80 transmission, equates to no increase in overall weight for Colorado models equipped with the new 8L45 transmission.

The 2017 model year updates, including the new V-6 and eight-speed combination, will arrive at dealerships in the fourth quarter of this year.

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See Why Chevy is Ranked the Highest


It’s no surprise that Chevy is consistently awarded by the auto industry. Chevrolet strives to outperform the competition. One area that Chevy excels in is dependability, as evidenced by some of the most recent awards from J.D. Power & Associates.

Dependability is one of the most important aspects of a car, we’re sure you’ll agree. No one does dependable better than Chevy; Chevy has won more J.D. Power Dependability Awards than any other brand.

Dependable means that your car is in the shop less and on the road more. Dependable means that you can rely on your Chevy to come through for you day in and day out, whether you’re commuting to work, running errands, visiting family and friends, or taking a long road trip.

With the features and amenities to make Chevrolets a joy to drive, you’ll find that your Chevy is not just dependable, but comfortable as well.

The awarded cars, below, are highlights in the Chevy lineup and represent segment leading models.

Chevy Malibu

The Chevy Malibu has won “Most Dependable Midsize Car, Two Years in a Row” from J.D. Powers & Associates.

Whether you’re trying to get to work or drop off your kid at school, you can count on the Malibu.

Chevy Silverado HD

The Chevy Silverado HD has won “Most Dependable Large Heavy Duty Pickup, Two Years in a Row” from J.D. Powers & Associates.

Don’t be left stranded when you need to get some work done. The Silverado HD is a pickup you can rely on.

Chevy Equinox

The Chevy Equinox has won “Most Dependable Compact SUV” from J.D. Powers & Associates.

Need a good vehicle for hauling your crew around? The Equinox will make sure you’re on time.

Chevy Camaro

The Chevy Camaro has won “Most Dependable Midsize Sporty Car, Four Years in a Row” from J.D. Powers & Associates.

Yes, that’s four years. 1, 2, 3, and 4! The Camaro isn’t just a flashy car that you’ll love to drive, but one that you can count on!

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Welcome Luke Bryan to Team Chevy!

During the 2016 Country Music Association Festival in Nashville, Chevrolet announced that Luke Bryan will team up with the auto manufacturer as a brand ambassador on several projects over the next three years. If you love Luke Bryan and Chevy, be sure to stop by Classic Chevrolet to test drive a new model.1465482702682

Part of the Family

Just like with many of our customers, Chevy has always been a part of Luke Bryan’s family. The family used Chevy vehicles on the farm and in work life. Bryan said, “If you were a Bryan, you drove a Chevy.”

The Farm Tour

In addition, Chevrolet will be one of the sponsors of Bryan’s Farm Tour. This is the eighth year for the Farm Tour, which is a multi-city tour where Bryan stops in rural areas and performs on farmland. Some of the ticket proceeds from the Farm Tour goes to local college scholarships through the Luke Bryan Farm Tour Scholarship. These scholarships are awarded to farming family students in the communities where the tour stops.

Country and Chevy

According to Paul Edwards, the Chevrolet U.S. vice president of marketing, the partnership between Bryan and Chevrolet is a natural fit – the auto manufacturer’s customers like country music and “Chevy has always held a special place within the genre.”

Luke Bryan

Bryan’s first album debuted in 2007; and since them, he has had 15 singles reach the No. 1 spot. He sold almost eight million albums that featured 30 million digital tracks over five studio albums. Bryan was chosen as Entertainer of the Year twice by the Country Music Association and the Academy of Country Music. Bryan’s latest album, “Kill the Lights” was his third album to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.

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Chevy Silverado’s Steel Bed Vs. the Competition


While you might get a lighter truck and better gas mileage because of the lighter truck, an aluminum bed doesn’t allow you to use the truck for what it’s designed for. Since you can throw wood in the back or dump a bucket of rocks in the back – or even drop your toolbox in the bed by mistake without denting an aluminum bed, stop by Classic Chevrolet to test drive a Silverado if you are looking for a truck that will take a beating.

The bed floor on the Silverado is created from roll-formed high-strength steel. Laboratory testing and 26 real-world demonstrations showed that the Silverado bed’s impact strength consistently beat out the competition’s aluminum bed. All tests were done on a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado and Ford F-150 trucks. Twelve pairs of truck beds were tested in video demonstrations; and all 24 trucks were purchased through retail dealerships. None of the trucks had bedliners.

Laboratory Testing

In lab testing at GM’s Research and Development, a Dynatup 9250HV machine with a 0.7-inch wide wedge striker that weighed 17 pounds was used to test impact strength. Technicians cut out a 6.3-inch by 6.3-inch square sample from the truck beds. The samples were affixed over a 4-inch by 4-inch opening on a support fixture. The technicians dropped the striker on the raised rib of each sample.

Starting at 20 joules, the striker deformed both samples, but did not puncture them. At 30 joules, the aluminum sample showed a hairline fracture but the steel sample just showed a bit more deflection. When technicians increased the power to 40 joules, the aluminum sample punctured while the steel sample only showed more deflection.

Twenty pairs of samples were tested in this manner to ensure consistent results. The steel sample did not show damage other than dents until the power was raised to 90 joules, and then, the damage was only a pinhole.

Real World Demonstrations

From dropping 825 pounds of landscape blocks for a height of 5 feet into the bed to dropping a hand-held toolbox from the bed rails, tests showed that the aluminum bed easily punctured. Out of 12 landscape block drops, the Silverado showed only dents in the bottom of the bed while the aluminum bed suffered 4.3 holes per drop.

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Chevy is Ready for Baseball Action!


Chevrolet recently renewed its sponsorship of with the Major League Baseball; and has worked with the organization since 2005. With the renewed sponsorship, Chevy will be the official vehicle for the Major League Baseball; and the auto manufacturer will also be the official automotive sponsor of MLB and USA Baseball’s Play Ball initiative.

This is the second year that Chevrolet joined MLB and USA Baseball for the Play Ball initiative to encourage participation in softball and baseball activities for people of all ages, especially children. Paul Edwards, the U.S. vice president of Chevrolet Marketing said that the partnership with the Major League Baseball allows dealers to connect with people on a personal level via the support of hometown teams; and this includes Classic Chevrolet.

Chevrolet has supported baseball at the youth level in various communities across the country though its grassroots program called Chevy Youth Baseball since 2006. Edwards says that baseball helps teach sportsmanship and that it brings families and communities together.

Baseball leagues that participate get fundraising opportunities and sponsorship checks from Chevrolet. They also get instructional clinics in baseball experiences. Over the past 10 years, Chevy Youth Baseball renovated 9,400 parks and donated over 90,000 equipment kits. The money Chevrolet put into the program has benefited over 5.2 million children across the country.

And, Chevrolet will continue to present the World Series Most Valuable Player Award and the Ted Williams All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award, two of baseball’s most prestigious awards.

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The 2016 Camaro Wins ‘Wards Autos 10 Best Interiors’ Award


If you’ve decided that you want a sports car, but haven’t decided which one yet, stop by Classic Chevrolet to test drive the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro. The Camaro won the “Wards Autos 10 Best Interiors” award.

The Camaro’s design team had to revive this cherished nameplate but needed to make sure that the interior included all of the modern amenities. And, it had to be impressive. Well, the team did come up with an impressive interior.

GM gave the Camaro extensive upgraded materials and set a new standard in this segment. The cabin is filled with soft surfaces, yet it still feels like the vehicle was made for speed.

The dash has a cool retro look, but the interior is filled with new technology including a heads-up display, Apple CarPlay and wireless smart phone charger. Add the rich textures of the premium materials and tailored stitching for a luxury look and feel.

Additional styling includes rotating HVAC dials that allow quicker access to climate control, an ergonomically designed center console with tons of storage and dual cup holders, leather-wrapped steering wheel with a flat bottom and optional heat, 8-inch radio touch screen, a reconfigurable instrument cluster, and seats with extra support for higher g-forces.

Speaking of g-forces, the Camaro SS features a g-force gauge so that you can see just how much force it takes to keep your hand from reaching the dashboard. Add optional heated and cooled front seats and over 20 ambient lighting colors and you have a new classic.

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Party Details for the Camaro’s 50th Birthday!


Chevrolet is getting ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Camaro with a special edition that will be called the 50th Anniversary Edition, soon to be available at Classic Chevy. It will be available as a coupe and a convertible; and will feature a nightfall gray metallic paint job. Orange and black stripes will accent the paint – they will run down the hood and trunk lid.

The Camaro will also feature 20-inch alloy wheels, a new front splitter, “Fifty” emblems on the front fenders, and the RS package including HID headlights, a trunk-mounted spoiler and LED taillights. The interior features black leather upholstery, 50th Anniversary badges on the seat backs, steering wheel and instrument panels, orange contrast stitching on the dashboard and seats and illuminated door sills.

The 50th Anniversary Edition will come in two trim levels: the 2LT and the 2SS. According to Randy Fox, a Chevrolet spokesperson, the 50th Anniversary Edition will give buyers a choice of a four-cylinder engine, six-cylinder engine and an eight-cylinder engine. All of the engines come with a standard six-speed manual transmission, though buyers can opt for the optional eight-speed automatic transmission.

Birthday Bash

Chevrolet will be organizing a birthday bash for when the Camaro blows out the 50th candle on September 26, 2016. Keep your eye on this space for more information on the Camaro as it becomes available and about the Chevrolet Camaro birthday bash that Chevy may be planning for this fall.

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Another One: 2016 Colorado Wins Daily News Auto Award


When you stop by Classic Chevrolet to test drive a new truck or two, be sure the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado is on the list. This truck, which was up against some heavy-duty competition including the Silverado, the GMC Sierra and the GMC Canyon, was chosen for the Daily News Award’s Truck of the Year.

The Colorado was chosen because of its refined power options, fit and finish and extremely reasonable pricing. Choose from a single cab to a crew cab and something in between and an extended or short bed. The Colorado is available with a six-speed automatic or manual transmission and three engines: the 2.5-liter four-cylinder, 3.6-liter V-6, or the optional 2.8-liter Duramax turbo diesel engine. The 2.8-liter Duramax engine makes the best-in-class towing capacity, torque and fuel economy.

The Colorado starts out at just over $20,000 and ranges up to about $45,000 for some of the higher trim levels. Keep the options you need or want. The Colorado can be a glorified luxury vehicle or a work truck for when you need it. This well-built truck was chosen for the Truck of the Year because it allows you to choose what you need, is well-built and allows you to work or play.

More About the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado

The LT trim level with a two-wheel drive drivetrain features several safety features including StabiliTrak, electronic traction control, OnStar Guidance for six months, OnStar Basic for five years, daytime running lights, a rear vision camera with dynamic guidelines, dual stage front and side impact airbags, driver and front passenger head curtain and seat-mounted side impact airbags for the front and rear outboard seating positions, a passenger-sensing system for the airbags and a tire pressure monitoring system.

The interior features a four-way power driver’s seat, folding rear bench seat in the crew cab models, a front floor console, two USB charging ports, leather-wrapped steering wheel, a multi-color driver instrument information display, power express up and down windows, automatic electronic cruise control, remote keyless entry, engine immobilization, unauthorized entry theft deterrent system, overhead console and illuminated sliding vanity mirrors.

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