Must Have Accessories for your Chevy this Winter


Whether you just picked up a new vehicle from Classic Chevrolet or you are still driving your current Chevy, you may want some accessories for your vehicle. Whether you have a truck, SUV, sedan or coupe, these accessories will be helpful in the snow or in the cold.

Windshield Snow Shade

Make cleaning the snow and ice off your windshield easier by installing a snow shade while you’re parked. It will also keep dangerous ultraviolet rays from cracking and fading the interior of your vehicle at the same time.

Traction Weight for Trucks

Driving a pickup in the winter could be challenging because the light rear end slides on slippery snow and ice. Add a traction weight to the bed of the truck to help stabilize the rear during inclement weather.

Snowplow Kit

This kit is great for your Chevy truck if you have a long driveway to plow or if you live on a back road that gets plowed last or not at all. The snowplow will help you get out of your driveway when the snow is too deep and dangerous to drive through.

Remote Start System

If you have a vehicle that did not come with a remote start, you could add your own remote start. If you remember to leave the defroster on when you leave the vehicle, you can start it about 10 minutes before you’re ready to leave so it’s nice and warm and so that it is easier to clear the windows.

Wireless Salt Spreader

Add a salt spreader to your winter vehicle accessories to spread salt on driveways that you need to keep clean. This is especially helpful if you have a long driveway that you would like to keep clear. You could even pretreat the driveway ahead of time to keep the snow and ice from building up too much.

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The Top Camaro Accessories and Performance Parts You Need Now


When you pick up a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro at Classic Chevy this fall, you’ll be able to accessorize it like you’ve never been able to do since the ’60s and ’70s models. And, that’s part of the fun about a car – being able to make it “yours.” Whether you want to add performance parts or just something to make your new Camaro look a bit different, GM has what you need.

Performance Parts

Performance Exhaust: You’ll be able to pick up exhaust kits for the SS version the the LT1 engine and the LT version with the 3.6-liter engine. The exhaust enhances the performance sound and the looks of the Camaro and is a direct replacement for the factory exhaust system. Because the exhaust kits by GM are a direct replacement for the current exhaust, it will not void your warranty.

Suspension Lowering Kits: These kits use higher rate coil springs and tuned shocks and struts to lower the vehicle by 0.8 inch and to optimize vehicle performance and ride quality. These kits are available for LT and SS coupes and convertibles without Magnetic Ride Control.

Brembo Front Brake Package: Add four-piston calipers with this performance brake package that is available for LT models with the 2.0-liter turbo and the 3.6-liter engines. The four-pistons are aluminum; and the kit includes performance brake pads, slotted Duralife rotors, low-expansion front brake hoses and all of the hardware needed for installation.

You can also get a package with six-piston calipers for all Gen Six Camaro models. This kit features monoblock aluminum six-piston calipers, performance brake pads, two-piece vented and slotted Duralife rotors, low-expansion front break hoses and installation hardware.

Additional Parts: You can also pick up a performance air intake kit and engine covers for select trim levels.


To change the look of your vehicle, pick up one of three aluminum wheel designs in multiple finishes, grille kits, a rear spoiler, ground effects kits in 10 different colors, four different graphics packages, LED-illuminated bowtie emblems, blacked out bowtie emblems and interior trim kits in multiple colors.

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Car Accessories for Winter


Whether you just bought or leased a new vehicle from Classic Chevy or you have a newer Chevy and are not ready for something new just yet, you’ll want to add some car accessories for the winter. Some accessories protect your vehicle and some are just handy to have during the winter, especially if it snows.

Floor Mats

You may have carpeted floor mats in your Chevy now, but during the winter, you should have rubber floor mats to protect the carpet from melting snow and slush on your feet. And, at some point, the snow and ice will melt, giving way to mud, which will eventually stain the carpets, especially if you have clay.

Ice Scraper

An ice scraper with a brush comes in handy on snowy mornings or even mornings that have a heavy frost. Instead of waiting for the defroster to melt everything, you can give it a hand by scraping the frost, ice or snow from the windshield. You’ll be ready to go by the time your Chevy warms up; and you’ll be safe because of better visibility.

Even if you park in a garage at home and at work, you should have an ice scraper and brush. If it starts to snow while you are shopping or parked elsewhere in an open lot, that brush and scraper will come in handy.

Plug-in Coffee Cup

The last thing you need on a long commute on a cold day is cold coffee, tea or hot cocoa. Instead of having your hot drink cool off too fast, get a coffee cup that plugs into the cigarette lighter so you have a hot drink all the way to your destination.


Most people don’t think of this, but carrying a come-a-long and some extra chain in the trunk could get you out of a bind. If you end up sliding off the road, you’ll be able to pull yourself out of the ditch. You can attach the come-a-long to a tree or another vehicle if someone stops to help you out.

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Best Car Accessories for Your Pet


When you pick up your new vehicle from Classic Chevrolet, you may need some new pet accessories to go with it. Depending on your pet and your pet’s age, you may need seat covers, ramps, harnesses, car seats and more. Once you pick up your vehicle, you’ll know what you’ll need to help your pet get in and out and to allow your pet to ride safely.

Pet Ramps

Pet ramps help your pet get in and out of your vehicle if your pet has a hard time jumping in or out of lower vehicles or if your vehicle is just too high for your pet to safety jump in or out. When choosing a pet ramp, be sure to pick a ramp that is ideal for your dog’s weight. If your dog is still a puppy, choose a ramp that will hold your dog’s adult weight.

Car Seats

It’s never a good idea to let your pet roam loose in the vehicle. So many things could happen such as your pet climbing over the seat and distracting you or causing an accident; or your pet getting hurt if you get into an accident. Car seats allow you to keep your pet harnessed in one spot and helps to keep it from getting hurt in an accident.

Car Harnesses

Use a car harness to hold your pet in place with or without a car booster seat. The harness keeps your pet from being flung forward should you have to hit the brakes fast or should you get into an accident. The harness also keeps your pet from climbing over the front seat and causing an accident.

Rear Seat Hammock

Install a rear seat hammock to minimize pet hair in your vehicle. Sometimes pet hair just won’t come out of the upholstery no matter how much you vacuum. The hammock hooks to the back of the front seats and to the top of the rear seat to protect the rear seat and the backs of the front seats.

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Best Car Gadgets for a Chevrolet


Whether you just picked up a brand new Chevy from Classic Chevrolet or you are still driving your current Chevy, stop by our accessories store to pick out the best gadgets for your car. Whether you want something to help you work, keep organized or just to change the look of your vehicle, we have what you need.

Exterior Accessories

Molded hood protectors save your Chevy’s paint from small rocks that might fly up and bugs. If you leave bugs on the paint, the acid will eventually damage the paint. Not only do hood protectors protect your vehicle, but they also look neat.

Pick up some cargo management accessories. Exterior cargo management includes roof rails and roof storage accessories, rear bumper accessories for skis, bikes and other equipment and more.

Change the look of your Chevrolet by changing the grille. Stop by our accessory department to see what is available for your specific vehicle.

Don’t ignore the rest of your vehicle. You can also add exterior trim pieces, splash guards, different wheels and rear spoilers to change the look of your vehicle.

Interior Accessories

Protect the carpets in your vehicle with floor mats. Choose from several styles to keep the carpets looking brand new.

Add an interior entertainment system by having headrest DVD players installed. They’ll keep the kids entertained for hours while you are on your next road trip.

If you would love a remote start, but are not ready to upgrade your Chevrolet yet, have us install a remote starter. The remote starter also gives you keyless entry.

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Accessorize Your Chevy


Whether you have a new Chevy or an older one, it’s always fun to accessorize it. And, it’s a great way to find gifts for a loved one, whether for Father’s Day, birthdays or Christmas and other gift-giving holidays. When you go to you’ll choose the year and model of your Chevrolet. If you find an accessory or two that you are hesitant to install yourself, call Classic Chevrolet to set up a service appointment.

Truck Bed Accessories

Bed mats, tailgate liners and bed liners all protect your Chevy’s bed so you don’t have to worry what you put inside. Bed nets and tools boxes are great accessories for organizing your truck’s bed and for keeping things in one place. Add a soft or hard Tonneau cover to keep things hidden and dry.

Interior Accessories

Add a front console insert or under-seat storage for more interior storage space. Add navigation, remote start and a wireless network interface on vehicles that did not come with these features. You can also upgrade our audio system.

Additional accessories include floor mats, door sill plates, a front floor console organizer, interior trim kit, smoker’s package and sunshade package.

Exterior Accessories

Exterior accessory ideas include perimeter bed lighting, assist steps, a bed step, decals and stripes, different door handles, body side molding, emblems, fender flares, a different fuel door, splash guards, mirror covers, and side window weather deflectors.

Performance and Security

You can even add performance and security accessories including a cat-back exhaust system, exhaust tips, reflective triangles, first aid kits, wheel lock kits, and a roadside assistance package.

Additional Accessories

If you often tow a trailer, trailering accessories include a brake controller package, hitch ball and mount assemblies, a hitch trailering package and trailering wiring adapter. Add wheels for a different look.

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Accessorize Your Chevy Silverado 1500


When you buy a Silverado at Classic Chevrolet, you have several trim levels from which to choose. That in itself makes it somewhat your own, but you can really make your Silverado unique by adding accessories. Chevrolet has tons of accessories so that you can “build” a special truck.

For the Bed and Cargo Management

Add a bedliner or bed mat to protect the bed from scratches. You can also add a tailgate liner. To change the look of the truck, add a tonneau cover – hard or soft – or a tool box. For further cargo management, add hitch-mounted carriers or tie-down rings. Ladder racks and tow hooks are also available for the Silverado 1500. Perimeter bed lighting also helps you see what you are doing at night.

Interior – Storage and Electronics

If you need additional interior storage, add a front console insert or under seat storage. Add additional audio accessories, remote start a wireless network interface and even a DVD system that resides in the head restraint.

Exterior Accessories

Exterior accessories really make your truck stand out. Not only is it different from other Silverado 1500 models, but adding accessories may make it easier to spot in a sea of parked vehicles. Assist steps and bed step are not only functional, but they look great, too.

Bodyside molding packages change the look of your truck as do custom graphics. You can even change the door handles and add emblems if you want. Additional accessories include fender flares, license plate holders, molded splash guards, window deflectors, molded hood protectors, tubular assist steps and outside rearview mirror covers.

Performance and Trailering

If you want to add some horsepower, consider adding a cat-back exhaust system. To change the look of your Silverado, change out the exhaust tips. And, if you plan on hauling a trailer, accessories include a brake controller package, hitch ball/mount assemblies, hitch receiver covers, trailer wiring adapters


You can also change the wheels to 22-inch wheels, or change to a different style of 20-inch wheels including 5-spoke black. The 22-inch wheels are available as 5-split-spoke ultra bright machined high-gloss black, 6-split-spoke chrome, 6-split-spoke ultra bright machined manoogian silver, 6-spoke chrome, 6-spoke high gloss black, 7-split-spoke chrome, 7-spoke silver and 7-spoke silver with black inserts.

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Top Accessories to Add to Your Chevy


The accessories you choose for your vehicle depends on the type of vehicle you are driving – or the type you intend on buying or leasing from Classic Chevy. You can make your Chevy your own with certain accessories – or you can make your vehicle more practical.


Pick up a bed extender to add an extra 2 feet to the bed of your truck. These come in handy when you need to haul 8-foot lumber in a 6-foot bed. The bed extender fits over the open tailgate and keeps things from falling out of the bed.

Bedliners and mats keep the inside of the bed from being scratched up from the things you haul. They also keep things from sliding around in the back.

If you add a toolbox to your bed, you may want to add a bed step so that you can reach into the center of the box without having to climb in the bed of the truck.

One of the neatest accessories for a Silverado, especially if you like to camp or go hunting, is a sport tent. The tent is water- resistant and converts the bed into a camper. The tent features a waterproof floor and is made specifically for the Silverado bed.


Cars have limited space so a roof rack is a good addition if you are constantly trying to cram big things in the back seat or the cargo area. Choose from cargo management items to better organize the trunk, remote start if your vehicle didn’t come equipped with it, license plate holders, a spoiler kit, window deflectors and splash guards. Interior accessories include door sill plates, floor mats and pedal covers.

No matter what you drive, you should have a good first aid kit and a roadside assistance package in the event of an emergency. You can also pick these items up at our accessory shop.

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Complete Your Christmas List at Classic Chevrolet

Do you have that one person who is difficult to buy for around the holidays? If that person is a friend or relative who drives a Chevy, stop by Classic Chevrolet to browse through our accessories. You’re sure to find some great gifts. And, if that person is your spouse, consider putting a new Chevy under the tree!

Truck Bed Accessories

Truck bed accessories include several things to save the paint on the truck bed or to help protect the stuff you haul in the bed. Bed nets, bed rugs, steps, bedliners, perimeter bed lighting, tie down rings, tonneau covers – hard and soft – and tool boxes are all great ideas for the Chevrolet Silverado owner’s Christmas presents.

Cargo Management

If the Chevy truck owner on your list seems to have trouble keeping cargo in its place, consider a rear underseat storage organizer for extended cabs. Not only does it keep cargo in place, but it also hides it from prying eyes. A front floor console organizer also keeps things in place; and it converts the tall bin into a double-tiered storage compartment. A stowage bag for the front center console keeps documents clean and safe – and is great for those who still use paper maps.

Interior Accessories

Interior accessory ideas include door sill plates, an assist handle package, floor mats, a smoker’s package or the sunshade package. The sunshade package features a sunshade and convenient storage bag, both with the Chevy logo. The smoker’s package features an ashtray receptacle, lighter and lighter housing retainer for the front split seat Chevy truck; and the ashtray muffin receptacle and retainer for the Chevy truck with front bucket seats.

Exterior Accessories

Exterior accessories include assist steps, custom graphics, body side molding packages, fender flares, a fuel door, reflective triangles, splash guards, outside rearview mirror covers, molded hood protectors, trailer accessories, tow hooks and wheel house liners.

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Stop by Classic Chevy to browse through these and many other accessories to find the perfect gift for your Chevy-owner friend or relative. Or, stop by to test drive a new Chevy for the perfect Christmas present for your spouse.

Best Holiday Gifts for your Chevy Lover

If you are having a hard time thinking of something for your Chevy lover, then stop by Classic Chevrolet’s parts department to get some great gifts he or she will use every day. Choose from Chevrolet accessories that dress up a vehicle or add conveniences.

Audio Upgrade a Kicker audio upgrade that includes a 200-watt subwoofer and a 200-watt DSP amplifier for a live concert experience right in your Chevy. The big-bass subwoofers fit into small spaces, plus have a low power draw and lots of efficiency. Be sure to check which systems the upgrades are compatible with – some are not compatible with Bose, Boston Acoustics, Harman Kardon, Pioneer or any of the other GM upgraded premium sound systems.

Driver Information Center

The driver information center is perfect for the Chevy owner who loves gadgets. With this accessory, you have access to personalization options and vehicle information at the touch of a button. Vehicle information includes average fuel economy, fuel used, fuel range, tire pressure, oil life and more.

Heated Seat Kit

Add heated seats to your Chevy with a heated seat kit. The kit is available for cloth or leather seats. The switches match the interior of your vehicle.

Remote Start

Instead of running outside in the cold to start the truck, let your Chevy lover start it from the comfort of the house. Add this remote start that integrates with the vehicle’s anti-theft and remote keyless entry systems.

Safety Kit the Chevy lover who takes his or her truck everywhere – hunting, fishing, to work – any place that he or she could be stranded or stuck in a snowbank, combine the fire extinguisher and bracket, first aid kit and the roadside assistance package with an extra blanket, an emergency food package and more for a winter emergency kit.

The roadside assistance kit includes a flashlight, bungee cords, gloves, a fuse kit, rag, tape, pliers, multi-bit screwdriver, rain poncho and a tire pressure gauge in a roll-up storage bag.

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