Top Accessories to Add to Your Chevy


The accessories you choose for your vehicle depends on the type of vehicle you are driving – or the type you intend on buying or leasing from Classic Chevy. You can make your Chevy your own with certain accessories – or you can make your vehicle more practical.


Pick up a bed extender to add an extra 2 feet to the bed of your truck. These come in handy when you need to haul 8-foot lumber in a 6-foot bed. The bed extender fits over the open tailgate and keeps things from falling out of the bed.

Bedliners and mats keep the inside of the bed from being scratched up from the things you haul. They also keep things from sliding around in the back.

If you add a toolbox to your bed, you may want to add a bed step so that you can reach into the center of the box without having to climb in the bed of the truck.

One of the neatest accessories for a Silverado, especially if you like to camp or go hunting, is a sport tent. The tent is water- resistant and converts the bed into a camper. The tent features a waterproof floor and is made specifically for the Silverado bed.


Cars have limited space so a roof rack is a good addition if you are constantly trying to cram big things in the back seat or the cargo area. Choose from cargo management items to better organize the trunk, remote start if your vehicle didn’t come equipped with it, license plate holders, a spoiler kit, window deflectors and splash guards. Interior accessories include door sill plates, floor mats and pedal covers.

No matter what you drive, you should have a good first aid kit and a roadside assistance package in the event of an emergency. You can also pick these items up at our accessory shop.

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Complete Your Christmas List at Classic Chevrolet

Do you have that one person who is difficult to buy for around the holidays? If that person is a friend or relative who drives a Chevy, stop by Classic Chevrolet to browse through our accessories. You’re sure to find some great gifts. And, if that person is your spouse, consider putting a new Chevy under the tree!

Truck Bed Accessories

Truck bed accessories include several things to save the paint on the truck bed or to help protect the stuff you haul in the bed. Bed nets, bed rugs, steps, bedliners, perimeter bed lighting, tie down rings, tonneau covers – hard and soft – and tool boxes are all great ideas for the Chevrolet Silverado owner’s Christmas presents.

Cargo Management

If the Chevy truck owner on your list seems to have trouble keeping cargo in its place, consider a rear underseat storage organizer for extended cabs. Not only does it keep cargo in place, but it also hides it from prying eyes. A front floor console organizer also keeps things in place; and it converts the tall bin into a double-tiered storage compartment. A stowage bag for the front center console keeps documents clean and safe – and is great for those who still use paper maps.

Interior Accessories

Interior accessory ideas include door sill plates, an assist handle package, floor mats, a smoker’s package or the sunshade package. The sunshade package features a sunshade and convenient storage bag, both with the Chevy logo. The smoker’s package features an ashtray receptacle, lighter and lighter housing retainer for the front split seat Chevy truck; and the ashtray muffin receptacle and retainer for the Chevy truck with front bucket seats.

Exterior Accessories

Exterior accessories include assist steps, custom graphics, body side molding packages, fender flares, a fuel door, reflective triangles, splash guards, outside rearview mirror covers, molded hood protectors, trailer accessories, tow hooks and wheel house liners.

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Stop by Classic Chevy to browse through these and many other accessories to find the perfect gift for your Chevy-owner friend or relative. Or, stop by to test drive a new Chevy for the perfect Christmas present for your spouse.

Best Holiday Gifts for your Chevy Lover

If you are having a hard time thinking of something for your Chevy lover, then stop by Classic Chevrolet’s parts department to get some great gifts he or she will use every day. Choose from Chevrolet accessories that dress up a vehicle or add conveniences.

Audio Upgrade a Kicker audio upgrade that includes a 200-watt subwoofer and a 200-watt DSP amplifier for a live concert experience right in your Chevy. The big-bass subwoofers fit into small spaces, plus have a low power draw and lots of efficiency. Be sure to check which systems the upgrades are compatible with – some are not compatible with Bose, Boston Acoustics, Harman Kardon, Pioneer or any of the other GM upgraded premium sound systems.

Driver Information Center

The driver information center is perfect for the Chevy owner who loves gadgets. With this accessory, you have access to personalization options and vehicle information at the touch of a button. Vehicle information includes average fuel economy, fuel used, fuel range, tire pressure, oil life and more.

Heated Seat Kit

Add heated seats to your Chevy with a heated seat kit. The kit is available for cloth or leather seats. The switches match the interior of your vehicle.

Remote Start

Instead of running outside in the cold to start the truck, let your Chevy lover start it from the comfort of the house. Add this remote start that integrates with the vehicle’s anti-theft and remote keyless entry systems.

Safety Kit the Chevy lover who takes his or her truck everywhere – hunting, fishing, to work – any place that he or she could be stranded or stuck in a snowbank, combine the fire extinguisher and bracket, first aid kit and the roadside assistance package with an extra blanket, an emergency food package and more for a winter emergency kit.

The roadside assistance kit includes a flashlight, bungee cords, gloves, a fuse kit, rag, tape, pliers, multi-bit screwdriver, rain poncho and a tire pressure gauge in a roll-up storage bag.

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Visit the parts department at Classic Chevy to find the perfect accessories. And, if you haven’t had service recently, make a service appointment. If you are in the market for a new Chevy, stop by the sales department to test drive a new Chevy.

Keep Your Chevy Like New

It is an exciting feeling buying a new car. You sit inside and breathe in the new car smell. You run your hands along the steering wheel feeling the smoothness of the leather. It’s then you make a solemn vow to always keep it looking, feeling and smelling new. But how does one keep it looking like it just rolled off the lot? First thing’s first. You have to make sure it is clean inside and out! A car with a well maintained exterior and interior is a fast way to making your car feel like new again.

Give your Chevy a good scrub down at least once a week. Detail your car every other month or so. That is to say, shampoo all upholstery and carpets and even cleaning all the grime from the engine bay. Freshly cleaned and polished wheels are quick and easy ways to improve appearance too. Avoid washing your car in direct sunlight or in hot weather. Instead, wash your car close to dusk with ample shade. This will prolong the life of your paint. Also be sure to use proper vehicle soap and drying cloths. Never let your car simply air dry. Doing this will leave unwanted streaks and water spots which could lead to rusting areas.

At the same time, you can make sure your headlights stay clear and bright by using cleaners to rid of any yellowing. Change any worn out rubber seals or strips on your car including your wiper blades. Be sure to regularly replace brakes, shocks and springs that are designed to wear out and degrade your performance. Once you’ve completed all these small tips, your car should be looking and feeling like new!

How do you keep your Chevy looking and smelling great? Need some inspiration? Stop by your Grapevine Chevy Dealer for some in person tips!

Handy Chevy Accessories

Chevrolet has had a banner year in 2012 and has more unique vehicles than ever before. Much of the attention has been drawn to the Chevy Volt, the much anticipated electric car, but Chevy still makes some of the best trucks and full sized sports utility vehicles on the road today. Next time you’re at your Dallas Chevy dealer, look into more than just the new and old cars they have on the lot—check out the accessories. All lines of cars have them but there are some incredibly useful ones from Chevrolet that every dealer will have in stock or be able to easily order for you. Check out the three most useful Chevy accessories listed below.


If you have one of those aforementioned Chevy trucks or full-sized SUVs then chances are you take your automobile off the beaten path at least every once in a while. If this is the case, purchasing and installing a grille guard for your Chevy could come in handy. These heavy metal frames will protect the front of your car in case you run into a tree, bush or animal who darts into your path as you traverse any rugged terrain. The cost of this will be much cheaper than any front end damage that may occur if you hit something.


Roof racks are incredibly useful for people who are outdoorsy and need extra space to haul equipment for their  adventures. These roof racks can haul ski and snowboard gear, surfing gear, camping gear and just about any other type of equipment that can be squeezed into a case that will attach to a roof rack on top of your Chevy. Best of all, these roof racks are adjustable, so they will work with many different types of cases and ways to rig items to the roof of your automobile.


While these are accessories that are only meant for Chevy trucks, they are something that every Chevy truck owner should have as an option. The Tonneau cover will lock over the bed of a Chevy pick-up truck to turn it into a large, secure trunk that no one can access without a key. This allows your truck to become an even more versatile hauling machine, allowing you to put valuable items in the back of the Chevy and feel safe leaving them. This cover also makes the Chevy pick-ups more aerodynamic, saving gas mileage when they are left on. If you don’t want the cover over your bed, it literally takes a minute to remove and store safely in your garage. There are a wide variety of these bed covers, ranging in size and spaciousness. Once you have used them for a while though, beware: you might buy a covered cab for the back of your Chevy truck so you have the option to bed down in it when you are out in the wild. That is, if that’s your thing.

Reasons Why You Should Tint the Windows in Your Chevrolet

I’m going to be honest, I’ve never considered tinting the windows in my  new Chevy… until now. A good friend of mine had hers done and boy did it do wonders. Here’s why…

1. Increased privacy. Before, you could see the interior of my friend’s Chevy from what seemed like a mile away.

2. Skin Protection. It’s no secret that UV rays are harmful to our skin, but did you know that tinting your car windows can block 99 percent of these UV rays?

3. Accident Protection. Should you happen to be in an accident, the tinting can actually help hold the shattered glass together… protecting you and your passengers.

4. Interior Protection. On top of being harmful to your skin, UV rays are also harmful to your Chevrolet’s upholstery. They can cause your upholstery to crack and fade. And like I said before, tinting your windows can block 99 percent of these rays.

5. Heat Reduction. This should be the number one for us living in the Lone Star State. How does being 60 percent cooler during these heat waves sound to you?

So now that I’ve convinced you, let’s discuss what’s legal in Texas. The windshield of your Chevrolet can have non-reflective tint above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line and only there. But trust me, this makes a difference. You and your front-seat passenger can enjoy tinting as long as it still lets 25% of the light. The back seats and rear windshield? No limits. However, I don’t recommend going too, too dark on the rear windshield. You want to be sure you can still see objects clearly when reversing at night. Happy tinting, Dallas Ft Worth!

Thanks to Cassidy Schafer for contributing.


Why You Should Opt for the Factory Navigation in Your New Chevrolet

2013 Chevy Spark

With all the technology in our world today, it’s safe to say that we have options when it come’s to buying a new or used car in Dallas, Ft Worth or Grapevine. One of these options is the navigation system. More and more new vehicles are coming with the option to have a factory GPS system built into the vehicle’s center dash.

But is it better to go with the factory navigation system or to buy an aftermarket one? Speaking as someone who has had both, I’d recommend going with the one offered in the new Chevrolet car or truck. Here’s why:

1. Looks. I know that looks aren’t everything, but if you are anything like me… you like a clean looking, high-tech look in your car. You won’t get that if you buy an aftermarket navigation system. You’ll likely have to attach it to the windshield, then run the power adaptaer down to your cigarette lighter. With a factory, built-in navigation system, you won’t have this problem.

2. Warranty. Since the factory navigation system is part of your Chevrolet, it is covered by the bumper-to-bumper warranty. If anything goes wrong with the system, you can take it to Classic Chevrolet for repair as opposed to having to send an aftermarket system back to the manufacturer where you probably won’t get it back again for weeks or they won’t fix it at all.

3. Theft. Unless you are willing to take your GPS system off the dash, unplug it and tuck it away somewhere safe every time you get out the car, you’ll have to worry about theft. You don’t have to worry as much about someone walking away with a factory system. Thieves will have a much harder time stealing a factory navigation system than a portable unit that’s stuck to the windshield with a suction cup.

4. Resale Value. Factory navigation systems also improve a car’s resale value. used-car analysts say that visible options on used cars, like navigation systems, tend to hold their value in the used-car market and make a car more desirable to potential buyers.

While some of these things may not be as important to you as they are to me, at least I’ve now given you a few things to thing about, right?

Thanks to Cassidy Schafer for contributing.



Should You Opt for Leather Seats in Your New Chevrolet?

Photo courtesy of Chevrolet.comWith buying a new car in Dallas or Ft Worth comes a long list of decision-making. Do you want the black Tahoe or the blue Tahoe? Is 2WD, 4WD or AWD right for you? These among others are what you’ll need to ask yourself when the time comes. Some of these may be easy for you to decide while others may take a little research. One of the most common dilemmas I hear from new car shoppers is whether or not they want to spring for leather seats.

While most think of this as purely a “status” option, there are actually a lot of other factors you need to consider before making your decision. Let’s take a look at the PROs and CONs or having leather seats in your new or used Chevrolet in Grapevine, Dallas or Ft Worth.


  • Right off the bat, I have to say that leather is considered by many as luxurious and can sometimes boost your ego and/or status among your family and friends. This alone is sometimes reason enough for people. Not to mention that wonderful smell…
  • Leather is soft and also easy to maintain in terms of cleaning. Spills are also easier to get rid of in leather vs. cloth seats. And oh, that smell. That delicious smell that wafts from the car the moment you open the door: the looks and aroma alone of a leather interior might have you reaching for your wallet!


  • It’s expensive. Leather seats will definitely hike up the price of that new or used Chevrolet you’ve got your eye on.
  • Summers are brutal, especially in Dallas/Ft Worth. Unless you’re going to be parking your vehicle in the shade the majority of the time, you can expect a few burns throughout the summer months and even during some of the others.
  • Maintenance. Now I know I mentioned the ease of maintaining leather seats above as a pro, but the down side is that you have to do it often. Failure to keep up with the maintenance can result in hardening and cracking and will look worn quickly.

If you can handle the hot summers and the maintenance and have the means, then I’d spring for the leather seats in that new Chevrolet. If you’re still unsure, swing by the Grapevine dealership and get a feel for what leather seats are like in one of Classic Chevrolet’s new car or trucks.


Thanks to Cassidy Schafer for contributing.

Know Where Your Tire-Changing Tools are Located on Your New or Pre-Owned Grapevine Chevrolet

classic chevrolet jack and lug wrench

Photo Courtesy of

If I could pick one thing that I thought every car owner should know how to do, it’d be how to change a tire on their new or used vehicle in Dallas/Ft Worth, hands down. I know that some of you may be saying, ‘That’s what AAA is for’, but come on now. Knowing how to do this is not only extremely handy, but also something to boast about given the fact that most people (especially in my generation) couldn’t even tell you what lug nuts are! Let alone where they are.

One of my favorite things about Chevrolet car and trucks is that they have all the tools you’ll need to change a tire already on board the vehicle. Just by knowing where these tools are, puts you ahead of the game. Even if you don’t know exactly how to change you tire, hopefully you’ll at least be able to identify what is what and where your tools are. Oh! And let me also tell you that “Fix-A-Flat” is absolutely not acceptable! But that’s a whole different story…

Okay, back to the task at hand. If you don’t already know, almost all new Chevrolet models should have the materials you’ll need to change a tire somewhere in the vehicle. In fact, I recommend locating these tools the next time you head out in your Chevrolet. If you’re unable to find them, give Classic Chevrolet’s service department a call. They’ll be able to tell you where the tools should be. If for some reason you are missing anything, you can always pick up any one of these tools at your local hardware store or the Classic Chevrolet service parts department.

There are three things you need to always have on board when you head out in your Chevrolet car or truck: a jack, a lug wrench and a spare tire. Again, if you’re driving around Grapevine in a newer Chevy these three things should already be on board. Once you find them, you’re halfway there to being back on the road after a flat. If you yourself don’t know how to change a tire, odds are you know someone who does. And once they arrive to assist you, you can already have them set up and ready to go.

Thanks to Cassidy Schafer for contributing.

How to Choose the Best GPS App for Your Dallas Ft Worth Chevrolet

chevrolet dealer arlingtonThough I hate to admit it, I am completely obsessed with the navigation system in my Chevrolet. It’s hard to believe that there was a time when I drove a car without one. This was also the before the iPhone era, so I had to solely rely on folding maps.  I’m not saying that I’ve completely forgotten how to use a map or that they are completely useless, but navigation systems and smart phone applications are by far superior in my opinion.

If you’re currently relying on your iPhone’s standard GPS application (the maps icon) or you’re still using folding maps, it might be time to jump on board with the latest advancements technology offers us. I know that going out and buying a new Chevrolet Cruze equipped with a navigation system may not be the most economical choice for some of you, but as I mentioned before, there is a wide array of apps available to smart phones users. The question is, how do you choose the right/best one?

I read a really great article from consumer reports this morning describing the two ways to turn your phone into a navigation device: server-based navigation or an all-inclusive app.  The server-based navigation is where the map data for your route is sent to your phone as needed. The all-inclusive apps  store entire maps on your device. As with all things, there are advantages and disadvantages to both and the best option will vary depending on your personal preferences, needs and budget. Let’s take a look at how Consumer Reports breaks down the two choices.

Server-Based Navigation

Some cell-phone service providers, including AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, provide GPS navigation and traffic information that customers can access for a daily or monthly subscription fee. With this option, mapping data is not stored on the phone, and is instead accessed wirelessly over the cellular network as needed. Cost is typically either $10 a month or $3 a day. Another server-based solution, Google Maps, provides similar functionality for free, but only for users of Android devices. Compatibility limitations restrict iPhones to Google’s static maps only, without turn-by turn directions.

With the Google and iPhone exception, server-based navigation provides menus and features similar to those of navigation apps or portable systems, including spoken and onscreen turn-by-turn directions, traffic info, and a point-of-interest menu of destinations like restaurants, gas stations, and stores. Advantages of server-based navigation include automatically updated databases for map info, freeing up more phone memory without the need for storing map data on board. But the server-based option does consume bandwidth, something to consider depending on your data plan.

GPS-Capable Smart Phones and Apps

Smart phones have GPS receivers and mapping software, allowing users to download an app that gives them all the functions and features of a dedicated GPS unit.

Navigation apps are available from a variety of smart phone platforms through their online app stores, including Blackberry, Android, and iPhone. Prices vary from free or close to nothing to around $60 dollars. During the holiday season, apps can be found for a discount, making this a great time buy.

Bear in mind that with navigation apps, you tend to get what you pay for. Our testing has found the best apps come from known GPS device makers like Garmin, Magellan, Navigon, and TomTom, all of which provide reliable directions and easy-to-use menus that mimic the look and features of their portable GPS units.

So there are your options, Dallas Ft Worth Chevy owners. Which one seems right for you? Don’t forget, if you are in the market for a new vehicle and are thinking about a built-in navigation system, head down to Classic Chevrolet and check out the systems in the new 2012 Chevrolet models.

Thanks to Cassidy Schafer for contributing.