Top 8 Best Shocks for Jeep JK – The Best Buying Guide and Top Products Review


If you are in search of the best shocks for Jeep JK, you are here at the right place. In this post, we have provided a complete buying guide, most Frequently Asked Questions, and top 8 product reviews.

Shock absorbers for Jeep Wrangler (JK) have a direct impact on the car’s handling, comfort, and safety.

8 Best Shocks for Jeep Wrangler JK

AppearanceShocks for Jeep JKDetails
01. Rough Country 4-inch Jeep JK Shocks Suspensions
02. Fox Perf. Series Jeep Shocks for Wrangler
03. Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Absorbers
04. Jeep Gas Shocks Sets by Rancho
05. Monotube Gas Shock Sets by Bilstein
06. Gas Shocks Sets by Rancho
07. Fox Jeep Wrangler Shocks Set
08. Bilstein 4600 Series Jeep Shock Absorbers

Being able to reliably transfer power and torque to bad roads at any time is the task of a good shock absorber.

Sporty driving, technical evolutions in the sector of regulated suspension systems, networked suspension control systems, to modern assistance systems for lane guidance and bumpy roads make a careful listing indispensable.

To ensure the stability of your car when cornering, all components of the suspension systems must work effectively and in harmony with each other.

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The suspension system keeps the wheels in contact with the road at all times. It is an articulated assembly, including dampers, springs, swing arms, wheel bearings, CV joints, and tires. Always choose shock absorbers and suspensions of origin to take advantage of an impeccable road holding and maximum comfort.

Here we continue to help with finding the best Jeep Wrangler (JK) shock absorbers. After a thorough review, here we have provided the top 8 products of best shocks for Jeep JK so it will be helpful for you to buy quickly.

Top 8 Best Shocks for Jeep JK 2019 Reviews

01. Rough Country 4-inch Jeep JK Shocks Suspensions

Rough Country 4-inch Shocks Suspensions


Give your Jeep JK a complete transformation with this Rough Country’s 4-inch Suspension Lift. Rough Country 4” Lift Kit is extraordinarily complete and compatible with the 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler series. This kit makes the Jeep very capable and completely aligned. No need for any other accessory of the suspension, for its operation.

Using Rough Country shocks, give your Jeep a perfect blend of protection, style, and performance. This kit offers easy to installation at home and maintains factory ride quality. The X Flex Joints tie rods allow for more significant cross-over, and a free movement of the front axle, making the terrain more readable, making it much more capable.

These shocks offer coil correction plates, and coil lifted springs that provide excellent vibration dampening and lift height on any type of terrain.
This lift kit is included everything that you need to give your car improved off-road feat and aggressive looks. It allows the use of 265/75 tires, or more significant if the wheelhouse is slightly cut.

Highlighted Features

– 10-stage variable valving.
– The size of the Piston is 35mm.
– High-pressure nitrogen charged.
– Designed with Rubber Bushings for better absorption.
– 36kN Tensile Strength.
– Chromed hardened Piston Rod with 18mm.


• Quality of product.
• Simple installation process.
• Kit fits perfectly.
• Great performance on off-road.
• Increased ground clearance.


• Sometimes it jerks due to terrible role center design.
• Control arm drop brackets not included.

02. Fox Perf. Series Jeep Shocks for Wrangler

Fox Perf. Series Jeep Shocks


Ride your car with confidence using Fox Perf. Series IFP Shocks. It is designed with the latest in shock technology that quickly transforms your SUV or Truck. It uses race-proven damping control and offers a predictable off-road handling and a comfortable on-road ride even in the toughest terrains.
Its internal IFP mono-tube reservoir design separates shocks oil from the high-pressure nitrogen.

Each Fox Shocks features a 2.0-inch metal impacted body made out of aluminum. Shocks are gas-rechargeable with nitrogen and rebuildable. It is designed with clear-anodized for a super durable finish. Its robust construction is enabling it to resist rust over the years. Besides, it’s all components, they are made out of black-anodized that ensures a long service life that surely a jeep enthusiast will appreciate.

High quality of construction and engineering afford this shocks top-class functionality which genuinely stands out. Fox Perf. Series IFP Shocks are very easy to install. It comes with 0-1 inch lift kits that offer a direct replacement for installation at home easily and without any trouble.

Highlighted Features

– Lifted front shock absorber.
– Designed with 6061-T6 Aluminum Body.
– Fits models from 2007 to 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK.
– Designed especially for Wrangler with a 1.5 inch to 3.5-inch lift.
– Non-adjustable and Pre-set Damping design.
– Clear-anodized durable finish.


• It offers a smoother ride.
• Reliable off-road control.
• Easy to install.
• Robust construction.


• We have not found any negative comments about this product so far.

03. Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Absorbers

Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Absorbers


Bilstein 5100 Series is one of the Best Shocks for Jeep JK. The Bilstein shock absorbers are a benchmark in terms of suspension technology, qualified as prestigious and of quality, intended for racing or high-end vehicles with customized designs or reserved for a specific use. Bilstein 5100 Series is designed as a direct fit solution for SUVs and Trucks. It offers a significant improvement in comfort, handling, and ride quality.

Bilstein 5100 Series is strong enough, and its fundamental role is to maintain the safety of the driver and passengers. It ensures vehicle stability by keeping the tires on the pavement in contact and not suffering minimal wear. The function of the Bilstein shock absorbers for cars is to control the movements, impacts, and blows, of suspension, absorbing the energy.

It is about reducing the sudden oscillations suffered by a vehicle on the road, keeping the contact of the tires with the pavement to suffer minimal wear. Bilstein is the pioneer manufacturer in the technique and production, collaborates with the best automotive brands in the world market.
Apart from Jeep, Bilstein shock absorbers now work together with BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Bugatti, Jaguar, and among other houses.

Highlighted Features

– Designed with monotube that offers consistent fade-free performance.
– These shocks utilize a digressive, velocity-sensitive, and a unique piston that reacts to changing road conditions.
– Zinc plated finish.
– Smooth Non-Coilover Body Design.
– 46 mm of Body Diameter.


• Soft and smooth ride.
• Robust quality.
• Easy installation.
• Improves handling.


• There are no any scams reported.

04. Jeep Gas Shocks Sets by Rancho

Jeep Gas Shocks Sets by Rancho


Now improve your vehicle’s performance and handling with Rancho RS5000X Shock. This is one of the latest innovations that Rancho has come up with for giving better compression in an advanced manner. It has a fantastic valve system which rebounds well. This system leads to better handling of the vehicle both at smooth and rough roadways.

These shocks are gas shocks and have an excellent quantity of up to 150 PSI of pressurized gas. This twin-tube has shocks has many benefits; one of the significant advantages is the control over the air in oil mixing, so there is no foam formation and fading of the shock. Installing RS5000X shocks is a wise decision for your vehicle.

It helps to improve handling. The pressurization of gas in these shocks will give a good grip and spring rate. Its body is around 2-1/4 inch diameter, which makes the fluid capacity runs on a more refreshing pace and improves vehicle control. When you are on a rough roadway with the washboard, the movement of the piston will slide along with the motion of travel.

Highlighted Features

– Comes with a set of 4 – Fits 4WD Vehicles at factory height or 0 to 2 inch Front lift and 0 to 2 inch rear lift.
– Shock boots are also included with these shocks.
– Designed with nitrogen-gas charged.
– These shocks are suitable for towing, off-road use, and heavier loads.


• Fluid withstands internal temperatures.
• It decreases the harsh impacts on rough driving.


• The bushing and nuts need self-installation.
• Comparatively stiffer.

05. Monotube Gas Shock Sets by Bilstein

Monotube Gas Shock Sets by Bilstein


Bilstein’s latest creation does wonder for your vehicle, especially the one with big tires, a stance at a right height asking for a better pair of shocks and its damping ability. Also, the mono-tube is created in such a way that the valve system is uniquely fulfilling all the required demands. Bilstein’s shock absorbers are the perfect solution for your car’s driving to be improved.

These shock absorbers will smoothly do their work over a smooth or rough road and also for loading and unloading requirements. Get your shocks right now and make the best outcome for your vehicle. Always prefer having these shocks in your car for better performance and a smooth riding experience.

The mono-tube of Bilstein has a great gas pressure which will allow a very high amount of gas to transfer and gets all the heat get away from the shock body, which fades efficiently. Due to their larger tires and a heightened. The piston will slide easily and prevent the formation of foam which will help in maintaining dampness as it increases.

Highlighted Features

– Front Monotube Shock.
– The best for 1.5 inches to 3 inches of lift.
– Nitrogen charged.
– Deflecting and Self adjusting disc valving.
– Fits 2007 to 2017 Jeep Wrangler Models.
– Sold individually.
– Made in the USA.


• Quick and easy installing process.
• Excellent strength and compression rate.
• Robust construction.


• Installing the front part is time-consuming.
• Paint can rust after sometimes.

06. Gas Shocks Sets by Rancho

Gas Shocks Sets by Rancho


The Rancho RS5000X 97-06 Jeep Wrangler is slightly different than other models of Rancho shocks. These shocks have been working progressively for withstanding have load and high temperatures in the internals. These temperatures can vary from 40 to 248 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the design allows to hav3 compression discs working quite well.

You can always rely on these shocks, which gives you ultimate comfort in riding experience even at the toughest roads. As we know, the RS5000X has been included with large shocks and also with a suitable type of weather fluid. This will let controlling and handling done with great care. When the vehicle is not at higher speed, it will lead the eccentric disc to get engaged with the system of valves.

Also, the motion of the car is controlled when met with an obstacle or depression. The valving procedure should be completed with all. If needed, the Progressive Engagement valve helps instability and also helps to maintain.

Highlighted Features

– 10-stage velocity sensitive valving.
– On most applications 1-3/8 inch diameter position.
– Gas-charged.
– Monotube Shock Type.
– Front shock.
– Sold individually.


• Fewer chances of nose dives.
• Quick maneuvers become more stable.
• Experience a firmer ride.


• Installation can be a bit tricky.
• Stiffness is more comparatively.
• Paint can be a little irregular.

07. Fox Jeep Wrangler Shocks Set

Fox Jeep Wrangler Shocks Set


Fox has come up with an advance series in shock technology. The newly launched 2.0 performance IEP will improve your truck’s or SUV’s performance. The damping control of the Fox company is being used by these shocks, which and they are race-proven. Also, it can provide a smooth experience in riding both at off-road and on-road conditions.

Having Fox IEP shocks is a great decision to move on with so that you see quick results while riding the car at rough roads. The cooling capacity of the metal body will increase by the impact of precision. This will give it a lifetime guarantee of having no rusting problem. There is a large valving system done in the Internal Floating Piston where the mono-tube will get the shock oil separated from the chamber of gas at an upper-pressure level.

These shocks have also successfully able to remove the aeration in oil, which leads to giving high performance. Even the precision valving has helped in the improvement of the performance.

Highlighted Features

– Comes in a set of 4 – Fits 4WD and 2WD vehicles.
– Designed for Jeep JK with a 1.5 inch to 3.5-inch lift.
– Monotube nitrogen-charged shock.
– 5/8” Hard Chrome Plated Heat Alloy Steel Shaft.
– Non-adjustable and Pre-set damping design.
– Direct bolt-on replacement.


• It can handle toughest roads.
• Improvement in riding quality.
• Having high flow damping piston.


• Smaller in length and width comparatively.
• Installation can be tricky.

08. Bilstein 4600 Series Jeep Shock Absorbers

Bilstein 4600 Series Jeep Shock Absorbers


The all-new Bilstein 4600 series are those shock absorbers that are specially designed for the stock height trucks and vehicles. It will make these vehicles achieve great performance improvement. With this, it always gives a comfortable riding experience no matter how the road condition is, there will be the minimum impact of force if at all riding over potholes or uneven surfaces.

4600 Bilstein series shocks are the best to go with for your truck, SUV’s and Jeep. It is a reliable product by Bilstein where you can know the technology and quality are genuine with a straightforward approach. It has four shock absorbers. For the front and rear both sides. Also, it gets very well fitted in Jeep Wrangler and some of its models as they are of stock height.

The gas with mono-tube pressure technology offers reasonable control and stiffness. It is also useful in the precise handling of the vehicle. Even the valving system has been operating very well since it has been wide enough to function correctly.

Highlighted Features

– Designed with Monotube Gas Pressure Technology.
– Digressive Working Piston Assembly.
– Blue Shocks boot included.
– Fits from 2007 to 2014 Jeep Models.
– Direct Bolt-on and easy to install.


• Better performance and driving experience.
• Easy installation process.
• It is directly on-bolted.


• It is stiffer in comparison.
• Fitting issues of the bushing.

How To Choose Shocks For Your Jeep Wrangler

The Ultimate Buying Consideration of Best Shocks for Jeep Wrangler

Before buying shock absorbers, what you should always do is consider some tips that will surely be very helpful. One of the things we must always keep in mind is that we should never buy shock absorbers for buying them, or for wanting to solve the problem.

We should be aware that the safety of others and ourselves depends on them, and that the unfortunate decision of the purchase can put at risk even our car. When it comes time to change the shock absorbers, challenging to decide on a model as the manufacturers are numerous and the types of dampers varied for the same kind of car.

Some shock absorbers are advertised as being firmer than the original and announce better handling. We must never forget that they work in symbiosis with the spring. When the manufacturer designs the suspension of a car, it establishes the best compromise between the two elements for optimum handling and comfort. That’s why choosing a softer or firmer damper than planned initially is not always a good idea.

On the other hand, it is not because a shock absorber is not of the same brand as at the origin that it does not have the same quality. Manufacturers often approve several manufacturers: the latter offer models that are precisely in line with car specifications.

Hydraulic or gas shock absorber?

Most of the dampers installed on the cars are hydraulic. However, some manufacturers offer gas models recognizable most often by the presence of a cartridge placed on the top of the tube. More expensive, they are also considered more effective. Their reactivity allows a better road holding, a higher resistance to the heating and decreases the distances of braking.

In any case, quality should not be neglected. In most cases, changing dampers, especially at the front, is a complicated and expensive operation. Saving on quality and choosing the lowest price means taking the risk of repeating the process faster and, ultimately, spending a lot more.

Shock absorber cups too often forgot:

If you have your shocks renewed, take advantage of them to have your cups checked, which can only be changed when they are removed. It is a piece made of rubber which establishes the connection between the body of the car and the shock absorber.

When worn, it causes significant noise and accelerated wear of the running gear. This is a small extra cost, but it will also save you more money in the future. In the classic maintenance of a car, the change of shock absorbers is one of the heaviest interventions. This is why we should not consider this operation lightly. If you choose quality shock absorbers, you will be safe longer!

Know types of shock absorbers available in the market:

Oil shock absorbers: They are usually parts that come mostly in series. They are the most economical, but at the same time, they lose resistance quickly and in the end they wear out.

Gas shock absorbers: They are similar to the previous ones. They also carry oil with the difference that inert gas is introduced under pressure.

Bi-tube shock absorbers: Although they are commercialized by gas, they are usually oil. It is often more comfortable when the oscillations are slight.

Gas shock absorbers Mono-tube: The gas and the oil are in the same tube, although they do not come into contact. This technology increases the rolling comfort.

Most important FAQs about Shocks Absorbers for Jeep Wrangler (JK)

Q: What are the essential functions of the shock absorbers?

A: Its function is directly related to stability control and oscillation reduction, and its malfunction can generate faults due to fatigue in other mobile components of the car. In addition to supporting the weight of the vehicle and absorbing the vibrations that cause the unevenness of the terrain, the shock absorbers can also help to direct the car through a unique structure.

That is, they help in the curves when we turn to the right or the left.

Q: How are the shock absorbers worn?

A: In general, the shock absorbers wear out due to their use. Interestingly, the vehicles driven by the city have more considerable wear of them due to the type of asphalt, very high pedestrian crossings, speed-reducing bands, sewer covers, etc.

But external factors such as the usual load of the vehicle, the kilometers traveled, or wear due to weather factors such as humidity, cold or heat can also influence its wear.

Q: How to know what shock absorbers you must choose for your car?

A: Each shock absorber is designed for different needs. Some shock absorbers are to support large loads, and others improve comfort, others for sports driving or to minimize the effects of pavement in the car, etc. So the most important thing when making this decision is to know what is the use you give to the vehicle.

Q: What happens when they wear out?

A: When the shock absorbers are worn, the vibration in the vehicle increases, loosening and damaging other components because the impacts of the ground are no longer absorbed correctly. In the long run, this affects the comfort and ergonomics of the car and causing passengers to feel each of the potholes through which the vehicle passes.

In extreme cases can affect the health of passengers by an impact too strong, causing back pain or discomfort. As if this were not enough, they also influence the braking process due to the force exerted on the car.

So that if they are in good condition, the braking distance is reduced, but if they are worn out can increase the braking distance up to 5 meters.

Q: How can we tell if our car has worn-out shock absorbers?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot feel when our shock absorbers begin to suffer significant wear and tear, as it is a gradual process that makes it difficult to perceive. However, if we begin to notice that our car takes more time to brake and that the braking distance is reduced, it could indicate that our shock absorbers require a revision.

Similarly, if you notice any oil leak or small drops that fall near your tires, it is best to check them to confirm they are in good condition.

Q: What is a refurbished shock absorber?

A: Reconditioning a damper means conditioning it back to work once a fault or defect has compromised its functions. It is no easy task to cover the gaps of such a system as this involves identifying different types of errors with varying kinds of symptoms in the car suspension.

It is highly recommended to buy the Best Shocks for Jeep JK to avoid future problems.


Shock absorbers are fundamental parts of the car, and their operation must be understood so that the driver is aware of the maintenance needs of his vehicle. If you are considering replacing them or not, it is vital that you take into account both the importance of the shock and its benefits and disadvantages that can bring you not to change them on time.

Above all, always take into account your safety and that of your family, since, in addition to the impacts of the terrain, the reduction of braking distance can help you avoid any mishap on a trip or within the city. In case you have to dodge some object by braking as fast as possible.

Remember to buy original shocks of the brand of your car, since they have gone through various quality processes and have been specifically designed to work on your model by the same specialists who created your vehicle, which in addition to prolonging your life protects you by guaranteeing you an excellent performance.

Of course, the suspension system does not work alone, which means that even if its components (including shock absorbers) are in perfect working order, a problem such as lack of balance can compromise the stability of the car. Since shock absorbers are part of the 12 most important safety points of our car, it is best to check them periodically, especially before making road trips.

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