Best Holiday Gifts for Your Chevy Lover

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If you are having a hard time thinking of something for your Chevy lover, then stop by Classic Chevrolet’s parts department to get some great gifts he or she will use every day. Choose from Chevrolet accessories that dress up a vehicle or add conveniences.

Driver Information Center

The driver information center is perfect for the Chevy owner who loves gadgets. With this accessory, you have access to personalization options and vehicle information at the touch of a button. Vehicle information includes average fuel economy, fuel used, fuel range, tire pressure, oil life and more.

Heated Seat Kit

Add heated seats to your Chevy with a heated seat kit. The kit is available for cloth or leather seats. The switches match the interior of your vehicle.

Remote Start

Instead of running outside in the cold to start the truck, let your Chevy lover start it from the comfort of the house. Add this remote start that integrates with the vehicle’s anti-theft and remote keyless entry systems.

Safety Kit

For the Chevy lover who takes his or her truck everywhere – hunting, fishing, to work – any place that he or she could be stranded or stuck in a snowbank, combine the fire extinguisher and bracket, first aid kit and the roadside assistance package with an extra blanket, an emergency food package and more for a winter emergency kit.

The roadside assistance kit includes a flashlight, bungee cords, gloves, a fuse kit, rag, tape, pliers, multi-bit screwdriver, rain poncho and a tire pressure gauge in a roll-up storage bag.

Visit Classic Chevy

Visit the parts department at Classic Chevy to find the perfect accessories. And, if you haven’t had service recently, make a service appointment. If you are in the market for a new Chevy, stop by the sales department to test drive a new Chevy.

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