Top 10 Best Exhaust System for Jeep Wrangler JK- A Complete Overview!


Speaking about Engine performance brings the need for the best exhaust system for Jeep Wrangler JK. Different types of Jeep’s exhaust systems assist to remove the used heat and gas efficiently, releasing the engine.

Engine running efficiently means the dirty air is cleaned and the gas mileage and power are improved, with lower emissions.

The exhaust system is the breathing system of an engine that is designed to take from the combustion process the exhausted fumes, filters, and throw it through the tailpipe.

Smooth driving, great mileage, and highly compatible controlling capability depend on the engine’s performance directly and the exhaust system means all these things.

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A Quick View of 10 Best Jeep JK Exhaust System

AppearanceJeep Wrangler's Exhaust SystemCheck Details
01. Magnaflow 15160 Heavy Duty Exhaust System
02. Dynomax 39510 Super Turbo Cat-Back Exhaust System
03. Gibson 17303B Dual Split Cat-Back Exhaust System
04. Dynomax 53804 Turbo Boost Exhaust System
05. Dynomax 39522 Flo Polished Exhaust System
06. Corsa Dual Exit 24412 Cat-Back Exhaust System
07. aFe Scorpion Hi-Tuck Axel Back Exhaust
08. RedRock Axle-Back- Dual Outet Exhaust System
09. Rough Country Matte Black Steel Exhaust System
10. Borla 11834 Exhaust System- Rear Section

An aftermarket system helps Wrangler to breathe more comfortably and to increase the power, besides gaining a few MPFs. Thus, before buying one, here are a few product reviews:

The 10 Best Exhaust System for Jeep Wrangler JK Reviews

01. Magnaflow 15160 Heavy Duty Exhaust System

Magnaflow 15160 Stainless Steel Exhaust System


People seeking smooth deep sound and increased performance will find this to be the best jeep jk exhaust system. Its design is straight-through flow maintaining exhaust efficiency, no worry of rust-causing leaks.

The kit of MagnaFlow 15160 Stainless Steel Performance Exhaust System features clear instructions of installations that you can avoid visiting a mechanic shop.

Highlighted Features

Stainless steel construction
Mandrel-bent tubing
Black coating to safeguard against salt fog and high temperatures
Highly corrosion resistant

This axle-back gives a confident roar. It is comfortable and sturdy after upgrading to the Magnaflow performance series. Even in low-end torque, a straight-through muffler is featured by this exhaust that it will give extra power to your Jeep that it will tackle all the terrains.

Regardless of where you drive your Wrangler, off-road or on the street, with Magnaflow15160 Exhaust System, you are sure to enjoy enough power at your required time.

The axle-back is of 2.5” high-quality mandrel bent in gauge 16 offers superior strength with stainless steel tubing. It is built to last providing excellent resistance.


• Easy to install
• Affordable
• An attractive, sleek look


• Designed to fit application-specific

02. Dynomax 39510 Super Turbo Cat-Back Exhaust System

Dynomax 39510 Super Turbo Exhaust System


Dynomax 39510 Muffler cat-back system provides pure unadulterated power. It features twin exhaust tips, while its design is a bit different from 39528.

The flow design channels better exhaust gases and reduces turbulence. As it is in stainless steel, the fear of rusting is overruled even if you drive in salt areas, indicating upgrading to this system as worthy.

Highlighted Features

Large internal flow tubes
Fiberglass matting technology
Patented exclusive flow director designs
It is in stainless steel

Boost your Jeep’s performance with this exhaust system. It is designed to reduce backpressure and improved exhaust flow. The latest technology absorbs from the unwanted engine noise.

Enjoy having this exhaust system for a longer time as it will not wear out soon. It is made of steel. However, it will add real value to your jeep as the exhaust system is a set of high-quality. Get it installed at home going through the instructions.

Do you notice rust on your exhaust system or need better sound and more power, opt for Dynomax 39510 Muffler cat-back system.


• Sturdy material
• Simple installation
• Priced reasonably


• Limited to certain models
• Short tailpipes

03. Gibson 17303B Dual Split Cat-Back Exhaust System

Gibson 17303B Dual Split Cat-Black Exhaust System


Gibson performance exhaust 17303 B system is the right choice if you are tired of any poor performance. This exhaust system is rightly designed.

This exhaust system offers high performance, and the benefits include a cooler-running engine, an expanded power band, and an order not causing engine life.

The exhaust system uses the twin tip design, and the exhaust design features no internal packing. The output sound is aggressive with a reduced interior drone.

Highlighted Features

3/8 in, Zinc Plated
Stainless steel clampless tips
Mandrel Bent tubing
Aluminized heavy-duty tubing

Gibson 17303 provides the power required in the idle to 3000 RPM range. The design is to promote low to mid-range performance, to climb and tow. It features a simple installation to be done at home.

Gibson 17303 is appropriate for enthusiasts wanting an aggressive, powerful sound and impressive look. The exhaust system of Gibson reduces backpressure, and the engine produces increased horsepower and more torque.

There is an average gain of 15-20 horsepower. It is suitable for most trailer hitches and bumpers.


• Sporty sound
• Straightforward bolt-on installation
• Includes required hardware


• Distance is short between 2 tailpipes
• No plug and play hooks

04. Dynomax 53804 Turbo Boost Exhaust System

Dynomax 53804 Turbo Boost Exhaust System


Dynomax 53804 Super Turbo Mufflers are truly quieter. These are super turbos featuring less backpressure to enjoy improved quarter miles.

If you wish to have the perfect way of the exhaust system, there is no need to look further. It is simple to install and looks great.

The construction of Dynomax 53804 is durable and ensures long life. It has patented flow directors and good looks that the exhaust channel offers maximum performance.

The fiberglass matting provides the authoritative tone of the performance.

Highlighted Features

Turbulence is eliminated
Maintains mellow tone during the performance
Absorbs unwanted interior resonance
Flow tubes decrease backpressure

DynoMax Super Turbo mufflers in association with Exhaust Systems offer easy bolt-on installation. The advantage is that your vehicle can be easily customized and can be done quickly with Dynomax turbo system premium performance.

The internal flow tubes are abundant, and this helps in improving exhaust flow. It eliminates turbulence and the technology of fiberglass matting absorbs unwanted interior resonance.

DynoMax mufflers flow up to 700 SCFM.


• Sounds and looks great
• Quick to install
• Offers nice fit


• The steel tip is longer in comparison to the stock

05. Dynomax 39522 Flo Polished Exhaust System

Dynomax 39522 Flo Polished Exhaust System


Engineered basically for the hard-core off-road use, this Dynomax 39522 polished stainless cat-back system is the best jeep jk exhaust system. It offers suspension articulation and the anticipated ground clearance at the forefront.

Dynomax 39522 has stainless steel construction, ensuring lifelong durability. It also has a quality shine as it is polished. The straight-through unrestricted design proves to support around 1900 horsepower and flow up to 2000 SCFM.

Highlighted Features

Lifelong protection with steel construction
CRF technology absorbing unwanted interior resonance
Easy to customize
Good suspension systems and frame

The frame rails offer optimal clearance and functionality. Each exhaust system has CRF technology (Continuous Roving Fiberglass) to absorb the resonance interior while it maintains a deep performance tone.

DynoMax exhaust systems offer simple installation without consuming much time that it is easily customized. The straight-through design reduces back pressure and offers unrestricted exhaust flow.

The DynoMax exhaust system is beneficial as every phase is dominated by technology. The CAD state-of-the-art design and engineering deliver a high-performance level of technology.


• Easy to follow the directions.
• Sounds good, though noisy.
• Super easy to install
• Complete kit as a bolt-on


• Aggressive exhaust sound.
• A plastic sheet on the muffler.

06. Corsa Dual Exit 24412 Cat-Back Exhaust System

Corsa Dual Exit 24412 Cat-Back Exhaust System


The technology of Corsa 24412- cat-back exhaust system is a sound cancellation technology. The aim of the technology is to offer an exhaust sound that is drone free. The Corsa cat-back exhaust system allows enjoying the big sound and looks of your beast.

The design of the 24412 cat-back exhaust system is to give an appealing sound and to promote engine performance. The Corsa 24412 offers sport sound as high performance presenting aggressive notes during acceleration and when idle, a distinct rumble.

Each system has a computerized, straight-through design maximizing airflow and delivering great sound, eliminating the annoying cabin noises.

Highlighted Features

Sound cancellation technology
More horsepower and torque
Stainless steel construction

The Corsa 24412 has a similar piping structure as the previous Dynomax product, and it features separate exhaust tips. 24412 delivers good driving experience using advanced engineering technologies.

The exhaust system produces additional torque and horsepower, offering an increased flow rate. The kit is in stainless steel entirely. Using the advanced methods of manufacturing, these cat-back systems ensure the driver a real focus and enhance the driving experience.

The performance and fuel economy is improved.


• Sound and appearance
• Slips on easily and lines up perfect.
• Easy installation


• Pricier than axle-back exhaust

07. aFe Scorpion Hi-Tuck Axel Back Exhaust

aFe Scorpion Hi-Tuck Axel Back Exhust


aFe-49-08046 Scorpion Aluminized Axle-features a design with a hi-tuck tip. This exhaust system is simply amazing. It has aluminized steel tubing constructed of mandrel-bent 21/2 inch.

This aFe Scorpion aluminized exhaust system comes with OE style bayonet hangers, 13” baffled muffler, band clamps, and all essential hardware for hassle-free installation.

The diameter and smooth curves are increased, while this exhaust system helps in removing restrictions. It keeps the exhaust gas smoothly flowing to ensure increased torque, horsepower, and throttle response.

Highlighted Features

Enhances airflow
Extra clearance due to hi-tuck tip
Adds aggressive sound

The Scorpion aluminized exhaust system is crafted using premium aluminized steel. The horsepower and torque are increased. It is a straightforward, simple installation.

It comes with band clamps and requires hardware. The restriction is eliminated with this exhaust system owing to its increased diameter. Thus, the exhaust gas flows smoothly.

Therefore, the aFe durability is ascertained due to aluminized steel, and it is priced competitively for its functionality and value.

This system employs a muffler Hi-Tuck design for the long travel clearance, and it offers a more significant departure and approach for angles on any trail.


• Simple installation
• Nice fit
• Quick ship
• Awesome rumble with down-shifting


• Removal of stock exhaust

08. RedRock Axle-Back- Dual Outet Exhaust System

RedRock Axle-Back Dual Outet Exhaust System


RedRock outlet axle-back exhaust system presents turbo style muffler. It improves the exhaust flow of the JK Wranglers.

In fact, the increase in power and the deeper throatier exhaust note is apparent. This exhaust system has a stainless steel construction. It offers superior durability and corrosion resistance.

Literally, It features turbo style muffler providing low restriction with dual tips completed in black satin finish offering excellent sound and looks.

Highlighted Features

Improves performance and sound
Aggressive black satin finish
Fits all JK Wranglers 2007 to 2018
Dual split outlet exhaust in the rear

The RedRock outlet axle-back exhaust system is engineered as a direct bolt-on upgrade. It can be done using essential hand tools, eliminates cutting, thereby assuring straight forward simple installation.

This RedRock Dual Outlet 4×4 Axle-Back Exhaust is designed specifically for use on Jeep Wrangler JKs2007-2018, including models, 2-door and 4-door.

There is an advantage as it improves performance and sound. People aiming only for high-quality products can certainly try the RedRock Dual Outlet exhaust system.


• Appropriate for Budget-conscious
• Installation very easy
• Following the instructions is simple


• The muffler rubs against the heat shield causing a rattling noise

09. Rough Country Matte Black Steel Exhaust System

Rough Country Matte Black Steel Exhaust System


Rough Country Performance reinforces the performance that upgrading to this exhaust system is valuable. Rough Country designed this exhaust system to discharge exhaust notes.

Rough Country fierce sound is due to its chambered technology generating a guttural, powerful sound. This design is high-flowing, and the mandrel-bent tubes evade restriction and crinkles, facilitating efficiency in the exhaust flows.

Rough Country offers a maximum boost to increase the torque and horsepower of your engine that your JK will drive with improved ground dynamics and stable confidence.

Highlighted Features

High-flow design 2.3” diameter
Easy installation
No drilling or cutting required
Corrosion-resistant featuring the construction of 304 stainless steel

Rough Country muffler assembly withstands high temperatures and corrosive attacks of the exhaust gases. Extra durability is fortified to offer enhanced visual appeal.

However, the black exhaust tips are in stainless steel, reinforcing stylishly the strong stance of JK. The Rough Country exhaust is meant for use on Jeep Wrangler 2007 to 2018 JK models.

Hence, it fits the factory hangers directly and can be installed with moderate mechanical skills. Rough Country’s product is unmatched and is in the top line helping with upgrade systems and kits so that outdoor enthusiasts take to a new level of heights.


• Easy installing
• Looks great
• Well-built


• Steep price

10. Borla 11834 Exhaust System- Rear Section

Borla 11834 Exhaust System- Rear Section


Borla 11834 exhaust system cannot go unnoticed on your Jeep Wrangler JK. It is sure to turn a few heads as you roll out your rig. The exhaust roar is superb, though the factory sound is not to the mark.

Unlock the performance potential of your rig with this exhaust system offering the bite to bark. This upgrade will show improvement in the performance of your platform by increasing through dual-outlet the flow as it has a straight muffler design.

Thus, enjoy more torque and horsepower. This exhaust system features multi-core technology.

Highlighted Features

Powerful exhaust note
Dual outlet
Increases flow
Fits 2012 to 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK

Borla 11834 offers durable construction that aggressive sound and high performance with an upgrade is assured. The exhaust tubing is in 304 stainless steel, and the exhaust tips are slant-cut, square, and polished.

Installing Borla exhaust is easy as it already comes with a kit and has all the required hardware.

This is suitable for 2012 to 2018 Jeep Wrangler models and upgrading to this exhaust system you can enjoy your rigs improved performance and deep sound.


• Great Sound and Look
• Quality shine and finish
• Great fit, easy to install


• Restricted for few models
• Factory sound is disappointing

How to Install The Jeep JK’s Exhaust System: An Overview

User Buying Considerations of Best Exhaust System for Jeep Wrangler JK

An exhaust system is the vehicle’s most crucial part. It allows smooth functioning, eliminates engine noise and fumes. The best exhaust system for Jeep JK makes environment-friendly by filtering out harmful gases.

If you are looking to buy the best exhaust system, it is based on your taste and needs. There are many overwhelming choices. What are you considering a high-performance system or a factory replacement?

The exhaust system offers a power-boosting solution. They prevent lag, provide increased horsepower, and produce a lower RPM boost. Adding to it the smokes are reduced, and more fuel is pushed into the cylinders.

However, not all the exhaust systems are street legal; many fail the emission tests of the state. Thus, there is a need to go through the buying considerations before buying exhaust systems and to begin with is:


There is a need to cross-refer the compatibility of a vehicle. Prior to shopping for exhaust systems, check the model, make and year of the Jeep JK. Bear in mind that the kits of the exhaust system and blowers refer to the stock parts compatibility.

Beyond it, you must think if the stock engine provides torque at RPMs low-end and substantial power. You may take into account a centrifugal supercharger.


The next to consider is the blower kits offer an easy installation. The root-type exhaust systems are designed such that they hinder stock hoods. Thus, an unexpected cost is added to the installation price.

The centrifugal blowers are complicated and always need the assistance of automotive professionals. The supercharger’s twin-screw is compact, and maybe DIY installed.

Labor time is estimated at around six to 12 hours for a less complicated system. However, buying parts directly from a manufacturer or a private dealer can save you money and the steep labor cost of some garages.

For the most part, look for exhaust systems that have bolt-on and require no modifications. Though on rare occasions minor welding may be needed. However, for easy installation, you may certainly go for an exhaust system as a bolt-on kit.

Essential Specs

There is a need to check for the probable improvement in power, torque, and efficiency. The torque is calculated in foot-pounds. You can multiply torque by the RPMs of the engines and get the horsepower.

It is expected of a supercharger to increase the projected horsepower of your stock engines by 50% to 100%. The next metric worth considering is the distance between services. This ranges between 30,000 and 100,000 miles.

It helps in determining the expenses to handle a supercharger system. Some drivers crave for the most obnoxious and loudest exhaust systems. In fact, the droning produced consistently may be annoying if you commute or ride long distances.

Thus, it is vital to gauge the exhaust system performance of how loud you need on your ride once installed. Thankfully, there are sound clips in tons to listen to, and you can get an idea of what you are actually getting into.

Many manufacturers of supercharger recommend vehicle owners using premium gas. This increase in cost should be considered as you are developing a budget for a supercharger kit.

Supercharge systems improve a vehicle’s performance for racing and recreational purposes. Knowing and understanding the engine metrics will affect the projected maintenance costs, vehicle performance, and road readiness.


Jeep exhaust systems cost ranges from $2,000 to $8,000, without the shipping and installation price. Before deciding or narrowing down a product, research the reputation of the manufacturer, warranty, and customer service.

This may be helpful to cross-reference the product statistics. Also, understand the installation expected time and discuss the price.

Tuning is a calibrating process that helps optimize the fuel economy of a vehicle, and this step should be taken seriously by Jeep Jk owners.

Final Words

Purchasing or making a choice of the exhaust system should be made responsibly by taking into consideration the expectations and requirements. The exhaust system should be bought knowing specifically why you need the system.

What you would like to fix or change. It should not be any impulse action ending up in buying. The exhaust system should fit your vehicle correctly and behave on the road as expected.

The aftermarket best exhaust system for Jeep Wrangler JK is sure to transform the sound of your vehicle into a sports car. It will add more excellent value for people planning down the line to sell their vehicles.

Furthermore, the exhaust systems are designed such that they are easy to install using necessary tools. Also, remember the emissions laws that are different in each state, so if you are in doubt, check the regulations for the local emissions prior to ordering a kit.

And lastly, go through the reviews of the exhaust system mentioned above, and if you are unable to decide yet, it is recommended that you go through the reviews again to arrive at a decision.

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