Best Car Accessories for Your Pet

When you pick up your new vehicle from Classic Chevrolet, you may need some new pet accessories to go with it. Depending on your pet and your pet’s age, you may need seat covers, ramps, harnesses, car seats and more. Once you pick up your vehicle, you’ll know what you’ll need to help your pet get in and out and to allow your pet to ride safely.

Pet Ramps

Pet ramps help your pet get in and out of your vehicle if your pet has a hard time jumping in or out of lower vehicles or if your vehicle is just too high for your pet to safety jump in or out. When choosing a pet ramp, be sure to pick a ramp that is ideal for your dog’s weight. If your dog is still a puppy, choose a ramp that will hold your dog’s adult weight.

Car Seats

It’s never a good idea to let your pet roam loose in the vehicle. So many things could happen such as your pet climbing over the seat and distracting you or causing an accident; or your pet getting hurt if you get into an accident. Car seats allow you to keep your pet harnessed in one spot and helps to keep it from getting hurt in an accident.

Car Harnesses

Use a car harness to hold your pet in place with or without a car booster seat. The harness keeps your pet from being flung forward should you have to hit the brakes fast or should you get into an accident. The harness also keeps your pet from climbing over the front seat and causing an accident.

Rear Seat Hammock

Install a rear seat hammock to minimize pet hair in your vehicle. Sometimes pet hair just won’t come out of the upholstery no matter how much you vacuum. The hammock hooks to the back of the front seats and to the top of the rear seat to protect the rear seat and the backs of the front seats.

Visit Classic Chevrolet

Stop by Classic Chevy to test drive your next new vehicle, and then pick up the pet accessories you may need for your new vehicle.

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